• Tableau Server 2018.2 on Ubuntu 18.04

    Has anybody installed Tableau Server 2018.2 on Ubuntu 18.04?   List of supported servers All Technical Specifications | Tableau Software doesn't mention Ubuntu 18.04 Amazon Linux 2, CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.04 L...
    Boris Sevo
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  • DR / Standby Cluster for Tableau

    Are there any fellow System Admins working on creating a dark cluster for Higher Availability (A/B Clustering) or Disaster Recovery?   Looking to use RSync (Linux) to replicate the /Extracts and the built-in...
    Christos Sofianopoulos
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  • Guest User account not working after upgrade to 2019.2 from 2018.1

    I have upgraded Tableau from 2018.1 to 2019.2 and noticed that the Guest User account is not working anymore. I make sure that the Guest User is enabled in the settings. Any one encountered this issue after the upgrad...
    Yash Panchal
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  • URL actions and multi-site Tableau Server implementation

    Hi,   I posted the below discussion in the forums last week and realized that it may be more of a Tableau Server issue/setting. Essentially I have a workbook on a Tableau Server Site with links to other workbook...
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  • Better Tableau Server Health Monitoring?

    Has anyone come up with a better way to monitor TSM instances of Tableau Server?  Prior to TSM, we had a in house application that would look at the Windows services and alert if a service is not running.  N...
    Tony Meier
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  • SAML authentication

    I’ll need your help in understanding the user experience for HANA SAML configuration: If the Artisan on the desktop tool uses HANA credentials to authenticate to HANA, then how do they need to publish the data s...
    raghavendra N
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  • Server Error (500)

    Hi everyone,   since we published our first workbooks on Tableau Server, we´re consistently facing the same error when we open some workbooks After closing the workbook and reopen it, the error message ...
    Vera Hövel
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  • Need to decide which Tableau Licence I should use.

    I can't decide which Tableau license I should buy. I currently working on a project that will require embedding Tableau Dashboards in my website so I tried it using Tableau Public but it forces me to keep the downlo...
    Sameh Adel
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  • Cannot assign image on project folder !!

    Hi All anyone can tell me how do i assign my local image "Not through online hyper link" on tableau project folder "server 10.5" ?   Thanks
    Maged Shafike
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  • Emails being sent even though they shouldn't be?

    I'm testing on a QA server that contains a production restore on it.  It's the easiest way to test data source connections and such due to the variety we have.  I thought I have the necessary settings made t...
    Toby Erkson
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  • Downloading Tableau server status workbooks

    Hi Paul,   can i get little more details on this process. do server admin can download workbook? am trying to download workbook from status, but its showing as  no access to download , please find screen...
    Sowmya Potluri
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  • Looking for Tableau server status workbook

    Hi,   Do we have the possibility to get the Tableau process status from postgresql? I looked all way around but didn't find a table to give the required information. I need to create a workbook to show all the r...
    Santhosh Sekar
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  • Tableau Server Admin View Workbooks 2019

    Hi,   I've come across posts for older versions of the server admin view workbooks but haven't found anything for the 2019.1 versions yet.  Anyone have any leads?   Thanks in advance!
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  • Data sources associated with workbook

    Hi, Is there any way we can figure out what data sources (either published or embedded) associated with a workbook? either using  REST API or PostgreSQL DB Also is there any flag or column which can tell publishe...
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  • Tableau Desktop/ Server upgrade from 10.5 version to 2019.2 Version

    we are doing an upgrade Tableau Desktop/ Server upgrade from 10.5 version to 2019.2 Version.   we have work books in 10.5 Version is there a chance to auto migrate all workbooks in 10.5 to 2019.2 version .  ...
    Saikrishna Kommineni
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  • Data encryption at rest missing in Tableau Server 2019.1.1

    Hi, I participated in beta of Tableau 2019.1 and Beta 2 contained encryption at rest functionality that we were waiting on due to our security requirements. Today I installed release version of Tableau Server 2019.1...
    Krzysztof Obara
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  • How to get table names used ?

    Hi,   I am trying to get the table name used in the all the datasources , workbooks and custom sql queries in workbooks. How can this be achieved?
    swathi kadem
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  • How To see the WorkBook Data Using Cmd in tableau server

    Hi All,   We are using Tableau Server For Seeing the Dashboards But Every Time to open The Server And Seeing The Work Book Columns It's Taking So Much of Time. Is there any Option to see the workbook Columns Us...
    raja reddy
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  • TSM issue

    Hello Everyone, My tableau server's tsm utility is not accessible and the server is down...restarted the services in all 3 nodes still no improvement.      in tsm.log file : TsmAdmin controller didn't...
    leela chaitanya
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  • Displaying PDF from SharePoint

    We are trying to Share (display) a pdf file on Tableau but having issues, perhaps someone has encountered similar and can help us out?   Here are the information for the support case: Environment: Tableau Produ...
    Dmitry Demin
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