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Gregoriy Markovich
Hi Tableau Community,   I'm looking into Rest API  "Get Workbook Revisions" (Reference-Tableau Server REST API - Tableau ). There is an example response provided <tsResponse> … (Show more)
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Jorian Merrill
I've built a dashboard using data from databases. The dashboard contains many charts, and pulls based on Store Number, so the end user can simply apply the filter to see how their store performs… (Show more)
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Sean Hurwitz
Hi Tableau!   I changed around my project directory online, but I found an issue. Previously I had projects for Client A, Client B etc and locked each project on the top-level project permission… (Show more)
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Surendra Peddabattigalla
Hello Experts,   i have one requirements like country as filter after passing selection values if we click on any bar in the bar chart the entire dashboard need to filter ,its working fine if we use… (Show more)
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Steve Brownell
I'm facing a weird challenge. We connect to our Snowflake instance via SAML/IDP (Okta) on Desktop. And when we publish the workbook it works great. Each analyst/Data scientist uses their own SAML… (Show more)
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Garrett Dube
Hi,   Like the title says, I'm trying to change the default field names for an online data source that gets refreshed every morning from a amazon redshift table. I can change them in a workbook, but… (Show more)
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siva kumar
Hello Experts   I am familiar with tableau dev and developed a report that uses 2 .hyper extracts and one excel file and it is running fine with correct data. This is from Dev environment   But… (Show more)
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Bruno Laget
Hi everyone!   We have lots of published data sources in our Tableau Online environment, comprising each one of one or more excel files, that are refreshed via tableau bridge. These data sources… (Show more)
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Robert Granda
Hello Tableau community,   I am 5 days new into this product.  I do reporting using Excel and  find tableau very interesting.  At its simplest level, I like to replicate one of my reports in tableau… (Show more)
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Petar Jurjevic
Hello everybody, I have a question regarding the constant update of data on tableau online. I have a workbook which is connected to a MySQL server from where I pull the data. The data is being… (Show more)
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