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Greg Bennett
Hey Data Rockstars,   We have a brand new whitepaper on the website written by Tableau Product Manager, Miranda Osterheld, about managing and deploying Tableau Bridge at scale. This informative… (Show more)
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vandana ratakonda
Hello,             I was  trying to establish live connection with MS SQL Server database (Which is not in AZURE). I published data source separately and selected Maintain live connection to data… (Show more)
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Hank Kollross
Is it possible to format text tables with Tableau online?  The help files talk about flicking the format menu and then selecting Worksheet.  When I click on the format menu, only Workbook appears.  I… (Show more)
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Christie C
Hi, I subscribed to the elearning for creators. 10 seconds into each video, the screen blanks out. The audio goes on, but I see nothing except a white screen. I've tried watching the video on both a… (Show more)
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Mark Beauchene
Mousing over the side by side bar chart on show me says I need at least 1 dimension and 1 measure, and 3 fields.  I have more than all this, but the icon remains grayed out, as do most of the… (Show more)
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sa za
when I publish workbooks to the tableau server I publish them Embedded and write my password when publishing as I connect tableau to MySql and did an extract to the data. Now when I want to refresh… (Show more)
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cornelis de Jager
I have a AZURE TABLE which I use TABLEAU DESKTOP to create a data-source. I then publish it to TABLEAU ONLINE. My two questions are   1. Do I need to setup a Refresh Schedule for Live Data if I want… (Show more)
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Madeleine Mindling
Hi there, is there a way to automate publishing/refreshing our data flows to Tableau Online. Having to manually update our data flows from our desktop and publish each day is not very efficient. I… (Show more)
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Sandeep Batlad
Hi,   Is there a way or workaround to export user list from Tableau Online site?   While researching on this, I found this article -… (Show more)
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Namit Singh
I have 2 data sources. One is a database and the other is a local Excel file.   The primary key in the database is Invoice Number and Product Code in Excel file. One invoice can have multiple… (Show more)
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