• BI manager for a small company: tableau online might fit

    Hello, I am responsible of BI for a small company. So I manage this on my own and I look for a one full solution on the cloud. Do you think Tableau could fit this ? What I would like to have : ** Connexion capabili...
    Mohamed El Hamrouni
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  • Tableau Feasibility check!

    Hi,   Wanted to check the feasibility for the below in Tableau:   For example, 1. If you are looking for an export of any portlet result set. Is it possible in tableau?? 2. If a  portlet returns 15...
    Swetha Dinesh
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  • Initial SQL to MS SQL Server in Tableau Online

    Hello,   I have a Initial SQL set up for one of my workbooks and I have published it on the Tableau online that we have. I know they say in this link that the initial SQL would work with tableau server Run Initi...
  • Tableau Bridge and REST API

    How can I refresh an datasource/extract/workbook configured through the Bridge with the REST API?   Or   Add/Remove* a datasource refresh from a schedule?
    Jorge Herrera
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  • Creating an application in Python using an updating dataset from Tableau

    Hello,   I am trying to create an application using a Large dataset that updates with stock data daily; however, I want to filter/refresh this dataset to only show the prior 30 days of this dataset and I would l...
    William Wallace
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  • Tableau Online support for SAP BW

    Hi ,   We have Tableau Online latest version. Our source data is SAP BW.   But after going through many posts I tend to understand that SAP BW extract is not supported on Tableau Online through Tableau Br...
    Avishek Sarkar
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  • Tableau Bridge data refresh error

    Hi All,   One of data published on Tableau Online is not getting refreshed through Tableau Bridge.   Error message is :Unable to refresh data source because data base password is incorrect. but when i edit c...
    Kawaljeet kaur
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  • Suggestion for analysis at Car Driver

    Hi, all I'm a new tableau user, any suggestion for me to analytic the car driver records? Which format do I need to uses?
    Angle Lica
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  • Bar chart need to display when parameter having selection value

    Hi Team,   I have one requirement like 3 parameters(Year,Month &Week) and one bar chart,when we pass values to the 3 parameters at a time only the chart need to display in the dashboard, if we were not pass ...
    Surendra Peddabattigalla
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  • Tableau Online - Changing database for data source

    My user has chosen Tableau Online. In Tableau Desktop I made several Dashboards for him. For that purpose I used backup of  database on my local network, because I could not directly connect to it. Now I need t...
    Domagoj Culinovic
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  • Retrieve joins from multiple connections, published data source

    Hi everyone!   We have lots of published data sources in our Tableau Online environment, comprising each one of one or more excel files, that are refreshed via tableau bridge. These data sources exist for some t...
    Bruno Laget
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  • Use as filter like functionality in the Tableau Worksheet level.

    Hello Experts,   i have one requirements like country as filter after passing selection values if we click on any bar in the bar chart the entire dashboard need to filter ,its working fine if we use "Use as filt...
    Surendra Peddabattigalla
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  • Tableau - its tools and the ensuing confusion and frustration for newbies

    We are a 1 week old Tableau (2019.1) user. We are also a 10+ year Filemaker (17) user. Our underlying goal for several years has been to decentralize our operations so that we as a corporation are completely cloud bas...
    DCS Reporting
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  • Centrally managed Tableau bridge setup

    Hi Tableau community   I need help on how to create the "best" Tableau bridge setup.   Ideally, i would like a desktop PC running all the bridging of data, where I could "manage" the refreshes from my la...
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  • Tableau bridge could not sign in even after removing connected clients

    Dev Creator
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  • Tableau Bridge Datasource with multiple connections (SQL and BigQuery)

    Hi,   I have a datasource that is made up of 2 data set (the join is inside the datasource, not blended). My 2 data set are: SQL db and BigQuery. I can publish the data sources to Tableau Online and embed the c...
    Asta Siupienyte
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  • Tableau doesn't shows latest data on browser refresh

    Tableau doesn't shows latest data - Stack Overflow   I created A dashboard in tableau then opened dashboard in browser then did data entry in database then refreshed browser i was not able to see latest data...
    vijay pawar
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  • What's the most bandwidth-efficient way to upload data using Tableau Bridge?

    I've have a pretty large (11GB uncompressed) set of log data that gets added to daily. What's the most efficient way for me to upload this daily using Tableau Bridge?   Since only a small portion of the data is ...
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  • Getting smartsheet data integration to update live on Tableau Online?

    Hi Everyone,   I am hoping to build a dashboard in Tableau Online based on Smartsheet data that must be extracted/updated on a regular cadence (~once per day). I built the dashboards in Tableau desktop and pulle...
    Max Kennedy
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  • Tableau Online // SSO redirecting users to us-east-1 instead of us-west-2b

    Context: * I am the site administrator for Tableau Online site.   * When our users (including myself) attempt log on by visiting https://online.tableau.com/ , the single sign-on process appears to be redirectin...
    Mike Boyle
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