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Jacob Rodriguez
Hello,   I have this view that when published to Tableau Online using Tableau Desktop, the view appears perfectly as it should. However, I am trying to implement some automation to this project and… (Show more)
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Kenneth Rubinstein
My group is new to Tableau and testing.  We've been approached to test Tableau workbooks for functionality and comparison to old versions.  There are thousands of workbooks with multiple views.  I… (Show more)
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Cameron McKinley
Hello, this is a very basic question but documentation and pricing confuses me. Asked my rep but I think they are gone for the weekend and I'm hoping to have this figured out ASAP. I have a Tableau… (Show more)
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Wallan Braga Ramos Martins
Hello!   First of all, sorry for my english, still not perfect!!!   My problem is:   My workbook in Tableau Online has 5 datasources --> My Area will Update 4; So, the other will be update from… (Show more)
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Amar Joshi
Hi fellow Tableau users,   A colleague of mine received the following tableau online unexpected server message.     I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has experienced this, knows… (Show more)
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Domagoj Culinovic
My user has chosen Tableau Online. In Tableau Desktop I made several Dashboards for him. For that purpose I used backup of  database on my local network, because I could not directly connect to it.… (Show more)
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Bruno Laget
Hi everyone!   We have lots of published data sources in our Tableau Online environment, comprising each one of one or more excel files, that are refreshed via tableau bridge. These data sources… (Show more)
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Jorian Merrill
I've built a dashboard using data from databases. The dashboard contains many charts, and pulls based on Store Number, so the end user can simply apply the filter to see how their store performs… (Show more)
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Cathy Dumas
Between about 4 PM and midnight Pacific Time on June 19, your site received an updated Admin Insights starter workbook. Congratulations! You now have a completely redesigned User Role Drilldown…
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Joe caldwell
Hi When using desktop I can click on a pill in the rows area and choose format from the menu.  For example format as percentage.  For some reason I can not find out how to do this online when… (Show more)
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