• Create a project and only allow a specific group to view (folder)

    Hi,   I have a question that seems to be pretty basic.  But I don't have much experience with Tableau so I might be missing something.  Hopefully somebody can help.   I am trying remove User1 ac...
  • Tableau Online - Dashboard - View Data Summary vs. Full Data

    Hello!  I published a dashboard to Tableau Online and gave access to my co-worker.  I am an admin.  He is a Viewer.    When I click on a portion of the dashboard and View Data, I have the op...
    Katherine Priore
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  • To put a reference line

      i am trying to achieve the first dashboard the second dashboard is what i did  how do i put same colour on a bullet
    Chinemerem Ugagu
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  • Looking for a field & data-source to build a report to display Tableau online user Group Membership

    Looking for a field & data-source to build a report to display Tableau online user Group Membership. See highlighted   Thanks in advance
    Musarrat Zamir
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  • Unable to Install Tableau public on windows 7 , 64 bit.

    Hi , I am using a Windows 64 bit and windows 7 laptop . I am unable to install tableau public . The following error is being throw. [100C:0718][2020-04-23T08:52:04]i001: Burn v3.11.1.2318, Windows v6.1 (Build 7600:...
    Naina Vallurupalli
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  • How to do sso via api rest in Tableau Online

    Hi Experst   In tableau server exist Trusted Authentication, and I need to do something similar in tableau online,   I have the same scenario but with the online version.   Can this be done using RES...
    Carlos Pernia
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  • Unable to retrieve data from Bigquery

    We currently have several tables in BQ. When I attempt to retrieve any data from them via Tableau I retrieve the following error:   The Google BigQuery service has denied access for this request. Access Denied:...
    Jeffrey Kinman
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  • Tableau Online Authentication Google

    Hello, I have a big issue with the authentication Google.With the Postman I am trying to get the token with my google authentication account.It's not working but when I change my authentication to Tableau it works.I ...
    Manoj Muthuraja
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  • Encypted Subscription or Subscription Permissions

    Are workbook subscription emails delivered from Tableau Online to users via email encrypted or secure in anyway?   If not is it possible to restrict permissions to only allow site administrators to create subscr...
    Simon Holdridge
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  • Embed Workbook with login pop-up not closing

    Hi, I have been using tableau online for a few years now, publishing different workbooks within the organization which are embed in a web page with wordpress. Each user has a different permit to view workbooks, so the...
    Luciano Zarlenga
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  • Remove name assertion mapping and just keep nameID and userid

    I'm using Tableau Online and am setting up the SAML authentication using Salesforce as the identity provider, and the First name, Last name, or Full name is required. Can I make it not required? Ideally, I would only ...
    Avi Dagan
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  • Looking for a way of deleting recent activity from Tableau Online Homepage for all users remotely

    Hi, I am looking for a way for IT to delete recent activity from Tableau Online Homepage for all users remotely. Is that possible or if anyone has done this exercise please share.   The reason is we have perfor...
    Musarrat Zamir
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  • Tableau Online - Change site role when I'm having one license

    Hi, I've got one creator License. now I want to change the license from one user to another.   I assume that when I change the creator to unlicensed, I won't be able to assign creator.   what is the best...
    Jacob Baruch
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  • Hide Specific Workbook or Project from end user

    I have tableau creator license and it include tableau online license as well. I have created my reports in tableau desktop and published it to web and I have create for eg. Five projects and I have Five users and eac...
    Harpreet Chatha
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  • Unexpected Server Error

    Hi fellow Tableau users,   A colleague of mine received the following tableau online unexpected server message.     I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has experienced this, knows wha...
    Amar Joshi
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  • Disable Clickjack for Tableau Online

    I'm learning to use Tableau Javascript API and I'm working on embedding multiple dashboards into a website at the same div location depending on what dropdown the user chooses. The first Viz loads just fine but when I...
    Chelsea Wilson
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  • Live connection to the MS SQL server database

    Hello,             I was  trying to establish live connection with MS SQL Server database (Which is not in AZURE). I published data source separately and se...
    vandana ratakonda
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  • Export a list of users from Tableau Online

    Hi,   Is there a way or workaround to export user list from Tableau Online site?   While researching on this, I found this article - https://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/export-a-list-of-users-from-tablea...
    Sandeep Batlad
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  • Creating multiple Site URL ( one for each Dept in an Org) for one Tableau online server

    Hi Folks,   Thanks for acknowledging my queries and answering them so far!   I use Tableau Online and looking to have different URL for each Dept , is there any possibility as this way we can have groups a...
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  • Showing default filter based on the user

    Hi,   I have a category filter in the dashboard with 5 different values and I have used user filter to restrict accesses for few of the users. Currently, the filter setting with which dashboard was published refl...
    Mohit Bansal
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