• Tableau Server Upgrade 2018.1 to 2018.2, 2018.2.1, 2018.2.2 , 2018.3, 2018.3.1, 2019.1.1 (Windows)v4

    Hi Everyone, I just want to share a way to upgrade Tableau Server 2018.1 to 2018.2 or 2018.2, 2018.2.1, 2018.2.2 , 2018.3, 2018.3.1 I did a lot of trial and error on figuring out on how to upgrade from TabAdmin to th...
    Bryan Fernandez
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  • User Name and Pasword for Tableau Server Manager

    Tableau Admin Gurus,   I successfully installed Tableau Server 2018.2 on my machine to test out the functionality. After the successful install, It opened up a webpage to enter the username and password for Sign...
    Kumar Guntupalli
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  • Tabadmin log error FileNotFoundException

    Hi all   I see this error in my logs when I do a Backup in Tableau:   2017-07-27 08:33:54.387 +0100 11764@myserver-tableau1 RubyThread-3: file:/E:/Tableau/Tableau Server/10.3/bin/tabadmin.jar!/lib/commands...
    Len Van Den Berg
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  • Simultaneous Logins History

    Good afternoon! I need to create a panel using the internal Tableau Server database to control concurrent access on different machines of the same user on the tableau server ... That is, check who is supposed to be s...
    Wesley Miranda
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  • TDC usage on Tableau Server 2018 - MultiSubnetFailover and ApplicationIntent ReadOnly

    I've upgraded to Tableau Server 2018.  In doing that, I moved my TDC file to the new bin directory - restarted the server, and I'm testing my connections to data sources.  My TDC file is very simple - Connec...
    Joseph LaForest
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  • Adding Users across multiple domain with One-Way trust

    All,   I have gone through several issues that mentions two-way trust would enable Tableau server to add users from the trusted domain using FQDN. That being understood, one of the answers to thread also mentio...
    Gavin Robertson
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  • SSO SAML Authentication Enabled - Users can not redirect to outside website

    Hello community, I'm hoping someone here might be able to help.  We have a Tableau Server Instance with server wide SAML Authentication established (Tableau Server Version 2018.2.3).  The users are able to l...
    Jeff DeRuyscher
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  • List of inactive users

    Hi All,   How we can get list of inactive users on Tableau Server , so that as part of quarterly maintenance , we can remove those inactive users.   Regards, Arun
    Arun Yadav
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  • Issue while deploying DataSource

    Hi ,   We are facing a serious DataSource Publishing Issue under Tableau Desktop 10.5 with On Premises Tableau Server 10.5.   On the Local Environment the Extraction of Dtasource is working fine. When we t...
    Seshagiri Deshpande
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  • Active Directory and Guest User

    Hello All,   Wanted to understand how the Guest user works. We have setup our server with Active Directory Authentication. Have enabled Guest Access on the Server Level and a Site as well. I checked for permissi...
    Vignesh Iyer
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  • Publisher access to the nested child folders / projects

         Dear Gurus,        I have this following requirement.   I have a user "A" who has publisher to main Project "A" from Tableau desktop but not to the child projec...
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  • Issue sending email subscriptions from Gmail using TSM

    We recently upgraded from Tableau Server 2018.1 to 2018.3 which broke our ability to send email subscriptions.  We use G-Suite as our SMTP.  Previously under 2018.1 this worked fine by enabling the 'Enable T...
    Jeff Maze
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  • When embedding a Dashboard as an iframe, the 'Name' parameter is ignored

    Hello everyone,   I'm using Tableau server version 2018.2. I have a page displaying an embedded dashboard which I access via Trusted Authentication.   The dashboard has different data for Scooby and Daphne...
    Tony K
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  • Can we add user from a domain that is different from the one used while tableau configuration?

    Hi All,   Our Tableau server has been configured to use Active Directory authentication. I have specified a domain during the configuration. So now I want to add user from a different domain? Can this be done? ...
    Chandrasekhar Manchukonda
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  • Error with Tableau Linux install: No such file or directory

    @Francis Isabel -  I see a different error "No such file or directory" on Red Hat 7.4 -     [root@Tableau opt]# cd /opt/tableau/tableau_server/packages/scripts.10500.17.0926.2315 [root@Tableau script...
    Srinivas Yalamarthi
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  • Missing entries in next_gen_permissions

    Hi,   I'm having a problem trying to create a report showing permissions to projects, workbooks and views from workgroup database.   First of all, I'm aware of the code provided on this forum here: Getting...
    Krzysztof Obara
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  • Cannot accept EULA because systemd not running

    When I install Tableau Server and I get to the point to accept the EULA, it throws the following error:   Creating directories and setting permissions... Using '/opt/tableau/tableau_server' as the data director...
    Axel Vandevelde
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  • Hyper vs. TDE, how much faster?

    For those who are upgraded to 10.5, how much Hyper is faster than TDE in your env?   Here is what I found based on more than one thousand extract test between Hyper and 10.4 TDE on Windows platform: Hyper avg ...
    Mark Wu
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  • PostgreSQL Driver not recognized by Tableau on Ubuntu 16.04

    Hello, I've fresh installation of the newest Tableau Server 2019... on Ubuntu 16.04 (64 bit) on EC2 instance as single node server. I want to add Postgresql datasource, so I've installed Driver for Postgresql for Lin...
    Hubert Nodżak
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  • Tableau Server Backup

    Hi folks need to discuss some security concern.   Can we store our Tableau server backup file  .tsbak  in an encrypted  format ??? Does it need to be store in encrypted format ?? if yes then how...
    muhammad muhib
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