• Error in tableau server installation on centos

    Hi Team,   I am trying tableau server trail installation but its throwing error and i am new to this tableau . --> Finished Dependency Resolution Error: Package: tableau-server-10500.18.0210.2209-10500-18.0...
    hema moger
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  • Does anyone have a how-to or list of "gotchas" for installing and configuring Tableau on Centos?

    I'm downloading and installing Tableau using the instructions here... Tableau Server on Linux: Everybody's Install Guide - Tableau  but they're just not working for me.   I'm doing a clean new install o...
    Bill Mercer
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  • Tableau Server Upgrade to 2019.2 failure

    We attempted an upgrade of Tableau server today from version 2018.3.3 to 2019.2   It resulted in the following error, and we ended up restoring VM to bring Tableau back online. Has anyone encountered a similar ...
    Arjun Sivadasan
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  • How to see who deleted a workbook?

    Just wanted to share my knowledge. This can be done by accessing the Postgres database of Tableau Server. The following query will show which users have deleted workbooks in the past 24 hours. Please note, this is not...
    Jeff Krieg
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  • Tableau Server Scary Stories & Building Resiliency

    We're trying to build some resiliency in our team and into our processes by thinking through some Tableau Server disasters, problems, or other all-hands-on-deck Code Red scenarios ahead of time and thinking through ho...
    Ian Hagerman
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  • Tableau server rendering blank dashboards

    Hi,   I am facing this issue since last Friday dashboards that i have published are appearing blank but if i clear my cache then it works. It is occurring randomly for random users. When i tried to check perform...
    Deepak Chauhan
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  • Maintain users, licenses, roles using workgroup tables

    I'm quite new to Tableau Admin role thus hoping for some guidance (did review some docs also: Workgroups Database - Tableau ) Has anyone recreated (using SQL Workgroup) Tableau Server's  'Licences' and 'Server U...
    Marcin Szpot
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  • Tableau Server Migration to Google Cloud

    Hello All,   We are trying to migrate all our servers to Google Cloud . Can someone help me with the things that need to seek attention and taken care before and after migrating the servers to google cloud . ...
    sudhakar reddy
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  • Remove a user's license by removing him from a synced AD group

    Hi all,   Is there a way to turn an Interactor user to unlicensed by removing the user from the tableau's synced active directory and then syncing AD again on tableau server? If not, how else can I disable a use...
    Shay Zanvel
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  • TabJolt Installation Guide

    TabJolt: A Tableau Server Point and Run Load Testing Tool   What is TabJolt? When to Use TabJolt Prerequisites Tableau Desktop Install and Configure TabJolt Collecting Machine Stats from Linu...
    Ben Bryant
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  • Users automatically set to unlicensed

    We have our Tableau server set up to automatically sync with AD.  In some circumstances, it seems users are automatically set to Unlicensed on the server.  Does anyone know the circumstances in which this ha...
    Chris Rayner
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  • Nodes installation  issues after upgrade to 2018.1 to 2019.1 initial( primary) node.

    Hi Gurus,   I did upgrade   tableau server 2018.1 to 2019.1.3.  initial( primary up...... configuration completed   ) I try to install nodes getting  below issues. Not popup select...
    RK Raj
    created by RK Raj
  • Sending all queries to Data Source when using Tabjolt

    When running the script of TABJOLT to generate the load,  majority of my queries 90% are not hitting the data source. Only the initial queries are coming to data source.  I configured the cache to be used as...
    Ankit Sharma
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  • Issue configuring postgres for Scout

    I have created all db tables required to save scout results to postgres using below command create_scout_postgres_db.bat "C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.5\bin" postgres localhost 48123 note that I am using port numbe...
  • Install and configure PostgreSQL for Scout

    You should get the latest version of PostgreSQL from https://www.postgresql.org/, if you don't already have one installed. Follow the instructions to install and configure PostgreSQL as provided by their website. At...
    Ionut Gradinaru
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  • User Role update Audit on Tableau server (2019.1)

    We're looking for an easier way to audit Site level or server level activity like Role updates, permission updates, Role removal or addition etc.   I have an old view to query the hist_activity tables to get so...
    created by SYED REHMAN
  • Tabjolt - Error loading jvm.dll

    We have performed the below steps to install TabJolt at a client site. We are stuck and need help to take it forward. We have tried our best to solve the error but no luck.   The machine where TabJolt is instal...
    Sourabh Dasgupta
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  • Tableau-server Linux and Ldap

    Hello,   I want to configure tableau-server (CentOS Linux version) to connect on a Ldap server.   After many trys, my question is: Is it possible to connect tableau-server to a ldap without an AD ?   ...
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  • Publish dashboards through trused IP address

    Hi, We have an external company that want to publish dashboards to a tableau server on Azure. Is it possible to add their IP address to trused IP addresses and for them to publish after that? I can only find informa...
    Caroline Lindqvist
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  • Automated report for when users are added to the server - Admin Reports

    Does anyone know if it is possible to have an automated report generated for when users are added to the site and if possible for it to show what site role the users were assigned to?
    Sarah Swiss
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