• Tableau Server url to Custom Url

    Hi Folks,   I have a tableau server https://myservername   Can i change that to https://myservername/Tableau   The reason i ask we are planning to do SAML configuration upon doing SAML we need to int...
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  • Moving from a physical server to a VM

    Hi All,   So we have decided to move to a multi node VM from a single physical server. This is to have HA and less maintenance for the infrastructure team.   What are the pitfalls with a VM? We had a stabl...
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  • Where is the file location of the login.html file?

    What is the  location of the login.html file on Tableau server version 2018.2.12?
    Niharika Agarwal
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  • We are changing the authorization process meaning user id of all users will change , how to do

    We are changing user id from lotus note mail id to google cloud mail id. Part of this, the existing authorization process of tableau server will impact. As the role hierarchy and authorization based on mail id and in ...
    Bighneswar Swain
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  • How to know if datasource is live or extract?

    Hi, I'm trying to determine if a datasource is Live or Extract using the Tableau Repository. I was thinking the info is available in the repository since this is displayed in the Tableau Server when you clicked on the...
  • Tableau Licensing core based model

    Hi All,   Just want to know about the core based license model in Tableau. If I choose it, will I get n number of creators, explorers and viewer licenses? or do we have any limitation for creator here? Request y...
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  • Coordination Serive on Node1 not work

    Hi all, I am new on Tableau. Thank you for everyone help in advance =)   Recently we upgrade from 2018.1 (single node) to 2019.2 (3 nodes HA) in testing servers. Everything is smooth and fine. The guideline on t...
    Simon Kwan
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  • WebClientGetAuthenticationController failed during OpenID login attempt

    Is the following a bug? Trying to use Azure AD OpenID Connect with Tableau Server 2019   2019-08-23 00:50:09.117 +0000 (-,-,-,XV84Qanpl-mZcI6Sj-zSNAAAAg4,0:685ffd43:16cbab52c71:-6675) catalina-exec-3 vizportal: ...
    Naren S
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  • Smooth - 2019.2.2 upgrade

    Thank you Tableau engineers for enabling a much easier upgrade!!!!   With the relatively new TSM architecture, our recent upgrade from 2018.3.2 to 2019.2.2 is the smoothest and shortest in duration that we've ...
    Jeff Strauss
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  • Customizing the Tableau Server Login Screen

    First and foremost, this is unsupported and will revert back to default upon upgrading or reinstalling. If stuff breaks, you're on your own so take a backup first!   The file that needs to be modified is C:\Prog...
    Vien Hua
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  • Tableau Admin: Creating User group dependency

    Hi Experts,   For my org, i am looking to have a super group created to keep all users in it and them dept specific users groups.   Expectation: with such user group hierarchy, a user added to Dept specifi...
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  • Processes in Tableau Server

    Hi everybody,   is there a way to edit number of processes of ( backgrounder, Data server, data engine ... ) without doing it manually in the menu Edit Tableau Server (Configure Tableau Server) ? I tried to chang...
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  • How can I add a link in the top help menu?

    Hey guys - very nice insights.   Been trying to change the top help menu to add a new link there that would point to an internal Q&A portal for the users (see below the snap of the menu that i'm talking abou...
    Alexandru Veruzi
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  • Workbook migration from lower version to higher version of Tableau server using Python

    Hi All,     Currently I am working on Data source and workbook migration from one server to another server. As part of migration I have to migrate Data sources and workbooks from the server 2018.1.3 to th...
    Bala Gangadhar
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  • Disable Ask Data for all Data Sources

    Hi Everyone, We've just successfully upgraded our Production environment to Tableau Server 2019.1.2. Is there a way to disable Ask Data for all data sources on the Server? Thanks. Muteru Mwangi
    Muteru Mwangi
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  • Tableau Server degrading and running on and off.

    We have upgraded Tableau Server to 2019.2.We  did not face any problem earlier but now  it keeps degrading and then again starts running. Could any one help us to track  what would be the cause of this...
    Darshika Zagade
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  • List of all Tableau Server Postgres Tables and their Joins

    If you have a question about how to join tables together post it here and I will answer it.   I've been working on various custom Tableau Server Queries to fill gaps in data we would like to Analyze on our Table...
    Luke Brady
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    When referring to table http_requests in the workgroup schema, we come across a column called Action. The "action" column has multiple values. Following are some of them.     sessions bootstrapSession cle...
    Pritam Padhee
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  • How to connect Tableau to AWS RDS Aurora serverless mysql database?

    I am looking a way to connect Tableau to AWS RDS Aurora serverless service for MySQL. I have found a post mentioning using SSH Tunnel to connect Tableau to AWS RDS but it does not work for me. Can someone help me please?
    Leeho Lim
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  • Tableau Workgroup Database update in 10.5

    Hi All,   Recently Tableau released their 10.5 version. We were earlier using the 10.2.1 version and had developed a few custom admin views on the same such as identifying specific user permissions (publisher/in...
    Crystal D'souza
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