• Tableau Online/Server login

    Hi,   I just want to know that is it possible to login or access to Tableau Online/Server with a same license in different machine at the same time?   Thank you.
    Muhammad Haziq Norazmi
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  • Tableau Online REST API Impersonation

    I've tried to use the "Sign In" endpoint of the REST API with impersonation (Reference-Tableau Server REST API - Tableau)   This fails with the error:   {   "error": {     "summary": ...
    David Stone
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  • Getting smartsheet data integration to update live on Tableau Online?

    Hi Everyone,   I am hoping to build a dashboard in Tableau Online based on Smartsheet data that must be extracted/updated on a regular cadence (~once per day). I built the dashboards in Tableau desktop and pulle...
    Max Kennedy
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  • Tableau Online - Extensions page is not accessible

    Hi, I have signed up for Tableau Online, I was not able to use any extension in Tableau Online and Settings > Extensions page is not accessible even though I am the Site Administrator Creator Thanks.    
    Praveen N
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  • tabcmd login with Tableau Online

    Our company has recently deployed a Tableau Online server. We are looking to use tabcmd to help automate some of our admin tasks. However, we are blocked by the tabcmd login command (in order to create a session with ...
    Jill Honrade
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  • Need to hide the Data Source

    Hi All,   I am a student and I am starting this discussion with regards to get a help on how to hide the data source while publishing a workbook in Tableau. So the issue is that, we have multiple students on th...
    Deep Makwana
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  • Getting the avg % difference for Subsequent rows in a same Column

    Hello ,   I am pretty new to tableau and I have scenario as follows     Vehicle Type                 CANCEL CODE  ...
    Mira Subramanian
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  • Not able to see one sheet in Tableau Online

    Hello,   I have uploaded a workbook with 12 sheets. I do have the Site Role Site Administrator Creator.   One sheet (last sheet in workbook) is not visible in Online. But, when I click on Edit, that time...
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  • List of Content and Permissions in Tableau Online

    I administer our Tableau Online site and need an easier way to manage content and permissions.  Is there a way to download a list of the content (projects or workbooks) by permissions? I don't want to go through ...
    Maria Narvaez
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  • User Security Viz?

    Question: Is there there a way to connect to the data in our TableauOnline account to create a viz based on the the users, groups and workbooks?   Details:  We have 200 plus users with almost a dozen diffe...
    Doug Spavlik
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