• Tableau Revisions are not matching with user activity

    I have created a report which is showing tableau revisions with the usernames who published it. I have used below query to find it. It is matching exactly with what showing in tableau server. But in some cases I found...
    Rohit Mishra
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  • Change domain for a single user

    Hi all.   I have searched the documentation and the forums but couldn't find an answer to the problem when you have users from different domains on your server and want to change just the domain for selected one...
    Stephan Meier
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  • Tabmon log : JMX ports issue

    Hi All,   This is related to Tabmon configuration. I have configured Tabmon on a different host and its remotely polling the production host. Everything seems to be ok and I can see the data in Tabmon workbook ...
    Arun Yadav
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  • PostgreSQL DB: Finding Data Sources for Each View

    Hello, Which tables / columns from the Workgroups Database - Tableau documentation can I use to find for a given view the specific data source(s) used by that view?  I've been able to determine the tables and co...
    Brian Warn
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  • Tableau Server Became Unlicensed Everyday

    Hello All, Please help here asap. The backgrounder service became unlicensed yesterday. When we further looked upon, found that no active keys exists, even though we had a active one before. Later, we have activat...
    Santhosh Sekar
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  • Disable Ask Data for all Data Sources

    Hi Everyone, We've just successfully upgraded our Production environment to Tableau Server 2019.1.2. Is there a way to disable Ask Data for all data sources on the Server? Thanks. Muteru Mwangi
    Muteru Mwangi
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  • Tabmon Stops recording performance counters

    Has anyone experienced the following behavior?    While running tabjolt tests against our QA environment, tabmon stops recording the performance counters.  It had been working last month, but then jus...
    Patrick Philipp
    created by Patrick Philipp
  • TabJolt Installation Guide

    TabJolt: A Tableau Server Point and Run Load Testing Tool   What is TabJolt? When to Use TabJolt Prerequisites Tableau Desktop Install and Configure TabJolt Collecting Machine Stats from Linu...
    Ben Bryant
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  • Update Tableau Server subscriptions (e.g. monthly date range)

    Hi everyone,   General Tableau Server question around subscriptions (we're on v10.5.1), if I have a dashboard where I want to change subscriptions on a monthly basis to update the date filters (unable to make th...
    Lucie Brett
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  • Server integration with Novell eDir

    I’ve tried a few different ways of configuring the LDAP and it looks like there is OpenLDAP support in the documentation, but not eDIr support. I think I would need to adapt the JAVA files to work with eDir. Tha...
    Dan Ueberfluss
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  • How does Tableau on prem connect to a 3rd party hosted database on the cloud?

    Hello all,   I have some questions regarding how Tableau Server (pn prem) connects to an Oracle database hosted by a 3rd party vendor. We have tested Tableau Online with Oracle server on prem, Tableau Bridge is...
    Alisa Shiu
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  • Tableau server 2018.3, 2018.2 server license online activation not working

    Hello , Any help is appreciated since i am unable to activate license online on either Linux or Windows servers running Tableau software 2018.2, 2018.3 , I have tried many versions of tableau servers but no luck at al...
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  • Test Server install 2018.3

    We are "finally" installing Tableau on our test server so we can test upgrades.  What an idea!  Do we need a separate product key for the test server?   Thanks
    Linda Ensign
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  • How to change the tableau server to another physical server?

    I have the tableau server installed and running on a server and allowed some people to just view the dashboards. But now I need to change the server tableau server. What is the correct procedure to follow?
    André Martins
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  • Finding Admin Workbook to make open to all users

    Hello everyone I could use some assistance I have tried following this from the documentation: You should publish and extract the default administrative views workbook to make it accessible to Site Administrators. A...
    Nathan  Wilkins
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    Hi Community,   I have an issue in installing Tableau Server 2019.2 on a VM. It is throwing the error "The requested licensing operation failed with error code '108: TABLEAU_ERROR_LICENSING_ACTIVATION_INVALID_MO...
    Unmesh Panigrahy
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  • Upgrade experience to Tableau server 2019.1.5

    Hello Viz'ards ,   I was wondering if anyone upgraded to 2019.1.5 as its a very latest and greatest release from Tableau or anyone even tried to upgrade to it.   We are on 2018.2.10 with lot of VIZql memor...
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  • How change Scheman name on UAT and PROD envrironment for impala

    We are using Impala as back-end with tableau 2018.3,I am  tableau developer,I have created connection in Tableau DEV environment and published  report in DEV server,till this everything is fine. Now I dont ...
    Naveen Shukla
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  • 2018.3.8 and Endpoint Security

    Hi Guys,   I am upgrading my current Tableau Server 10.5 to 2018.3.8 and I can see that it is slow, it looks like the ESET Endpoint Security is blocking it.   Do you know if there could be any conflict be...
    Bogdan Mascan
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  • DataDriver alert : send to email id

    Hi, Our Tableau authentication source is Windows AD, so as of now we can only add individual users for data-driven alerts.   Am curious if there is way we can send the same to an bunch of people via email, inste...
    Nishant Saxena
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