• Tableau - its tools and the ensuing confusion and frustration for newbies

    We are a 1 week old Tableau (2019.1) user. We are also a 10+ year Filemaker (17) user. Our underlying goal for several years has been to decentralize our operations so that we as a corporation are completely cloud bas...
    DCS Reporting
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  • Centrally managed Tableau bridge setup

    Hi Tableau community   I need help on how to create the "best" Tableau bridge setup.   Ideally, i would like a desktop PC running all the bridging of data, where I could "manage" the refreshes from my la...
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  • Tableau bridge could not sign in even after removing connected clients

    Dev Creator
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  • Tableau Bridge Datasource with multiple connections (SQL and BigQuery)

    Hi,   I have a datasource that is made up of 2 data set (the join is inside the datasource, not blended). My 2 data set are: SQL db and BigQuery. I can publish the data sources to Tableau Online and embed the c...
    Asta Siupienyte
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  • Tableau doesn't shows latest data on browser refresh

    Tableau doesn't shows latest data - Stack Overflow   I created A dashboard in tableau then opened dashboard in browser then did data entry in database then refreshed browser i was not able to see latest data...
    vijay pawar
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  • What's the most bandwidth-efficient way to upload data using Tableau Bridge?

    I've have a pretty large (11GB uncompressed) set of log data that gets added to daily. What's the most efficient way for me to upload this daily using Tableau Bridge?   Since only a small portion of the data is ...
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  • Getting smartsheet data integration to update live on Tableau Online?

    Hi Everyone,   I am hoping to build a dashboard in Tableau Online based on Smartsheet data that must be extracted/updated on a regular cadence (~once per day). I built the dashboards in Tableau desktop and pulle...
    Max Kennedy
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  • Tableau Online // SSO redirecting users to us-east-1 instead of us-west-2b

    Context: * I am the site administrator for Tableau Online site.   * When our users (including myself) attempt log on by visiting https://online.tableau.com/ , the single sign-on process appears to be redirectin...
    Mike Boyle
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  • Tableau Bridge Failed to Install

    Hi,   The Tableau Bridge stopped working this morning, I thought it's caused by my Tableau Desktop upgrade yesterday, so I downloaded the newest version of Tableau Bridge(2018.2). However the same error messages...
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  • Recent Tableau Online Maint

    Couple of quick questions.   1.  What is the difference between Available and Informational with respect to Server status on the Tableau Trust - Current Status site. 2.  We have been having intermitte...
    Doug Spavlik
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  • Refresh from Excel using Tableau Bridge

    Hi,   I have a workbook that is connected to a single Excel file and is published to Tableau Online.  My goal is to be able to replace the excel file in its directory with an updated file (same file name) a...
    David Martin
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  • Tableau Online 2018.2 is here

    Tableau Online 2018.2 has arrived. In 2018.2, you will find Dashboard Extensions, additional commenting functionality, improvements to web authoring and a new, stand-alone Tableau Bridge. See all the new features here...
    Greg Bennett
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  • Need to hide the Data Source

    Hi All,   I am a student and I am starting this discussion with regards to get a help on how to hide the data source while publishing a workbook in Tableau. So the issue is that, we have multiple students on th...
    Deep Makwana
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  • Getting the avg % difference for Subsequent rows in a same Column

    Hello ,   I am pretty new to tableau and I have scenario as follows     Vehicle Type                 CANCEL CODE  ...
    Mira Subramanian
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  • Tableau Online support for SAP BW

    Hi ,   We have Tableau Online latest version. Our source data is SAP BW.   But after going through many posts I tend to understand that SAP BW extract is not supported on Tableau Online through Tableau Br...
    Avishek Sarkar
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  • Tableau Bridge Client Sync keeps crashing since 10.5

    It seems like ever since the 10.5 upgrade a while back, my morning Bridge Client sync keeps crashing.  I get the following error code:   Problem signature:   Problem Event Name: APPCRASH   Appli...
    Nicholas LaMendola
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  • Tableau Bridge Extracts: Centralizing and parallelizing

    Tableau Bridge lets publishers refresh published extracts directly from their computer, with little overhead. This means letting publishers refresh published extracts directly from their computer, and may mean many Br...
    Dave Reeck
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