• TS Content Null View Utilization Issue - Related to Shareable Data Sources Thread

    Hello!   I have a scenario related to view utilization in the TC Content data source that I could use some help with:   Background I've built a tabular detail that shows Top-Level Projects >> All Proje...
    Devaun Reed
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  • Change http default port from 80 to another?

    Hi there. I'm trying to get Tableau Server's Apache to serve on a port different than 80. Tried wtih TSM:   tsm configuration set -k gateway.public.port -v someport tsm configuration set -k worker0.gateway.port...
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  • Tableau integration to slack

    Hi,   We have a requirement where we need to get tableau extract failure notification to slack channel. Any idea how to achieve it?   Thanks Rishabh
    Rishabh  Tripathi
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  • Tableau Server Certification

    Hi All,   I'm preparing for Tableau Server certification. Getting confused as how to follow , because the help file ( the admin guide ) has so many hyperlinks to related topics on every page that whenever I sta...
    Arun Yadav
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  • Deploy Fresh Tableau server with ADFS authentication

    Hello, I am fairly new to Tableau administration and I was asked to deploy a Tableau server on a fresh install Windows Server. Is going to be a stand alone machine but eventually we want to scale out into a cluster wi...
    Motty Cruz
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  • Tableau server behind AWS ELB with trusted authentication

    We've setup our Tableau server on AWS behind a load balancer and it seems to work fine up to a point. Tableau links generally work, but trusted authentication does not (trusted authentication was working without the l...
    Bill Hamill
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  • What are user permission needed for runschedule?

    We are trying to implement account separation. We want to have a something like service account and use it only for tabcmd runschedule kickoff. We want to run tabcmd right after our DW load finishes. Our company uses ...
    Leo Grinberg
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  • Tableau Server installation issue in RHEL7

    Hi,   I am trying to install Tableau Server 2019.2.1 on a RHEL7 machine. When I do the initialization, I get the following error:   # sudo ./initialize-tsm --accepteula --unprivileged-user=tab-user --tsm-a...
    Karthik  Vaidhinathan
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  • Tabjolt (Jmeter) - Implementing class

    Hi All,   I'm currently trying to startup the Jmeter.bat that comes with the Tabjolt installation. But it keeps coming back with the "An error occurred:  java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError:" error messa...
    Jason van Doorn
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  • Upgrade Tableau Server 10.5.4 to 10.5.20

    Hi,        We are planning to upgrade Tableau Server from 10.5.4 to 10.5.20.      Our Tableau Server is installed in a windows virtual machine on AWS and it was installed...
  • Tableau Server 2018.2.10: Parameter & GoToSheet Actions?

    Hello everyone,   I am experiencing frustrating problems transferring all the functionality from my dashboard that was developed on Tableau Desktop 2019.2 to Tableau Server 2018.2.10. The parameter and gotoshee...
    Riley Hun
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  • Tableau Server status is Showing as Degraded

    Hi,   Our Tableau server's status is showing as Degraded and i have restarted the server and that didn't help us.   Even though Tableau server status is showing as Degraded we are able to access the server...
    Sarathi Pattam
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  • TabJolt Installation Guide

    TabJolt: A Tableau Server Point and Run Load Testing Tool   What is TabJolt? When to Use TabJolt Prerequisites Tableau Desktop Install and Configure TabJolt Collecting Machine Stats from Linu...
    Ben Bryant
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  • logshark - Long running process

    Hi Everyone, I have a question regarding Logshark processing time. How much time does it take to process and publish 12 GB log files? It takes around 30 hrs for our process to complete. Any idea?   Thanks, Pr...
    Prashantha Madhurashri
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  • connect to salesforce via weblink object in a dashboard

    We are trying to access a weblink (could be salesforce / JIRA) in a dashboard and if I click on a data point, the website must change and filter to that data point in that website. For example, We have several cases ...
    kalyani Deshpande
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  • Tableau Refresh intermittently failing

    Hi Everyone,   we are having an issue with the data extract refresh on Tableau server (Version: 2019.1.3  64-bit Windows)   the data extract is based of off MS SQL server and the query runs fine when...
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  • Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group Recordings

    Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group Recordings, Slides, Workbooks and Summaries:   Oct 2019 - V2019.3 new feature demo for admins (Catalog, Encryption, Server Management Add-ons) by Mark Wu.  Click su...
    Mark Wu
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  • Upgrade Fail(Stuck) from 2019.2 to 2019.3

    Previously I had trouble upgrading from 2019.1 to 2019.2.1, I had to use obliterate script and then freshly installed and restored backup data.   After that, I had setup a staging envionment (without SAML) and t...
    Hyunsook Lee
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  • 2019.3 release  |  Tableau Server Management Add-on

    With the rollout of 2019.3 why not try the Tableau Server Management Add-on. We would love to hear what you think!   ( Feature 110798 )  Tableau 2019.3 Features | Tableau Software
    Ciara Brennan
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  • Put some Life : How to add pictures on a folder in Tableau Server

    Hi,   I recently decide to add some pictures on the folders in Tableau Server, in order to improve the user's experience and put some joy in the data it's quite simple, so no need to code anything with the new...
    Annabelle Rincon
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