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Tobias Mueller
Hello,   could you please tell me how I am able to calculate the XIRR, since there is no function for that?   Also why is that function not even available, this belongs to one of the most important… (Show more)
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Luciano Zarlenga
Hi, I have been using tableau online for a few years now, publishing different workbooks within the organization which are embed in a web page with wordpress. Each user has a different permit to view… (Show more)
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Avi Dagan
I'm using Tableau Online and am setting up the SAML authentication using Salesforce as the identity provider, and the First name, Last name, or Full name is required. Can I make it not required?… (Show more)
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Federica Ferrarini
Hello everybody, if I try to embed a dashboard from Tableau Online to my website, using the default embed code generated by Tableau itself under the Share menu, I get a blue button to access my site… (Show more)
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Hi Team,   Based on the instructions provided on the Tableau site I published a data source to our Tableau Online portal and scheduled an extract refresh with refresh type = Full Refresh. I had… (Show more)
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Dev Raccoon
Hi! Until now I've been using the desktop version that connected perfectly to the db. I switched to tableau online so that I'll be able to embed charts in my website with tableau, but I can't… (Show more)
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Marie Harris
Hi there,   We're testing several client folders on Tableau Online and it's imperative that each client can only see their own work.  We've set permissions for projects/workbooks and the permissions… (Show more)
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Sreenath Raveendran
Hello everyone,   I'm using mysql custom query to load data to tableau.  In the query im using a where clause with parameter and in some joins like below to pull the data based on the user… (Show more)
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Eduardo Rodrigues
I'm trying to show social media pages using URL actions in a tableau online dashboard, but it returns " refused to connect". When I check the browser console there's the log below:  … (Show more)
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Jorge Herrera
How can I refresh an datasource/extract/workbook configured through the Bridge with the REST API?   Or   Add/Remove* a datasource refresh from a schedule?
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