• Help us name our new feature!

    Hey folks, the content management team is gathering feedback on what to name a new feature. If you can, please take a second and share your thoughts on what this should be called.   Feature description - A priva...
    Michelle Kosterich
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  • Admin Insights for your Tableau Online site

    We’ve heard from site admins like you that you need more data to answer business-critical questions about your site usage and to better understand your own deployment on Tableau Online.   Coming soon in 2...
    Greg Bennett
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  • Use Tableau Embed view into Web page

    Hi,   I am trying to integrate my tableau online dashboards into my company website. We tried to authenticate tableau online with JavaScript and iframe. It is opening the tableau online authentication popup win...
    Eric Lundgren
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  • Does a Tableau Online Site Administrator need to have a Tableau Online Creator Desktop License?

    We have 9 Tableau Online Creator Licenses and 100 x Tableau Online Viewer Licenses. We want someone from IT to manage Tableau Online (projects, permissions, etc.) and therefore be a Site Administrator, but this pers...
    Joe Lipski
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  • Response for "Get Workbook Revisions" api endpoint

    Hi Tableau Community,   I'm looking into Rest API  "Get Workbook Revisions" (Reference-Tableau Server REST API - Tableau ). There is an example response provided <tsResponse>    ...
    Gregoriy Markovich
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  • Tableau online firewall rules to allow user access by ip whitelist

    Hi pals,   Is it possible to setup firewall rules in Tableau online to ban user by ip list? (only allow user access from ip whitelist) The main concern behind this question is security issue, which means some o...
    Henry Chen
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  • Unexpected Server Error

    Hi fellow Tableau users,   A colleague of mine received the following tableau online unexpected server message.     I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has experienced this, knows wha...
    Amar Joshi
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  • Initial SQL to MS SQL Server in Tableau Online

    Hello,   I have a Initial SQL set up for one of my workbooks and I have published it on the Tableau online that we have. I know they say in this link that the initial SQL would work with tableau server Run Initi...
  • Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance: US-West-2B and US-East-1 Environments

    Hello Tableau Online admins,   Please be advised that the Tableau Online US-West-2B environment will undergo a scheduled maintenance on Saturday, March 30th, 2019 from 6:00pm UTC to 2:00am UTC. During this time...
    Greg Bennett
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  • Tableau - its tools and the ensuing confusion and frustration for newbies

    We are a 1 week old Tableau (2019.1) user. We are also a 10+ year Filemaker (17) user. Our underlying goal for several years has been to decentralize our operations so that we as a corporation are completely cloud bas...
    DCS Reporting
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  • Replace missing values with values of matching row id

    I'm struggling to replace some null values of a row with the values of a matching row. I would prefer to solve the problem by creating a new/replacing a column instead of working with joins, as the data I'm working wi...
    Jody B
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  • Tableau Online/Server login

    Hi,   I just want to know that is it possible to login or access to Tableau Online/Server with a same license in different machine at the same time?   Thank you.
    Muhammad Haziq Norazmi
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  • Issues pulling data from Dropbox into Tableau

    Hi all,   I am new to Tableau and I am trying to pull a csv file from a shared dropbox but I am having some issues with this. I am an admin on the dropbox and there is a folder that all people who have access to...
    Chris Santoleri
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  • Getting smartsheet data integration to update live on Tableau Online?

    Hi Everyone,   I am hoping to build a dashboard in Tableau Online based on Smartsheet data that must be extracted/updated on a regular cadence (~once per day). I built the dashboards in Tableau desktop and pulle...
    Max Kennedy
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  • Tableau Online Site Latency

    Hi , I'm about to configure a new tableau online site , is there any tool to test latency in order to help me wich site should I choose? (Oregon or Virgina) , is this just based on distance? Thanks!
    edgar baltazar
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  • DUB01 Pod has completed the move to AWS.

    Hello Tableau Online Admins,   We have completed the move of the final, first-generation Tableau Online pod (DUB01) to Amazon Web Services.   The DUB01 pod migrated to AWS on Saturday, November 17, 2018. &#...
    Greg Bennett
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  • Error with Dashboard Filter Action in Tableau Online

    On a Tableau Online site, I have a dashboard filter action taking the user to another dashboard within the same workbook. It works as expected in Desktop, but after publishing to Tableau Online, clicking on a dimensio...
    Tim Zalk
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  • Tableau Online - Extensions page is not accessible

    Hi, I have signed up for Tableau Online, I was not able to use any extension in Tableau Online and Settings > Extensions page is not accessible even though I am the Site Administrator Creator Thanks.    
    Praveen N
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  • Recent Tableau Online Maint

    Couple of quick questions.   1.  What is the difference between Available and Informational with respect to Server status on the Tableau Trust - Current Status site. 2.  We have been having intermitte...
    Doug Spavlik
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  • How to re-subscribe to "Mainenance and System Communications" announcements?

    Hi,   How to re-subscribe to the email list "Maintenance & System Communications"?   We just received an email and I accidentally clicked "unsubscribe" to the "Maintenance & System Communication" ema...
    MCReports Admin
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