• Tableau Server Schedules Limitations

    We recently encountered an issue where an entire subscription schedule failed due to "sender thread limit exceeded".   This sparked a couple of questions around subscriptions 1)  Could this have been pro...
    Nikhil Merala
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  • TSM command for removing instance?

    Accidentally created another instance of gateway:primary when I was trying to redirect instance 0 to port 443   How do I get rid of instance 1 so I can redirect from port 80 to 443?
    Vinh Ton
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  • Install Server (Ubuntu 16.04) lsb-core Issue

    I'm trying to install Tableau Server on a clean Ubuntu 16.04 installation. When I run the gdebi -n <installer.deb>, I get: This package is uninstallable Cannot install 'lsb-core'   After reading up on this...
    Luke Bullard
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  • Tableau Desktop and Server (core) licence expiry impact

    Hi Tableau community, curious if anyone knows about following or have experienced with;   1. What is impact if someone's Tableau desktop licence expires and user fail to renew?  Does Tableau desktop stop w...
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  • Start up tabadmincontroller error

    Start up tabadmincontroller manually with an error. master key id cannot be null Anyone konws how to solve the problem?
    song liu
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  • Tableau Prep Builder Data Flow Does Not Work On Server

    I have created a Data Flow in Tableau Prep Builder that runs no problem, but when I publish it to my server I get the following error:   "There is an error in one or more steps in the flow. Download the flow, res...
    Max Adamsky
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  • Bad Connection: Tableau could not connect to the data source 2019.1.0

    Hello everyone, We recently upgraded to 2019.1.0 on Server and desktop. Everything went without a hitch with the exception of workbooks downloaded to Desktop from Server (Via the Server > Open Workbook tab in Tabl...
    Andrew Bickert
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  • How to Sign into the Tableau Server Admin Area after enabling Server Wide SAML

    I understand the intended use for Server Wide SAML is to direct users to login to an IDP. However, I have a need to manage users, deploy data sources, etc using the Server Admin account.   Tableau redirects to ...
    Sean Caldwell
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  • Tableau server 2019.1

    Hi data people!   I have a question: How i can edit for default see only woorbooks on tableau server 2019.1? because in this version always the user should  select filter of show content and hide data base...
    Bryan Medrano
    created by Bryan Medrano
  • With tsm can you specify a temporary directory to be used when a backup is created?

    We're Upgrading to 2018.3.4 and are reviewing the differences between tabadmin and tsm.  When I am creating a backup, after having setthe default backup location to another drive I noticed that while the backup i...
    Luke Brady
    created by Luke Brady
  • To change Datasource Connection Details on Tableau Server

    Hi Team,   Is there a way or automation script to  change the tables names without using tableau desktop.   For Eg:   Let us consider I have a Dashboard which has been published in the server by c...
    Anita Deshmukh
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  • How to know how long an extract has ran?

    Hello, I'm trying to create an tableau custom admin view by accessing tableau PostgreSQL database metadata. During which I would be interested to know couple of questions answered like 1. how long an extract ran ...
    last modified by MURALIDHAR TANGUDU
  • Tableau Upgrade from 2018.2.6 to 2018.3.2 failing at 33%

    Hi ,   I am working on tableau upgrade . I was able to successfully upgrade from 10.5.11 to 2018.2.6. But when i try to do an upgrade from 2018.2.6 to 2018.3.2 , its failing at 33% (Installing backup services f...
    swathi kadem
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  • Data from extract embedded not refreshes, when published data separately everything is fine. What is going on here?

    Hi guys.   I have a report that is connected to multiple sources with some pre SQL queries. This report worked in the past but for some reason fails right now.   When working on my station, it is my machi...
    Sagi Alagem-Iversen
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  • Does Server full data download override the security in place?

    Hello,   If I have a user on server who is restricted from viewing a region (for example), but I gave that user ability to download full details from any worksheet, would that person see that restricted region i...
    Nick Iracleous
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  • SSO SAML Authentication Enabled - Users can not redirect to outside website

    Hello community, I'm hoping someone here might be able to help.  We have a Tableau Server Instance with server wide SAML Authentication established (Tableau Server Version 2018.2.3).  The users are able to l...
    Jeff DeRuyscher
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  • Forward Proxy configuration on a RHEL-like distro

    Hello. While installing and configuring Tableau Server 2018.3.3 on a Oracle Linux (a RHEL-like distribution) virtual machine, I got some issues with the forward proxy configuration.   Affter the installation of ...
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  • Backgrounder Idleness Problem

    Hello Experts,   We have 4  backgrounder services as you see in the first screenshot. There is only one working for this time but you can see in the second image that there is 1 job running on one backgroun...
    Murat Özcan
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  • Active Directory Synchronizing Issue

    Hi All,   group is not synchronizing in tableau server. getting below error. "an error occurred while synchronizing Active Directory group "groupname" on domain "domain name" . Try again.   i have verifie...
    Koti D
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  • Why I am getting Future Date and time for user last login (Postgre Workgroup _users table)

    Hi,   Why I am getting future date and time for user login at in Tableau Audit _users tableau in postgreSQL db? Do I need to change anything on Tableau Server to make it to display time and date correct?  ...
    govardhan tokala
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