• Project Griffon: Beyond Custom Administrative Views

    It's been just over 18 months since I first dug into understanding a bit more about Tableau Server, beyond the permissions/administrative actions that are possible in the web interface of Tableau. (Huge shout out to J...
    Ravi Mistry
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  • Tableau Server Insights (formerly Shareable Data Sources for Tableau Server)

      We've Moved! Check out the Tableau Server Insights data sources on GitHub.   Thanks to all your feedback and enthusiasm, we've outgrown this monolithic community post, and have moved into a more appropr...
    Matt Coles
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  • Published Data Sources in Tableau

    What/Why is a Published Data Source?  Say you have a datasource and your requirement is to build 10 workbooks using this datasource. Here, your approach should be like Publishing the datasource and use it in you...
    Madhusudhan Khambham
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  • Put some Life : How to add pictures on a folder in Tableau Server

    Hi,   I recently decide to add some pictures on the folders in Tableau Server, in order to improve the user's experience and put some joy in the data it's quite simple, so no need to code anything with the new...
    Annabelle Rincon
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  • Getting Started: Auditor

    What is the Auditor? The Auditor is a tool that leverages Scout (Getting Started: Scout ) in order to gather content metadata on a server. It excels at providing information about the various relationships between dat...
    Umapathi Mani
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  • Getting Started: Scout

    What is Scout? Scout is an exploratory testing tool that interacts with Tableau's Server or Desktop product in order to capture performance metrics for specific User actions across a set of workbooks. Since Scout exec...
    Ionut Gradinaru
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  • Best practices for Simplified Security and Governance in Tableau

    Landscape and Security in Tableau work in its own unique way as a Self-Service Solution. Governance in Tableau can be based on Data and Content. Data Governance deals with the Data sources, Quality and Security of the...
    Shankar Narayanan SGS
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  • Enabling web client metrics using tabadmin

    If you are running a Tableau Server version newer than 2018.1 you will need to use the instructions to turn on web client metrics by using TSM. Here are the instructions: Enabling web client metrics using TSM   ...
    Ionut Gradinaru
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  • Ask Data and Prep Conductor Demo for Admins

    Tableau 2019.1 has two big features: Ask Data and Tableau Prep Conductor. This webinar is for admin. What are the setup, controls, licenses, configuration, alerts, monitoring that admins have to know about those new f...
    Mark Wu
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  • Install and configure PostgreSQL for Scout

    You should get the latest version of PostgreSQL from https://www.postgresql.org/, if you don't already have one installed. Follow the instructions to install and configure PostgreSQL as provided by their website. At...
    Ionut Gradinaru
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  • Enterprise Monitoring of Tableau Server with Zabbix

    Tableau is one of the leaders in Visualization and Data analytics as stated by Gartner for third consecutive year in “Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence & Analytics Platforms”. Tableau server is ...
    Shankar Narayanan SGS
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  • Set Up Tableau Server to be Monitored by New Relic

    Starting with Tableau Server 10.0, you can configure Tableau Server so that it can be monitored by New Relic.   SetupBasic configuration Configure the following settings:   vizportal.newrelic_enabled: true v...
    Rick Kunkel
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  • Best Practices for Installing Tableau on Azure

    Azure is one of the widely used Cloud Providers and a lot of companies use Azure for their Computing as well as Data Processing needs. Running Tableau on Azure gives a lot of benefits like Scalability, Performance and...
    Shankar Narayanan SGS
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  • Tableau Server User Permissions

    Tableau Server User  Permissions and project owners for each Project.   Description:  This workbook is created out of Tableau Postgres database to find out the User Permissions on that particular Table...
    Ranjith Gade
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  • Custom Server Admin Views v2018_3 - UK.twbx

    Slightly tweaked version of the Custom Server Admin Views workbook originally built by Mark Jackson to work on 2018.3.   Changes:      -Replaced EST references with default date times. ...
    Jamie Stooke
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  • Setting up Tableau Server (Linux) on Google Cloud Platform

    Overview This is a quick walkthrough which brings together links from a number of documents to show an end to end install of Tableau Server for my demo environment on GCP. I've also included information about how I c...
    Francois Zimmermann
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  • Running Scout from the command line or scheduled

    Scout can be executed from the command line, this allowing it to be scheduled as a task.   Since Scout is written in Java the execution means to execute Java, point to the right classpath, set all the required J...
    Ionut Gradinaru
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  • How to activate Explorer license?

    Hi   Any one help me how to activate the Explorer License. Already i installed Tableau server and activate license. After i logged in and check the license tab , there in no explorer license but we bought 12 exp...
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  • Best Practices on installing Tableau on VMware

    VMware has become one of the popular Virtualization tools and as more Organization opt for Virtualizing their infrastructure, it is common for Organizations to use Virtualization environment for running their Tableau ...
    Shankar Narayanan SGS
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  • Replayer + Tabjolt

    Tabjolt is a performance and capacity planning tool that Tableau released as community supported tool few years ago, it is available on Tabjolt github, it is one of the widely used tool internally at tableau as well a...
    Umapathi Mani
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