• Dashboards size Default to the Size of the Largest Dashboard issue in tableau 9

    Hi All,   Recently I stumbled upon one User requirement. User has two dashboards in one workbook and one with size (3000 x 1000) and other with (2000 x 1000). Once he publishes the Workbook to Server 9, both dash...
    Sujeeth saravan raj S
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  • Update user email addresses from Active Directory

    We use Active Directory to manage our Tableau Server users.  If an email address exists in Active Directory when the user is first imported to Tableau, the email address populates the user email in Tableau. ...
    Lawrence Roakes
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  • How to become a Tableau Server process expert

    Some great info here courtesy of Linus Willson   How to become a Tableau Server process expert | Tableau Software
    Ciara Brennan
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  • Error trying  to Login into TabMigrate

    Hi,   I was trying to login to Tabmigrate using the same credentials to login into the Tableau server and Tableau desktop ( which is successful) but login into the Tabmigrate is throwing the following error. ...
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  • Setting up SSL on Azure-hosted Tableau Server

    We have an Azure-hosted webserver (Tableau Server) for which we are setting up SSL.  However, getting a certificate for a virtual machine with an Azure subdomain (xxx.centralus.cloudapp.azure.com) is not possible...
    Nate Harrell
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  • Trusted Authentication

    Hi Sir, Looking for help in tableau authentication for 2019.2, we have just upgraded from 2018.2 to 2019.2, previously the trusted authentication is working find for our iframe, but after the upgrade. it is no longer...
    Stan Lee
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  • How to determine what users are set as Unlicensed on an Active Directory sync job

    About once a month, we have a few random users that are set as Unlicensed on the Default site during our nightly Active Directory Sync. I don't have as much access to the Active Directory group info so I wanted to sta...
    Noah Spitzer
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  • Cannot install TabMigrate tool -need advice

    I am trying to install TabMigrate tool from Github: GitHub - tableau/TabMigrate: A lightweight tool for moving Tableau content between multiple Tableau Server environments   I have downloaded latest release .zi...
    Ton Deli
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  • Rserve Integration with Tableau - Linux

    Hi,   We are planning to install Rserve on Linux box and integrate with our tableau server. I need assistance in downloading and installing Rserve on Linux server that are compatible with Tableau server 9.0.4. ...
    shoba Hari
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  • Dashboard vide une fois publié sur le serveur

    Bonjour,   j'ai créé un dashboard sur tableau desktop 2018.2 tout va bien une fois publié sur le serveur je vois le workbook mais quand je qlik dessus pour l'afficher , le dashboard s'affi...
    ichrak arfaoui
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  • moving repository to primary node

    Hi Team ,   We have a two node cluster (primary and worker ) . All services are running in the worker server . Now we need to decommission the worker server , so i need to transfer all services running in the w...
    laiju cbabu
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  • Connecting Tableau Desktop (Mac) with Tableau Server (Linux)

    I have an server (linux) running in AWS which currently hosts a Tableau Server. The server is set up with a self-signed certificate and uses a HTTPS protocol. This all works fine, but once I try and connect Tableau De...
    Marshall Davies
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  • 2018.3.8 and Endpoint Security

    Hi Guys,   I am upgrading my current Tableau Server 10.5 to 2018.3.8 and I can see that it is slow, it looks like the ESET Endpoint Security is blocking it.   Do you know if there could be any conflict be...
    Bogdan Mascan
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  • Tabjolt error

    can someone help on the below error which i am getting during the testing of dashboard, the tablot version i am using is 2019.1    
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  • Access Tableu Server with Windows Server Online

    Hi All,   I have succeeded in installing Tableu Server on Windows Server 2016 environment. I can access locally on my server. I have domain mydomainname.com. I also have successfully installed IIS Server and can...
    Lany Sekar
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  • Tableau Server 2019.1 folder structure

    Hello All!   I'm brand new to Tableau and was asked to deploy Tableau Server on a VM (single node). I used the deployment guide (which was pretty straight forward) and was successful.   My question is... &...
    Nitin Singhvi
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  • Tabjolt Login issues with multiple users in userpool

    Hi all,   I have tabjolt set up and have put 2 users into the userpool.csv specified. When I run the test, one user successfully logs in and the other has an error every time:   Failed to finish View Viz T...
    Jasson Giannini
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  • Datadriven Alerts sends email Only once.

    Hello All, Data Driven Alerts sends email only once. Even though the limit drops down and reaches again - No email is getting triggered. Is it a right behaviour.   Scenario: I have a sum of value is 2000, i ke...
    Baalaaji Manivannan
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  • Tableau Mobile : How to open the report in a mobile app when a subscription link is clicked in an email on a mobile device?

    How to open the report in a mobile app when a subscription link is clicked in an email on a mobile device?   I received subscription mails in my mobile outlook app, when i'm clicking subscription report url it's...
    Siva MUppaneni
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  • Analyze Data with the Sample Performance Workbook

    Has anyone converted this great resource from version 9 to 2018.x?  I'm having a problem mapping some of the performance counters as the names of some of the processes are different.  Before I go to the trou...
    Lee Forst
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