• vizportal.css in 2019.1 (Tableau Server Customization)

    So I've recently upgraded from 10.3 to 2019.1, and have found where the vizportal.css files sit within the back end files, however it seems by enabling SSL for our server results in Tableau Server using a different vi...
    Karl Bond
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  • Cache Filter Selection by User

    Is there a way that Tableau server can cache each users filter selections?  Or allow the browser to cache?  For example, we have multiple properties, and within each property we have multiple departments....
    Al Genin
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  • Server on AWS not using public IP but private

    Hi All,   I am trying to install Tableau Server on a single node on AWS. The instance runs with Amazon Linux 2. I use ssh-key to connect to the instance using the public id (via putty).   When I install T...
    Johannes Sommer
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  • Let's Encrypt Linux Tableau Server

    Hi, does anyone have a guide to using Let's Encrypt to get https for Tableau Server on a linux system? I currently have Tableau server running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.    Thank you,
    Holly Do
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  • Subscriptions

    Hi All, I wanted to query workgroup database to get answers on subscriptions. I'm looking for below two questions to be answered.   How many users does a subscription have? which subscriptions are live connect...
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  • Update Tableau Server subscriptions (e.g. monthly date range)

    Hi everyone,   General Tableau Server question around subscriptions (we're on v10.5.1), if I have a dashboard where I want to change subscriptions on a monthly basis to update the date filters (unable to make th...
    Lucie Brett
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  • Postgres ODBC driver backward compatibility

    Hi All,   Per this security bulletin, Tableau is recommending upgrading Postgres ODBC driver to v9.6.5 to remediate a high risk vulnerability . My company is only allowing upgrading to v11+ as anything below is ...
    John Kuo
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  • permissions.lock

    Hi, maintenance cleanup doesn't seem to delete old log files (ver. 2018.2.1) and we're planning to do it the old way with DOS command ForFiles. But we ran into the issue that in every log folder there's an empty file...
    Marko Soivio
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  • Monitoring Ask Data Use

    I poked around the repository looking for a way to keep an eye on this. I am concerned that the askdata tab is the first one that comes when a user opens a datasource and this might consume a lot of CPU. Has anybody f...
    Thomas Cook
    created by Thomas Cook
  • Tableau Server Upgrade from the version 9.2

    Hello Everyone,                        One of our clients, is still using Tableau Server version 9.2 . We recom...
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  • How often restart Tableau server service

    How often does everyone restart your production Tableau server service (tabadmin restart)?
    Mark Wu
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  • Ask Data and Prep Conductor Demo for Admins

    Tableau 2019.1 has two big features: Ask Data and Tableau Prep Conductor. This webinar is for admin. What are the setup, controls, licenses, configuration, alerts, monitoring that admins have to know about those new f...
    Mark Wu
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  • Unable to Create Initial Administrator Account - LdapSearchException

    Doing a new Tableau Server remote install and have been unable to create the administrator account.  When I run this command I get the following error:   C:\Windows\system32>tabcmd initialuser --usernam...
    last modified by brian.oilar
  • Shareable Data Sources for Tableau Server

    What is this?   Getting real, useful data out of Tableau Server is difficult. More difficult than it should be. The PostgreSQL repository database that powers Server is a maze of confusing tables and cryptic, of...
    Matt Coles
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  • How do you do SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) for your Tableau reporting world?

    Curious to know how people are using their Tableau Server options for report testing & production publishing.   While there are many discussions here about how/where QA & production work it's not easy to...
    Toby Erkson
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  • Tableau Server License Compatibility with older version of Tableau Server.

    I activated a licence with new model (Creator, Explorer and Viewer) in the 10.4 of Tableau Server but Tableau won't recognize the Seat of that licences. 
    Julio Ascanio
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  • Tableau Server Degraded 2019.1 version

    Hi Guru,   I installed Tableau Server 2019.1 trial version on Windows server 2012 on March 19th 2019. When I tried to access the Tableau server, I got an error message saying that it is degraded. When I checked ...
    Kumar Guntupalli
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  • Understanding server complexity threshold

    "As a server administrator, you can configure when client-side rendering happens on computers and mobile devices by adjusting the complexity threshold for each. For example, you might lower the threshold for mobile de...
    Marcin Szpot
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  • User Name and Pasword for Tableau Server Manager

    Tableau Admin Gurus,   I successfully installed Tableau Server 2018.2 on my machine to test out the functionality. After the successful install, It opened up a webpage to enter the username and password for Sign...
    Kumar Guntupalli
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  • Categorizar Actividades

    Buenas tardes,   Tengo un extracto en Tableau,   Hay una serie de actividades facturadas que las puedo identificar con un código asociado y pertenecen a un grupo en especifico.   Quiero tener ...