• Server issues after 2019.1.1 upgrade

    Hi All,   We recently upgraded the server to latest version and after the upgrade the server behavior is different. Few workbooks which use to work before are not opening. Here is the error message when I open t...
    Nireesha Pentakota
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  • OKTA + Tableau - Add Users

    Hi,   I am working on putting my Tableau Server behind OKTA. If I set up a user in OKTA to use Tableau Server, I have to manually add the user on Tableau server. How do I link the two so that I can avoid adding...
    Dv P
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  • Slow server performance with 150 concurrent users.

    Hi,   I have a set of dashboards which all load within 10 seconds at 100 concurrent users but when we ram up to 150 concurrent users the time it takes for a dashboard to load is over 10 seconds. Do you have any ...
    Imran Warsi
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  • TabMigrate - workbook size is different after migration from one server to another

    Hi Experts,   I did use the TabMigrate to migrate the workbooks from Test to Prod. The workbooks migrated fine but I found out the size of the workbooks is different after migration.   Please let me know i...
    created by PURU VENKAT
  • Cannot connect to Tableau Server. Please check the server name and port and try again.

    I am trying to sign in into the client tableau server. But I am getting the below error message. A college of mine, I work with him and I saw him connecting to the client site. What can I do to my computer to allow ...
    Silvana Weinaug
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  • Scheduled email vs extract refresh

    Hello All, In cases when the schedule email is at the same time as extract refresh, will tableau sends out email first before refresh completes or only after completing refresh it will send out email. Can someone p...
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  • Datasource Types in db_class

    Hello!   I have a view that uses the Tableau Postrgresql repository database (workgroup) to show the types of data sources we use (e.g. Oracle, Redshift, Excel, csv, etc.)  These are listed in the "db_class...
    Ryan Stacklin
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  • TabMigrate - hidden worksheets visible after migration

    Hi Everyone,   We have some workbooks with hidden worksheets in Test environment which we are migrating to Prod using TabMigrate. After migration , the hidden work sheets are visible in Prod which we want to avo...
    created by PURU VENKAT
  • SSO Through Load Balancer

    Hi,   I am new on Tableu Server and trying to establish one. My manager asked me to make sure it is secure and able to SSO. So I asked my colleague for SSL certifications but he offered me to use Load Balancer t...
    ilyas coban
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  • Ask Data and Prep Conductor Demo for Admins

    Tableau 2019.1 has two big features: Ask Data and Tableau Prep Conductor. This webinar is for admin. What are the setup, controls, licenses, configuration, alerts, monitoring that admins have to know about those new f...
    Mark Wu
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  • Tableau Server2019.1初始化错误

    下载2019.1安装时一直报初始化错误,已经反复删除多次均无法正常初始化,服务器环境为WinServer2012 R2,日志见附件
    Wujie Cheng
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  • Tabjolt Cookie parsing exception

    We've been trying to work with Tabjolt, but getting a cookie parsing exception. Our Tableau Server is hosted on AWS using Amazin Linux AMI. When we point Tabjolt to an Application Load Balancer in AWS, this is when we...
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  • Shareable Data Sources for Tableau Server

    What is this?   Getting real, useful data out of Tableau Server is difficult. More difficult than it should be. The PostgreSQL repository database that powers Server is a maze of confusing tables and cryptic, of...
    Matt Coles
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  • Suspension emails being sent even though they shouldn't be

    Tableau Server, 2019.1.1, Windows OS. Testing on a QA server using production backup (like I always do).  TS was running a couple of days prior to me installing drivers so, naturally, many extracts failed during...
    Toby Erkson
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  • Filestore up and down

    Hi, We are running tableau server 10.5, lately we are getting alerts that the filestore is going up and down, but its just for a second. Its happening multiple times in day.   I found these logs on filestore , c...
    swathi kadem
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  • Tableau integration to slack

    Hi,   We have a requirement where we need to get tableau extract failure notification to slack channel. Any idea how to achieve it?   Thanks Rishabh
    Rishabh  Tripathi
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  • Tableau server automation of Backup Script for TSM

    H Friends, we are on 2018.2& looking for Tableau server automation Backup Script, that can be scheduled thru windows Task Scheduler for TSM Version.
    Sandeep Varma
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  • Disable Ask Data for all Data Sources

    Hi Everyone, We've just successfully upgraded our Production environment to Tableau Server 2019.1.2. Is there a way to disable Ask Data for all data sources on the Server? Thanks. Muteru Mwangi
    Muteru Mwangi
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  • Building a status webpage based on 'systeminfo' XML

    The standard Tableau Admin maintenance page is great if you have admin access, but you can easily create something roughly equivalent based on 'systeminfo' XML for others (IT operations). View Server Process Status &#...
    Andrew Macey
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  • Can datasource which is connected to the AWS RDS mysql database using SSH Tunnel be published and refreshed on Tableau Server?

    Hi,   Currently I am able to connect Tableau with my AWS RDS MySQL Serverless database by using SSH Tunnel to direct the tableau connection to the local port which is pointing to the aws server. However, if I pu...
    Leeho Lim
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