• Converting time that's stored as a string in hh:mm aa format to 24-hour time.

    Hey everyone,   I'm using Tableau Prep. I'm sure there's a simple way to do this but I keep running into errors. I've got a start time field, with the values stored as strings in the format of hh:mm aa (01:01 PM...
    J D
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  • An error has occurred while running the flow

    Hi all,   I can't include the packaged workbook but I can share screenshots. I have a fairly complex flow of data that aggregates so that I can post stuff to Tableau Public. One particular flow has been driving ...
    Govind Acharya
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  • Tableau Prep interaction with Tableau desktop

    Is there a way to integrate tableau prep into tableau desktop? I have a tableau desktop dashboard set up the way I want but the data is constantly updated. Currently I have to open tableau prep, run it through the ste...
    Olivia Corso
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  • ORA-00972 Error in 2019.2

    I upgraded to 2019.2 and am getting an Oracle ORA-00972: identifier is too long error. The flows have run fine in all the other versions of Prep I've used. Anyone else using Oracle in their Prep flows seeing this? I a...
    Kate Brown
    created by Kate Brown
  • Tableau Prep Builder 2019.2.1: Failure Evaluating to database: ERROR: db1, tableauTemp doesn't exist

    Hi,   Has anyone come across the following Tableau Prep error when trying to output file (below): Tableau Prep Builder: Failure Evaluating to database: ERROR: db1, tableauTemp, d9a... doesn't exist. .   I...
    created by JoannaLy
  • System error: Unable to run input node: Failure evaluating to database: Unexpected ambiguous schema name w/ Prep 2019.1.4

    Hopefully someone can point me to a solution to a problem I just encountered with Tableau Prep Builder 2019.1.4. I'm connecting to an Oracle database without any problems, however when I drag a table to add data I rec...
    G Marc Turner
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  • Tableau Prep Builder: Order of Cards Doesn't Save

    Hi Tableau Experts,   I am using Tableau Prep Builder v2019.1.3. and I reorder my cards towards the end of the flow in order to upload into our company's database. After saving my flow based and then reopening, ...
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  • Split field based on indentation

    Hi,   I have a column that has an indented hierarchy structure and I need to split it into multiple columns, do you know if this is feasible using Tableau Prep? Example below:   Input    ...
    Diego Marquez
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  • Using Prep Flow to extract data and add on to an existing table incrementally

    Hello. I'm using Tableau on many different tables storing transaction data and was wondering if I could use Tableau Prep to replace the pre-existing ETL functionalities.   The idea is to create a Prep Flow and s...
    Hyunjae Lee
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  • Leverage Python or R in Tableau Prep

    Hello everyone,   I am aware that I am able to leverage python or R in Tableau desktop.   Is there any ways that I can leverage python or R in Tableau Prep?   I want to try to run some machine learni...
    James Heo
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  • Tableau Prep - mapping inputs to connections (blue check marks)

    Hi,   I am new to Tableau Prep Builder, so I apologize if this is something obvious (or previously asked).   How do I know which connection is providing the data for my input?  For example, if you c...
  • Convert Continuous to Discrete Measure in Prep?

    My data source has a lot of fields that are treated as discrete but are formatted as numbers and thus appear as continuous. Examples include cost center number, company number, account number, etc.   In Desktop ...
    Nathan Schneider
    created by Nathan Schneider
  • Tableau Prep Extract refreshed but not seeing data in Tableau Desktop

    I have a tableau prep file that is pivoting, filtering, and joining multiple pieces of data. When I run the flow it saves as a Tableau Data Extract .hyper file. In my file explorer it shows that this file has been upl...
    Michael Enck
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  • Preppin' Data!

    Want to learn how to prepare your own data with Tableau Prep Builder? Then why not get involved with the Preppin' Data project   Learn how to prepare your own data with Prep Builder and the Preppin’ Data ...
    Ciara Brennan
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  • Tableau Prep 2019.2 release  (May 21, 2019)

    Some new features released with the roll-out of Tableau Prep Builder 2019.2. (blog courtesy of Emily Chen)   Vector maps, parameter actions, new Tableau Server browsing experience, and more—now available i...
    Ciara Brennan
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  • Line graph only showing static value, instead of changes, over time

    I've setup a data set using tableau prep, but some reason when im looking at pricing variables over time, the prices are showing up as static, where they should be changing over time.   I've tried min, max, sum...
    Gary Bosworth
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  • OR statement in initial DB query

    I have a query working in a database, but I want to put an OR statement on the initial filter so it does not pull in so much data.   Here is the background; I am making an AR Aging for all of our business units ...
    Justin Thompson
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  • Tableau Prep output comparison

    Hi All,   Until now, we used Oracle data base and was connected to tableau using SQL. However now we have Tableau prep which do the same thing. So in order to validate the the Tableau prep as a new data source, ...
    Ann  Mary
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  • Why is the Prep Conductor available only to companies with more than 100 users?

    Why is the prep conductor available only to companies with more than 100 users? The Prep Conductor is very helpful for the control of the data flow. This tool is very useful and can improve our work efficiency. Howev...
    maura Jo
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  • Tableau Prep Extracting Subset of Data from Dashboard on Server and Publishing as Datasource to Server

    Hello! Any input would be appreciated since i feel like ive been going in circles googling / searching the forums. My ultimate goal is to be able to identify a subset of user IDs in Dashboard A on Tableau Server. Then...
    Amber Muni
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