• Help us name our new feature!

    Hey folks, the content management team is gathering feedback on what to name a new feature. If you can, please take a second and share your thoughts on what this should be called.   Feature description - A priva...
    Michelle Kosterich
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  • Use Tableau Embed view into Web page

    Hi,   I am trying to integrate my tableau online dashboards into my company website. We tried to authenticate tableau online with JavaScript and iframe. It is opening the tableau online authentication popup win...
    Eric Lundgren
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  • Showing default filter based on the user

    Hi,   I have a category filter in the dashboard with 5 different values and I have used user filter to restrict accesses for few of the users. Currently, the filter setting with which dashboard was published refl...
    Mohit Bansal
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  • Show/Hide Labels depending on userid

    Using latest version - & online:   I have a group of Viewers that contribute their data to a common Chart (multi-line) - we union all the data.     I would like to have all the lines in grey with ...
    John Barrett
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  • Tableau Online - Changing database for data source

    My user has chosen Tableau Online. In Tableau Desktop I made several Dashboards for him. For that purpose I used backup of  database on my local network, because I could not directly connect to it. Now I need t...
  • Unexpected Server Error

    Hi fellow Tableau users,   A colleague of mine received the following tableau online unexpected server message.     I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has experienced this, knows wha...
    Amar Joshi
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  • Restore a deleted Workbook in Tableau Online?

    Is there any way to restore a deleted Workbook from Tableau Online?  My Project had two Workbooks, I created a third Workbook (new unique name), but after I saved the new 3rd Workbook and went back to my Project ...
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  • Initial SQL to MS SQL Server in Tableau Online

    Hello,   I have a Initial SQL set up for one of my workbooks and I have published it on the Tableau online that we have. I know they say in this link that the initial SQL would work with tableau server Run Initi...
  • Fixing my Dashboard

    I am having trouble fixing my dashboard and i dont know why. in the UEO dashboard when you change the TM division from consolidated to any of the others the screen turns blank which i dont understand as there should b...
    Oscar  Uyamadu
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  • Data Driven Alerts - only alert on a given day if true

    I’ve been scouring the interwebs and so far haven’t found a solution for my particular need. I have a simple viz that gets updated daily and I would like for it to alert me if it dips below a threshold. B...
    Jerry West
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  • Question: Split a string and extract the last token

    Hi Everyone,   I have just started using Tableau online and trying to split a string to extract the last token from that string, where the number of tokens is not known.  An example set of data is as follow...
    Chris P
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  • Connecting view and data via tableauserverclient

    I'd like to use the Python tableauserverclient API to: 1. Upload a local workbook with a pre-configured view once (OK -- happy to do this out-of-code because it is a one-time cost) 2. On a regular cadence, upload da...
    last modified by pamela.toman
  • Issues pulling data from Dropbox into Tableau

    Hi all,   I am new to Tableau and I am trying to pull a csv file from a shared dropbox but I am having some issues with this. I am an admin on the dropbox and there is a folder that all people who have access to...
    Chris Santoleri
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  • Tableau doesn't shows latest data on browser refresh

    Tableau doesn't shows latest data - Stack Overflow   I created A dashboard in tableau then opened dashboard in browser then did data entry in database then refreshed browser i was not able to see latest data...
    vijay pawar
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  • Getting smartsheet data integration to update live on Tableau Online?

    Hi Everyone,   I am hoping to build a dashboard in Tableau Online based on Smartsheet data that must be extracted/updated on a regular cadence (~once per day). I built the dashboards in Tableau desktop and pulle...
    Max Kennedy
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  • Creating a balance dashboard

    Hello, I'm attempting to create a balance dashboard or table based on several factors. I have two different dates, two different areas, and counts. Load date and oArea are correlated while empty date and dArea are cor...
    Daniel Mankey
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  • Desktop to Online - Mark Moves

    I have a map that I've enable all marks to show and allow them to overlap. When I view it in the desktop version the marks all display in the correct places. Once I publish the dashboard and open the view on Tableau O...
    Chris Boone
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  • Error with Dashboard Filter Action in Tableau Online

    On a Tableau Online site, I have a dashboard filter action taking the user to another dashboard within the same workbook. It works as expected in Desktop, but after publishing to Tableau Online, clicking on a dimensio...
    Tim Zalk
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  • Dashboard not showing all sheets when published online

    Hi,     I am facing a strange issue. I have built a dashboard which has sql server as data source. I have data in all the sheets. But when i publish the dahboard online. I see that dashboard doesn't show al...
    Rohini Dubey
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  • No option to schedule a refresh or use an extract when publishing a data source to Tableau Online

    Hello,   I am trying to publish a data source to Tableau Online and schedule a refresh. However, I am not given this option when publishing the data source from Tableau Desktop and I can only see the Authentica...
    Nicolas Beuchat
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