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Gunnar Stefansson
Hello all,   I have a dashboard in Tableau Online which is embedded in a webpage running on a an unattended computer. The idea is to have a display with some live information shown on a dedicated… (Show more)
in Tableau Online
Profesia Analytics
Hi, I have an issue due to the tabelau extensions. I published Story with some dashboards that are using tableau extensions for filtering data range (DynamicDateRangeFilter) These filters are set… (Show more)
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Ambarish Karambelkar
Hi,   I have created a dashboard with two views and created an action filter on one view which filters the data of other view based on the selection.   Source view of action filter is a graph with… (Show more)
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Matthew Bonilla
Hi all,   I'm a new Tableau user and I'm crafting a few reports for our team who likes to frequent the underlying data. While they are familiar with selecting points of a chart and view the full… (Show more)
in Tableau Online
Hi all,   I am new to Tableau and have what is probably a simple question.  Let's say I have 2 variables, Gender and Satisfaction.  The satisfaction question has 5 points, Excellent, Very Good,… (Show more)
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Johnny Johnson
Hi all,   I'm trying to sort a user audience online using a parameter:   After a call with support, I realize this is not supported online. Is there a workaround where the user online could… (Show more)
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Gianni Santucci
Is there a fix to custom sql queries breaking after saving?   See below: I have taken a union of a google sheet and connected it to a postgres database that I am calling with a customSQL.   This… (Show more)
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Eliana Lambrou
I am writing a python script to add users on the server. When I set site role as Publisher it makes the user Explorer (can publish) but for Viewer or Interactor roles it just gives me Unlicensed.… (Show more)
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Djef Riady Riady
Hi together,   is it sufficient to choose "embedded in workbook" under the option "Data Sources" if we publish an extract to Tableau online and want to schedule an extract refresh in Tableau Online?… (Show more)
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Hank Kollross
Is it possible to format text tables with Tableau online?  The help files talk about flicking the format menu and then selecting Worksheet.  When I click on the format menu, only Workbook appears.  I… (Show more)
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