• AWS Athena extract suddenly fails (Tableau Online and Desktop)

    We have a data source that regularly pulled data from an AWS Athena view. It worked fine, and now suddenly, the Tableau Online scheduled extract fails. We tried to download the workbook and extract from a local machin...
    max dl
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  • Scheduled Extract Not refreshing data in Worksheets

    Hello,   I have an Extract that is not updating on Tableau Online.  The Extract is from a SQL Stored Procedure and is used to populate data on two Worksheets. It's set on a scheduled task to refresh every m...
    Tyrella Ferrill
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  • Retrieve joins from multiple connections, published data source

    Hi everyone!   We have lots of published data sources in our Tableau Online environment, comprising each one of one or more excel files, that are refreshed via tableau bridge. These data sources exist for some t...
    Bruno Laget
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  • Snowflake Extract Refresh Slow over Tableau Online

    I am connecting and joining three tables within Snowflake. The largest table is fact table at about 20k records and the model is pretty simple with a final output of the same 20k records. Auth is username and password...
    Jackson Kibler
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  • Calculate Average Sal between selected dates

    Hi Team, How to calculated avg(sal) between two dates. Example i want to calculate avg sal from 01-Apr-2018 to 31-jul-2018, Please help me
    sree y
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  • Tableau Online - Changing database for data source

    My user has chosen Tableau Online. In Tableau Desktop I made several Dashboards for him. For that purpose I used backup of  database on my local network, because I could not directly connect to it. Now I need t...
  • Unexpected Server Error

    Hi fellow Tableau users,   A colleague of mine received the following tableau online unexpected server message.     I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has experienced this, knows wha...
    Amar Joshi
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  • Publish data source in Tableau Online (not Desktop)?

    Is it possible to publish a data source within Tableau online so that it can be used by other workbooks\sheets?  I'm not using Tableau Desktop...I'm creating my workbooks and worksheets directly in Tableau Online...
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  • Initial SQL to MS SQL Server in Tableau Online

    Hello,   I have a Initial SQL set up for one of my workbooks and I have published it on the Tableau online that we have. I know they say in this link that the initial SQL would work with tableau server Run Initi...
  • Persist a password for a Tableau Online Workbook Data Source?

    I have a Workbook, with a Data Source and are using Tableau Online (not Desktop).  I noticed that if I create a new Workbook and then a new Data Source I have the option to save the password with the Data Source ...
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  • Data Source differ Tableau Online vs Tableau Desktop

    We have a cloud hosted data warehouse and white listed the Tableau Online IP's to allow for connections directly from Tableau Online to our data warehouse.  When connecting from Tableau Online I would use an inte...
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  • Add/update Excel sheet datasource through REST API

    Hello, I'm new to tableau and trying to add/update data source through REST API. I have a workbook which has an excel sheet as data source. I need to update the sheet's content on daily basis. My program will be resp...
    Raj Kumar
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  • Tableau - its tools and the ensuing confusion and frustration for newbies

    We are a 1 week old Tableau (2019.1) user. We are also a 10+ year Filemaker (17) user. Our underlying goal for several years has been to decentralize our operations so that we as a corporation are completely cloud bas...
    DCS Reporting
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  • Create a trailing 12 months calculated feild

    I am trying to create a calculated field that will give me the trailing 12 and 3 months of the fail rate in my workbook based on each month, so for march 19 i want another column for trailing 12 months and trailing 3 ...
    Oscar  Uyamadu
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  • Replace missing values with values of matching row id

    I'm struggling to replace some null values of a row with the values of a matching row. I would prefer to solve the problem by creating a new/replacing a column instead of working with joins, as the data I'm working wi...
    Jody B
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  • Connecting view and data via tableauserverclient

    I'd like to use the Python tableauserverclient API to: 1. Upload a local workbook with a pre-configured view once (OK -- happy to do this out-of-code because it is a one-time cost) 2. On a regular cadence, upload da...
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  • Refresh Extract of multiple connection source containing a static geospatial file in Tableau Online

    Hi everyone, I have created an extract in Tableau Desktop, that takes data from two different sources, from a connection to mysql server and from a "static" geospatial file (saved locally). I upload the workbook to t...
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  • Issues pulling data from Dropbox into Tableau

    Hi all,   I am new to Tableau and I am trying to pull a csv file from a shared dropbox but I am having some issues with this. I am an admin on the dropbox and there is a folder that all people who have access to...
    Chris Santoleri
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  • Tableau Bridge Datasource with multiple connections (SQL and BigQuery)

    Hi,   I have a datasource that is made up of 2 data set (the join is inside the datasource, not blended). My 2 data set are: SQL db and BigQuery. I can publish the data sources to Tableau Online and embed the c...
    Asta Siupienyte
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  • Tableau doesn't shows latest data on browser refresh

    Tableau doesn't shows latest data - Stack Overflow   I created A dashboard in tableau then opened dashboard in browser then did data entry in database then refreshed browser i was not able to see latest data...
    vijay pawar
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