• Tabjolt Login issues with multiple users in userpool

    Hi all,   I have tabjolt set up and have put 2 users into the userpool.csv specified. When I run the test, one user successfully logs in and the other has an error every time:   Failed to finish View Viz T...
    Jasson Giannini
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  • Traffic to Views Status gets Timed Out

    Hi,   We do see that the Traffic to View Status page gets timed out for few sites in our Environment and for few other sites it is working fine.   We do tabadmin cleanup daily with the environment Up and R...
    Ganesan Mahendrababu
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  • Tableau server for List of explorers /2019.1

    Hi Folks,   Looking to get list of explorers from postgres DB . Any one who has done this before ?   Regards Satish
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  • HA:Fail over & multiple gateway support—three computers and a load balancer:

    Hi All'   I have a doubt after going though tableau online help about Fail over & multiple gateway support—three computers and a load balancer. My question is that a load Blancer is another system ? ...
    konga suman
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  • View only what a user published tableau

    Hi   I am trying to set permission on one of the project folder where the user should able to see only what they have published to Tableau Server and should not see the other user contents. This is like a person...
    Sivasankar Muthusamy
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  • Tableau Linux Topology Coordination Service Issue

    Background:   Trying to deploy a three headed monster with Centos7 under AWS (m4.xlarge's, 4vcpu/16gb ram each).  All three nodes can talk to each other, and show up just fine in the `tsm status -v` command...
    Jason Cameron
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  • Tableau Server Installation: C drive vs D drive

    Hello Team,   We are planning to move Tableau Server from on-premises to AWS In on-premise, Tableau Server has been installed on C drive and we are planning to install Tableau Server on D drive in AWS due to sp...
    Srikar N
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  • Does Tableau products dependent on Oracle Java?

    As recently Oracle started billing for commercial use of Java. Would need to understand tableau's dependency on Java.   1. Does Tableau Server needs Oracle Java on Windows Server ? 2.Does Tableau Reader/Desktop...
    Amar Athuri
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  • Tableau Extract Failure notification to Custom Users

    Hi Folks,   I have 50 sites on my tableau server.  I would like to get an email notification as soon as any extract is failed .Currently the owners are notified by default in each site.   Is there a w...
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  • Tableau Server - Azure Active Directory B2B authentication

    Hi Trying to find the possible options available to use Azure Active Directory B2B for authenticating the users. Currently my Tableau server users authenticated using windows AD authentication, now we plan to extend...
    Sivasankar Muthusamy
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  • SSL at Loadbalancer and Tableau Server

    Hi,   We have a situation where we need to enable SSL at LB and Tableau server level. I have few questions on this.   1) Enabling SSL at both sides will work in reality? 2) If so, what certificate we need...
    Siva Bellam
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  • Tableau maintenance - Backgrounder showing as sta

    Hi Team,   I am new to the administration part, I have observed that one of the  process "Backgrounder" showing as status unavailable. Tableau is working fine no user complained so far. Could you please s...
    Balu K
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  • Best practices for using extracts of published data sources at Project vs Workbook level

    Hi   I have been trawling through the docs and other forum topics but can't find a definitive set of best practices for using extracts effectively.   Here is my current desired outcome for a particular pro...
    Aaron Cowper
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  • Unable to restore from backup after upgrade from 2018.9.3 (Local) to 2019.2.2 (Active Directory)

    Hello,   I took backup file to this location "C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\files\backups\" and restored it as picture below.     Get this error in the log file   2562-08-11 1...
    Piyapa Opaspun
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  • Tabjolt 2019.1

    Hi Folks,   Any one worked with tabjolt 2019.1 ? I am trying to enter my TSM Login domain name as a final step of tabjolt installation but i am getting incorrect username and password.   But i can login to...
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  • Path to server Jedi?

    So I'm a fairly competent Tableau creator and make make some cool viz workbooks. I have some developer skills and and familiar with and manage some major apps so I'm not a tech noob or anything like that. =) I've been...
    David Timm
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  • How to duplicate site and its content

    Hi Team,   I've a site 'Test 1' which has 50 workbooks pointing to DEV database. Now the requirement is duplicate the site 'Site 1' and name the new site as 'Site 2' and finally make all the workbooks pointed to...
    Srikar N
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  • Tableau Server: Backup and Restore

    Hi Team,   Can you please let me know Should we stop the Tableau Server before taking the backup? Should we stop the Tableau Server before restoring the backup?   Version: 2019.1   Thanks
    Srikar N
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  • how to change the password of TSM ?

    For security concern, we have to edit the password frequently. May i know how to change the password of TSM?
    Man Wan
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  • Tableau server log analysis using splunk

    Hi All,   I am trying to understand what kind of information does splunk captures in tableau server logs.   The requirement is, if any report is taking more than 10 seconds (for ex..) then an email alert ...
    Bala Gangadhar
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