• Unable to perform extract refresh from tableau server

    Hi,   I have set up a Tableau Server (2020.1.3) for production in Linux (Ubuntu 18.04). My database is MongoDB, and so I use MongoDB BI connector to connect to it. The connection works fine with Tableau Desktop...
    Shammah Prabhu
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  • Migrar y actualizar tableau server 2018.1

    Hola actualmente tengo tableau server 2018.1 instalado en windows y por requerimiento me solicitaron migrar a linux con la versión mas reciente. ¿que es lo mas recomendable? ¿Puedo migrar de la...
    Mauricio Santander
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  • Remove Header in the Email we get from Subscription

    Hi,   When I am subscribing for the entire workbook on the server, the email has a header from the text mentioned in has a subscription to. In the same dashboard when I am subscribing to particular view then th...
    v s
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  • Sandboxed Extension (.js) Data Source???

    I'm in the process of deciding if to buy tableau/set-up a server, but I need to know if the tableau sandox extensions are configurable to read from the data that is pre-poured into the tableau workbook/dashboard/(what...
    Abel Barrera Duran
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  • Invalid Credentials:Kerberos Configuration

    Hi all,   Im implementing Kerberos with AD authentication for my Tableau Server. 1. I have followed the steps of first creating the Config.bat file and provided it to the AD admin . 2. He provided the .keytab ...
    Sanket Deshpande
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  • Publishing to Server loses custom views for users

    When I make changes to my workbooks and then re-publish and replace the existing workbooks on Tableau server my users lose their custom views.  If there anyway to avoid this?   Thank you, Chad
    Case Chad
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  • Upgrade from 2018.3.0 to 2019.4 "Failed to generate new credentials."

    When running the upgrade-tsm script, after the job that backs up the repository, during a new job called stating "Upgrading TSM Services", the process gives an error "Failed to generate new credentials" and then halts...
    David Tomashek
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  • Getting Started: Scout

    What is Scout? Scout is an exploratory testing tool that interacts with Tableau's Server or Desktop product in order to capture performance metrics for specific User actions across a set of workbooks. Since Scout exec...
    Ionut Gradinaru
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  • How can I send a data-driven alert email only when new monthly data is added to my workbook?

    Hello,   I have a workbook that is updated on a monthly basis. Essentially, it gets its data from an SQL query to a back end database.  The query returns the latest monthly of data.  Each month, I add...
    Robert Wittmeier
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  • Tableau Server data source security at site level

    Hi, All,   I have installed Tableau Server and configured multiple sites. These Site should unable to see each other data source for security reason.   In these scenario: 1. Tableau Server run as service ...
    Johnson Chow
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  • Guest user shows up on "who has seen this view" even after denying permissions for "Guest" account

    Hi, We exclusively denied guest user access on one of our reports. We enabled it at the site level. But, when I try to get the information about "Who has seen this view?", i see few logins from "Guest" user. Any cl...
    Anil Dindi
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  • Using crontab to schedule maintenance tasks

    Hi All!   I had a batch script that was scheduled using windows task scheduler and ran the tsm commands for backups and maintenance of the environment. Now we are moving to Linux and I wonder what is the best wa...
    Chandan Singh
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  • Tableau Desktop Usage

    Hi Folks,   I am trying to create desktop usage report from Tableau --> Desktop-Reporting table in PostgreSQL. The only problem is that few users who have been using tableau but the last updated date is not u...
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  • Remove/Hide Creator Role

    Hi, All,   When i am "Site Administrator Explorer" role, i want to restrict to not update other user's role to "Site Administrator Creator" and "Creator" Role. How can i disable/hide these two creator role in U...
    Johnson Chow
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  • Question on Extract

    Hi Experts,   I have a Primary Server, 6 worker machines with 2 Backgrounder instances in each worker. Now, when the Backgrounder of worker A ran an extract successfully.   Here are the questions i have. ...
    Madhusudhan Khambham
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  • 504 Gateway Error

    Hello Tableau Community,     We are facing the 504 Gateway Time-out error intermittently, when we open up a dashboard published in our network.   we have two different Virtual Machines for hosting our...
    pradeep kankala
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  • Restarting Tableau Server for File Share Permissions

    I am curious if others have a similar issue to ours and how they deal with it.  We are on Windows Server 2016 for our Tableau Server installation.  We use Windows accounts for running the Tableau Service....
    Jason Schuh-Dodge
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  • Install and initialize an additional node on Linux Cenos7

    Hi everyone I try to install tableau server on Linux version with Cluster Three node However  I have already installed  initial node  . So now I stuck in step into node 2 (cluster) Run the initialize...
    te k
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  • OKTA configuration - linux ubuntu

    Hi All,   we are implementing Tableau High Availability . I completed installation on node 1 now we have to configure OKTA . I have a question here should i configure the OKTA on ldap now or after completing ins...
    Krishna Teja Palavai
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  • Storage used or consumed by each tableau server site

    Hi, Is there any way to get how much storage is being used by each tableau site. Please the attched screenshot Thank you
    Adam Adam
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