• A new home experience coming to Tableau Online

      Coming soon in 2019.2, you’ll be greeted by a new homepage experience when you log-in to your Tableau Online site.   The new home experience is designed to help you locate the most relevant data s...
    Greg Bennett
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  • Does a Tableau Online Site Administrator need to have a Tableau Online Creator Desktop License?

    We have 9 Tableau Online Creator Licenses and 100 x Tableau Online Viewer Licenses. We want someone from IT to manage Tableau Online (projects, permissions, etc.) and therefore be a Site Administrator, but this pers...
    Joe Lipski
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  • Unique Values For a Dimesion

    I merged two worksheets. Each worksheet contain the field Incident #. I want to be able to show the unique Incident #'s as when you do the advanced filter in Excel to display Unique Values in a Column.   Thank...
    Anthony Brigantic
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  • Calculate Average Sal between selected dates

    Hi Team, How to calculated avg(sal) between two dates. Example i want to calculate avg sal from 01-Apr-2018 to 31-jul-2018, Please help me
    sree y
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  • Initial SQL to MS SQL Server in Tableau Online

    Hello,   I have a Initial SQL set up for one of my workbooks and I have published it on the Tableau online that we have. I know they say in this link that the initial SQL would work with tableau server Run Initi...
  • Tableau License Confusion

    Hello All,   Thank you in advance for helping.   Our organization has around 5 Tableau Desktop permanent licenses. But recently we bought Tableau Online and 10 Creator licenses. Now my question is that is ...
  • unable to get Count of records each branch wise

    Hi All, I want create a horizontal stacked bar chart (see attached screenshot) using below data . How to get count of recount of records gender wise each branch wise. Please find the attached test data. Output. Branch...
    sree y
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  • Replace missing values with values of matching row id

    I'm struggling to replace some null values of a row with the values of a matching row. I would prefer to solve the problem by creating a new/replacing a column instead of working with joins, as the data I'm working wi...
    Jody B
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  • Help with filters

    Hi Everyone,   I'm having issues with the online version of tableau when it comes to filters.   I have added the filter "item number" from dimensions, when I remove it from filters and place it back it rev...
    Lindsey Yaskoski
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  • Question: Split a string and extract the last token

    Hi Everyone,   I have just started using Tableau online and trying to split a string to extract the last token from that string, where the number of tokens is not known.  An example set of data is as follow...
    Chris P
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  • Connecting view and data via tableauserverclient

    I'd like to use the Python tableauserverclient API to: 1. Upload a local workbook with a pre-configured view once (OK -- happy to do this out-of-code because it is a one-time cost) 2. On a regular cadence, upload da...
    last modified by pamela.toman
  • Issues pulling data from Dropbox into Tableau

    Hi all,   I am new to Tableau and I am trying to pull a csv file from a shared dropbox but I am having some issues with this. I am an admin on the dropbox and there is a folder that all people who have access to...
    Chris Santoleri
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  • Access to User Guide

    In versions previous to 2018 there was a User Guide that started with basics of connecting to data from there to thousands of lessons.  Does this exist in some form for 2018?
    Larry Keller
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  • Creating a balance dashboard

    Hello, I'm attempting to create a balance dashboard or table based on several factors. I have two different dates, two different areas, and counts. Load date and oArea are correlated while empty date and dArea are cor...
    Daniel Mankey
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  • Data Source & Sheets

    How can I add more tables to the dashboard while not changing the sheet properties? As an example, I started with the transactions & customers tables, but now I want to add a Zipcode table and eventually an Item t...
    Samera Zaidi
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  • Comparing Measure on Most Recent Date Compared to Second Most Recent Date

    Hi,   I am trying to see how much a measure increases over night. I've found answers to create a max field for date, but how do I identify the second most recent date?   Thank you,   Lauren
    Lauren Sosenko
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  • Should be simple; 70 mile radius from several zip codes

    I am looking to produce a map to show a 70 mile radius from a persons home zip code. I figured this would be simple, but after several days of looking I can not find a solution. Attached is a workbook that I created o...
    Zane Mason
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  • Tableau Online "Unable to connect to the data source"

    Hi,   I'm just recently acquired Tableau Desktop with Tableau Online. I connected to my company's AWS Athena service using Tableau Desktop, and created my first dashboard. When I upload it with a live connection...
    Artem Kushnirenko
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  • How to do a cell shading using measure values

    I have a tableau report that I'm trying to shade selected measures based on the calculated field.   For example, 1.) Score C measure has a threshold of 95% so any Score C with a value less than 95% the cell sho...
    Randy Colanta
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  • Line Chart x axis label to show or hide

    Can anyone me (if possible) to have the user turn on or off (hide or show) the x-axis label (percent value) possibly through a parameter or calculated field? Is this possible?
    Randy Colanta
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