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Team Data
Hi,   since the tableau online upgrade to 2019.1 we miss the ability to switch the dashboards within a workbook by tabs. Before the upgrade there was a tab bar where you could select the dashboard… (Show more)
in Tableau Online
Thomas Spicer
We have been troubleshooting Tableau Online refresh errors. Until recently a scheduled (or manual) refresh would not result in an error. As of this morning (4 AM scheduled), this issue started to… (Show more)
in Tableau Online
I'd like to use the Python tableauserverclient API to: 1. Upload a local workbook with a pre-configured view once (OK -- happy to do this out-of-code because it is a one-time cost) 2. On a regular… (Show more)
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Eliana Lambrou
I am writing a python script to add users on the server. When I set site role as Publisher it makes the user Explorer (can publish) but for Viewer or Interactor roles it just gives me Unlicensed.… (Show more)
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Gary Collins
Hi,   Can anyone help me with where/how I set up a list of allowable website connectors on Tableau Online that will allow a refresh of the data to happen.  I have a great dashboard built, but I… (Show more)
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Arbbie Manapul
We ran into a situation where our users are able to see other user subscriptions - has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to adjust this so that the user can only see their own subscriptions… (Show more)
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Hi everyone, I have created an extract in Tableau Desktop, that takes data from two different sources, from a connection to mysql server and from a "static" geospatial file (saved locally). I upload… (Show more)
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Analytics Shipbob
I have a workbook with a custom SQL data source with a live connection on Tableau Online. I've noticed that when I refresh the view, it doesn't always show the most up-to-date data. When I run the… (Show more)
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Sander Binda
So we got our own portal where everyone can login and see their respective workbooks. They enter an earl on a webbrowser, login with their credentials and they're in.   Now the following issue… (Show more)
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