• EC2 instance with Golden AMI

    Hi, I am planning to create EC2 instance on AWS for Tableau server. I heard that, first we need to setup/install Golden AMI. How to setup Golden AMI. Please assist me. Thanks
    Sudheer Reddy
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  • How to get the number of active users in a site and in server

    Hello,   Can anyone tell me how we can get the list of active users in each site in the server. Please let me know if anyone maintain a workbook at your end to show the active users under each site in the Tablea...
    Santhosh Sekar
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  • Testing Tableau Server Automation with Trail License

    Hi,   I am trying to automate tableau deployment with AWS cloud-formation using quick start guides.   I am going to use trail license during testing. Just wanted to know whether I can reuse the same trail ...
    Sanjaya Perera
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  • TS  datasource URL and Postgres workgroup db

      Hi, Tableau Server datasource urls seem to be given an ID, but was unable to match this ID with any fields in the Postgres workgroup database. Did not correspond with datasource table Id or Luid fields. I have...
    Fernando De La Pena
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  • Tableau server upgradation

    hi when i am doing tableau server upgradation from 10.5 to 2019.2.2 i have uninstalled 10.5 and installed 2019.2.2 while upgrading script it has ask some security password because of some reason they didnt provide pas...
    raju gadili
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  • How can I clear 'Out of Date' Alerts on Server

    Hi,   I have been trying to find an answer to the question in the below link: How can I clear Out of Date Alerts after resolving the problem?   Is there any way to remove the alert only rather than repub...
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  • Is it possible to know who deleted the workbook from the Server.?

    Hello all,   I have a big problem at hand. I realized that the workbook I published on my company's Tableau server is not there anymore. As the owner of the workbook, I know I didn't take it down. Is there a wa...
    Architha Reddy
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  • WARNING: Tableau Server 2019.3 Upgrade Failures

    Summary Upgrading Tableau Server 2018.2 (or later) to 2019.3 will fail if you have changed tsm file paths: tsm File Paths - Tableau   Symptoms Performing an in-place upgrade will fail while executing the upg...
    Daniel Sydnes
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  • Is possible access tableau gateway port without SAML requiring connection validation?

    Is possible access tableau /#/home port even with saml enabled?   In my organization I am the administrator of tableau and for this I use the user 'tableauadmin'. Normal users to access tableau are validated b...
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  • Does Tableau collect user statistics?

    Hi everyone,   Does anyone know if Tableau collects user statistics of individuals who are using their trial license? My colleague is working with a trial license but uses confidential data of a client he is wo...
    Sophie Terhorst
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  • Server environment slow due to bad Tableau db index

    Tableau Server 2018.1.12 on Windows 2008 (primary) and Windows 2012 (secondary). Yesterday our Tableau Server environment suddenly slowed way down, even logging on and interacting via remote desktop was very slow and...
    Toby Erkson
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  • How to reset the Tableau TSM password

    Hi Team,   I lost my TSM Password, how to go to TSM , please help me Step by step and how to reset the password.     Thanks & Regards, Jamuna
    jamuna rani
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  • Tableau server client Bad request 400080 Python

    Hello   I tried to export a PDF view with python and I have an error that saying :    'tableauserverclient.server.endpoint.exceptions.ServerResponseError:        ...
    Ludovic Hamard
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  • how to see a count of licenses consumed by type with the ability to expand into the list of users for each license type in a dashboard

    how to see a count of licenses consumed by type with the ability to expand into the list of users for each license type in dashboard
    El Kebir  Awi
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  • How to revert restore

    Hi Team,   Accidentally I restored a wrong backup file instead of actual file. can you please advise how to revert it?
    Srikar N
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  • Subscription task in Pending status for more than 2 hours eventhough no other tasks are In Progress

    Hi,   I have subscribed to the view and when I check status of Subscription task, it is pending for more than 2 hours and no other tasks are In Progress. Below options are selected from Settings in Tableau Ser...
    hemanth b
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  • How to get table names used ?

    Hi,   I am trying to get the table name used in the all the datasources , workbooks and custom sql queries in workbooks. How can this be achieved?
    swathi kadem
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  • Updating Transit Times without Affecting Historicals

    Hi -   I have a dashboard that measures transit performance for carriers, measuring performance based on our agreed upon days in transit. Every quarter, these transits update. I am plugging these in via an exce...
    Rachel Ligocki
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  • Tableau server installation on AWS

    Hi, I am planning to install Tableau server on AWS Cloud on three different instances, But before that i would need to create three different EC2 instances on AWS. Am new to this, I would like to know few things befo...
    Sudheer Reddy
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  • tsm maintenance backup - how to keep backup for x amount of days?

    I would like to create a tsm maintenance backup bat file that keeps a certain amount of backups. For example I would like the backup to run twice a week and always keep 2 backup files.   So far I only have a ba...
    Greg Pie
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