• LDAPS Configuration with more than one domain controller

    Hi   I try to set up AD over LDAPS on a fresh Tableau Server 2020.1.3 install on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. So far we (the system technican and I) could only make LDAP work. Help on how the right configuration would loo...
    Matthias Giger
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  • Embedded View Login Page

    Hello,   I have an embedded Tableau Viz on my web app authenticated through Tableau Server's Trusted Authentication. I noticed that if I were to delete the Tableau Server cookie from my browser, and try to inte...
    Nick Fedewa
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  • Unable to Login to Tableau Server from Desktop

    We recently made some changes to our SSO infrastructure. My understanding is that these were more cosmetic changes than anything else--mostly just a change to the login UI. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to log ...
    Ken Flerlage
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  • Analyzing User Partcipation

    Hello all,   I have a data set structured as followed:   Student    Event         semester 1         ...
    Nora Crane
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  • Eliminate data with same date time span

    I am looking to find the total scheduled hours between staff members. I have the date time and duration, staff member and event. My problem is if it is a couples event I only want the elapse time. Both members of the ...
    Davie White
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  • How to Average Data for Various Years Row Wise in Tableau

    Hello,   I am trying to obtain the Employee wise average of performances from 2015 to 2019. Tableau is giving me year wise average but not employee wise. How can I get this? I have tried option - show row grand ...
    Noopur Shrivastava
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  • AuthnRequestsSigned=False ?

    Hi all,   Is it possible to configure AuthnRequestsSigned=False in the metadata of tableau server by doing changes in any of the configuration file. by default it is True when i download from SAML tab in the se...
    Ashish Joshi
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  • Tableau server admin career path

    Hello, My manager want me to opt for a training/certification as part of career goal. I am a Tableau certified desktop specialist, and recently got this job. Since our team is moving to server implementation in near ...
    Rohit Banerjee
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  • Incremental refresh of Tableau extract (UPSERT)

    Hello   Does the Tableau incremental refresh support incremental update in an insert /update mode? That means that insert new rows created after a certain timestamp if they do not already exists I the data sourc...
    Meeta Ramani
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  • Smartsheets web data connector on Tableau server Linux

    Hi Experts,   Hope you guys are doing great.   I was wondering if anyone has completed the Smartsheets web data connector on Tableau server 2019.1 Linux to refresh the extracts or refresh the live connecti...
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  • Users with edit permission cannot save the workbook in Tableau server Version 9.1

    Some of users need to edit and save their report in Tableau server , they are granted Edit permission and they used to save their work in Version 8.2 with no issue after upgrading the server to 9.1 , they are not ab...
    Marzi Saneipour
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  • Extract refresh fail immediately after schedule

    Experiencing issue with scheduled extract refresh, the refresh fails within few minutes after scheduling. Error message -   com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.exceptions.TableauCancelException: Operation cancelled. ...
    Sivasankar Muthusamy
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  • Server : DEGRADED, VizQL server 0 status is unavailable

    Hello Guys, I hope you all are doing well.   I am experiencing this issue regarding the 'Tableau Server Degraded' as VizQL server 0 status is unavailable.   We are using this server for several months and...
    Vikas Kshirsagar
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  • Missing entries in next_gen_permissions

    Hi,   I'm having a problem trying to create a report showing permissions to projects, workbooks and views from workgroup database.   First of all, I'm aware of the code provided on this forum here: Getting...
    Krzysztof Obara
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  • When to update SAML CRT and Key file.

    Hello All,   We are using same certificate files for both SSL and SAML. Our SSL certificate is expired and we renewed the same with the help of our internal CA team. We received the certificate from our team in ...
    Sagar Sidhpura
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  • Problems accessing Admin Views after update to Tableau Server 2020.2

    Hi there,   We recently tried updating our Tableau Server installation from 2019.4 to 2020.2 and after the update, it appeared that most things worked out ok.  The one exception so far has been when we try ...
    Richard Chung
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  • Automate creation of home folder for new users who can publish

    We have a Tableau Server 2020.x using Active Directory as the identity store. Right now we manually create a "home" folder for a new user who can publish to the server (i.e., has Explorer - can publish role). Home fol...
    Edward Au
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  • Adding a load Balancer to Tableau server

    Hi   I have added a load Balancer to my multinode deployment by following below steps but still I am unable to reach tableau server from specified URL   1. gateway.public.host is the URL that will be used ...
    Praveen Naik
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  • Extract Refresh Email No Longer Sending

    Hello all,   I've noticed that the email that I would normally get when an extract refresh would fail no longer gets sent to my email. Would anyone know why this would happen?   Additionally is there anyw...
    Mubarrat Choudhury
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  • How to automate extract refresh through (Batch Script)

    Hello Friends,   Could you please let me know how can i automate extract refresh throguh SSIS (Batch scripts).   I appriciate for your help.   Thanks Cheri
    h k
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