• Use Tableau Embed view into Web page

    Hi,   I am trying to integrate my tableau online dashboards into my company website. We tried to authenticate tableau online with JavaScript and iframe. It is opening the tableau online authentication popup win...
    Eric Lundgren
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  • Tableau online firewall rules to allow user access by ip whitelist

    Hi pals,   Is it possible to setup firewall rules in Tableau online to ban user by ip list? (only allow user access from ip whitelist) The main concern behind this question is security issue, which means some o...
    Henry Chen
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  • Unexpected Server Error

    Hi fellow Tableau users,   A colleague of mine received the following tableau online unexpected server message.     I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has experienced this, knows wha...
    Amar Joshi
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  • Tableau Online/Server login

    Hi,   I just want to know that is it possible to login or access to Tableau Online/Server with a same license in different machine at the same time?   Thank you.
    Muhammad Haziq Norazmi
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  • Tableau bridge could not sign in even after removing connected clients

    Dev Creator
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  • Tableau Online REST API Impersonation

    I've tried to use the "Sign In" endpoint of the REST API with impersonation (Reference-Tableau Server REST API - Tableau)   This fails with the error:   {   "error": {     "summary": ...
    David Stone
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  • Issues pulling data from Dropbox into Tableau

    Hi all,   I am new to Tableau and I am trying to pull a csv file from a shared dropbox but I am having some issues with this. I am an admin on the dropbox and there is a folder that all people who have access to...
    Chris Santoleri
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  • Single Sign-on of Tableau Online with SharePoint

    I want to integrate my Tableau Online Reports to SharePoint Online Site Pages. I have also configured my Tableau authentication by SharePoint Online Users.   I am able to Login the Tableau with my SharePoint use...
    Aakash Morya
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  • Tableau Online // SSO redirecting users to us-east-1 instead of us-west-2b

    Context: * I am the site administrator for Tableau Online site.   * When our users (including myself) attempt log on by visiting https://online.tableau.com/ , the single sign-on process appears to be redirectin...
    Mike Boyle
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  • Cannot login after SSO configuration

    Our Problem:   After configuring SAML on online.tableau and allowing SSO (OneLogin) and it not working, I can no longer sign into the online.tableau site to roll back the changes I made in settings.   Ther...
    Tyler Batten
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  • Tableau Online Pods 10AY and 10AZ Are Now on AWS

    Greetings Tableau Online Admins,   This weekend, we’ve successfully completed the migration of our legacy pods 10AY and 10AZ to AWS! As I’ve stated earlier, this move is part of our continuing effor...
    Brandon Babbitt
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  • Need to hide the Data Source

    Hi All,   I am a student and I am starting this discussion with regards to get a help on how to hide the data source while publishing a workbook in Tableau. So the issue is that, we have multiple students on th...
    Deep Makwana
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  • Getting the avg % difference for Subsequent rows in a same Column

    Hello ,   I am pretty new to tableau and I have scenario as follows     Vehicle Type                 CANCEL CODE  ...
    Mira Subramanian
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  • How to embed a tableau Online Viz in Confluence?

    Hi, I'm using tableau Online and (self-hosted) Confluence. I would like to embed a tableau viz in Confluence with seamless authentication. I don't want others to see the tableau login screen.   How can I achie...
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  • Tableau online to Azure ip whitelist

    Hi All,   I am doing the Tableau online to connect Azure SQL database and when I published the data source, the connection it fails and I check the Azure firewall IP whitelist, I had put all these ip range 34.2...
    Hao Yuan
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  • Connecting Tabmigrate to Tableau Online

    Hi All,   We are working on options to migrate Tableau content from on-premise to Tableau Online. As part of this excercise , we thought of using Tabmigarte utility , however when while trying to connect to Ta...
    Chandra Manral
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