• Initialization terminated at step 31 of 40: An error occurred while waiting for services to reconfigure.

    Hello People,   We are trying to install Tableau server 2018.3 version on machine.   We want to install with Active directory & User Account. It went well with Local user installation but giving trouble ...
    Anirudh Madhwa Kaviliga
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  • List of all Tableau Server Postgres Tables and their Joins

    If you have a question about how to join tables together post it here and I will answer it.   I've been working on various custom Tableau Server Queries to fill gaps in data we would like to Analyze on our Table...
    Luke Brady
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  • Activating Tableau server 2019.1 monitoring of desktop licenses

    I am trying to set up desktop license monitoring on the tablet server. I have followed the instructions on the support docs, but I'm still not getting any data on the server.  What is the best way for me to check...
    Doug Erickson
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  • Tableau 2019.1.2 Server Folder Structure

    Hi all,   I recently installed Tableau server 2019.1.2 on Windows 2016 R2. I have another machine on which Tableau Server 10.1 version installed.   When i tried comparing the folder structure for both ins...
    Gajendra Singh
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  • Connect Tableau Mobile with Tableau Server issue

    Currently Tableau Server 2018.3.1 uses an External Identity Provider (WSO2) using SAML to authenticate users. Additonaly a certificate from a trusted Autority is used for SSL communication. The problem is that wheneve...
    Andres Rojas
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  • Publish to sub project only

    Is there a way I can give publish rights only to one specific sub project ? We have 3 sub projects under one project. We don;t want users to publish in parent project and want to enable publish rights on sub projects.
    Krishna Chaitanya
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  • *** Not authorized Invalid username or password. (errorCode=16) in Tabcmd

    Hi All,   I am trying to connect to my server using tabcmd and I am getting the error " *** Not authorized Invalid username or password. (errorCode=16)"   I know the answer to this question is present at...
    Ashutosh Arya
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  • tabcmd unable to connect to server

    Hi I am new to tabcmd and I am trying to write a script to automate my dashboards to pdf however when I try to login into my server using tabcmd command the link redirects to another link and I get this error:  ...
    Freya Balroop
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  • How to configure Tableau server's Postgresql for back ground tables for server admin views?

    Hi All,   I have configured tableau server but not configured Postgresql for back ground tables.   Now, I want to configure Postgresql in Tableau server.   Please let me know how to configure it.
    Hanumantha Reddy M
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  • Tableau Server High Availability  Is Degraded

    Hi All,     I am New to Tableau Server and I have made a mistake by stopping two workers simultaneously.so server became Degraded.I have tried to restart the workers but it displaying as in the images below...
    konga suman
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  • Tableau Server Linux on AWS Quick Start

    Hi Team,   We are looking to set up Tableau on Linux(CentOS) flavor using AWS Quick start. Request you to please provide your inputs on the steps to follow from pre-requisites, installation and configuration. Ch...
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  • Upgrade From 10.5 to 2019.1

    Dear Tableau Team,   Finally we will upgrade from 10.5 to 2019.1 for that I need your recommendation as a Team So should I Upgrade to 2018.2 and then 2019.1 or you recommend me to do the upgrade directly to ...
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  • Error ONA integration

    Hello guys,   I'm trying to integrate tableau with my forms on the ONA platform, but when I initiate the connection to Tableau it does not generate my table of data to proceed to the analyzes, issuing an error ...
  • SAML settings and configuration 2018.2 and later

    The attached article was developed to help Server Administrators diagnose and configure SAML after upgrading from 2018.1 or earlier. Required Access - Server Administrator Mangers of ADFS - Active Directory Federat...
    Amr Amr
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  • Set Up Tableau Server to be Monitored by New Relic

    Starting with Tableau Server 10.0, you can configure Tableau Server so that it can be monitored by New Relic.   SetupBasic configuration Configure the following settings:   vizportal.newrelic_enabled: true v...
    Rick Kunkel
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  • Let's Encrypt Linux Tableau Server

    Hi, does anyone have a guide to using Let's Encrypt to get https for Tableau Server on a linux system? I currently have Tableau server running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.    Thank you,
    Holly Do
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  • Tableau server application server status error

    Hi,   All of sudden my application services are not coming up after Tableau machine restart.     Any troubleshooting steps? We are having Tableau server 2018.2.2. Any help much appreciated!
    Santhosh Sekar
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  • Tableau Server installation suggestion

    Hi Team, My Web application works with n tier architecture. Web application is running on the Web Server PC, It only has the Internet and reachable with end user. Web server won’t communicate with Database, It ...
    Karthick Ramu
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  • [Urgent] TabMon not getting any files

    i have sucessfully connected to my server, however i get this log. 2019-05-17 12:03:52,061 [5] INFO TabMon.Config.TabMonConfigReader - Loading TabMon user configuration.. 2019-05-17 12:03:52,100 [5] INFO TabMon.Config...
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  • Cannot Sign in to Tableau Online

    hi, I tried many times to sign in Tableau Online but always fail. I even used the forget password option reset my password but when I go to the page Login | Tableau Online   I get i Unable to Sign In  ...
    muhammad kundi
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