• Updating Excel Datasource

    I have created a workbook from Tableau Desktop. It uses an Excel file as the datasource. When I update the Excel file locally, the dashboard/worksheets update as expected. When I publish it to TableauOnline, then reco...
    David Galliford
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  • Associate Quarter and Year to a Column

    I have added two data sources through a Union. Because the structure of one of the data sets (Secondary source) does not have Year, Quarter defined, I can't represent Sales Forecast data in a graph.   I would wa...
    Lylia Djait-Paulien
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  • Problem connecting Tableau Online to Snowflake via Okta

    Hello everyone!   I'm currently in the process of evaluating Tableau Online as a replacement for our current reporting tool.  However I'm running into an issue when creating a connection between Tableau and...
    Glen Park
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  • Re-positioning an image in a worksheet - how to?

    I'm absolutely new to Tableau and seeking help for re-positioning an image in a worksheet.  I have 2 issues.     1) I created an image in a worksheet and added action as hyperlink and reused the same i...
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  • Tableau Online Connectors

    We have recently purchased Tableau online and up until recently have been publishing data to the server and updating it this way. My question is can we connect Tableau online to our Microsoft sql server via a live con...
    Barry Page
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  • Extract Refresh at Tableau Online

    Hi All!   In my company we use Tableau Online to share dashboard with colleagues.   But there are some troubles: our data sources are too big and sometimes it's difficult to extract and refresh them. Some...
    Yanina Bykouskaya
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  • Changing Data Source from Extract to Live Error

    Hi All   I am new to Tableau online and have a problem which I need to fix urgently. I created a workbook by connecting directly to Google Big Query as my data source. All the connection were live and I changed ...
    Frank Vahid Razaghzadeh
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  • Creating Extracts via Tableau Online

    Hello Everyone   Quick question: I am not able to create an extract within a workbook when two MySql connections are involved. The error says to "Missing or incorrect embedded credentials. Use 'Edit Connection...
    Padraig O connell
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  • Unable to retrieve data from Bigquery

    We currently have several tables in BQ. When I attempt to retrieve any data from them via Tableau I retrieve the following error:   The Google BigQuery service has denied access for this request. Access Denied:...
    Jeffrey Kinman
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  • MySQL Connection Know Issue

    Has there been any movement on this issue?  Issue IDs 853138, 783217          Tableau Online  -  Published workbooks or data sources connected to MySQL 8 sometimes ...
    Doug Spavlik
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  • IN Operator alternative

    Hi ,   Is there any alternative to IN operator which is used in sql.I tried using IN or any function. but it does not work.   Only way i can do it is:   IF [Category]='Furniture' or [Category]='Tech...
    aditya tomar
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  • Best Practice for publishing data source extracts so they can be scheduled to refresh?

    Hi,   Data source is not refreshing.   Steps: 1) Opened Tableau Desktop, connected to AWS hosted mySQL database, used a custom SQL query, created charts and saved locally as a twb with hyper data source....
    Arran Sadlier
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  • Tableau Online support for SAP BW

    Hi ,   We have Tableau Online latest version. Our source data is SAP BW.   But after going through many posts I tend to understand that SAP BW extract is not supported on Tableau Online through Tableau Br...
    Avishek Sarkar
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  • Tableau Bridge and REST API

    How can I refresh an datasource/extract/workbook configured through the Bridge with the REST API?   Or   Add/Remove* a datasource refresh from a schedule?
    Jorge Herrera
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  • Search text and give space

    Hi all, I need to create following calculated column Is this possible? Thanks Sac
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  • Unexpected Server Error

    Hi fellow Tableau users,   A colleague of mine received the following tableau online unexpected server message.     I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has experienced this, knows wha...
    Amar Joshi
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  • How to share calculated fields within published data sources between multiple users?

    Hi fam,   We are currently looking at doing some work to clean up our tableau workbooks, data sources and projects.   To date we have all been creating our own data sources (connected to sql) and creating ...
    Kevin Cox
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  • Customer BIN Movements Daily

    Hello there Experts,   I have came up with the below stated issue.   I have a customer set which have segmented accordingly to their behavior. As an example if the customer's purchasing, spend pattern, rep...
    Willium Fox
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  • Drill Down with Map (Upto Level 3)

    Hi,   I want to impliment a drill down map upto level two it is working fine Level 1  Country (sum of property) Level 2 State (sum of property) Level 3 City (sum of property)     I want a dril...
    Ibrar Ahmad
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  • Tooltip API

    I have a requirement to show the data in tooltip which needs to be pushed through REST API. is there any Tableau REST API to show the tooltip? If not, is there a way to create customized API using Java or any other l...
    Kulandaivel Ramalingam
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