• Can Explorer License run Prep Flow?

    Hi guys,   hope you all are doing well.   I have a question. i know that Explorer license can not create data sources and can not access Tableau Prep flow.   My question is Can Explorer license can r...
    Zafar Habib
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  • Process hanging when running tableau-prep-cli.bat remotely

    For some reason, I need to ssh to a windows server and run tableau-prep-cli.bat. I have run in localhost (window server) with the same command without any problem. However, when I try to run tableau-prep-cli.bat by...
    Hung Chuan Yu
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  • Tableau Prep 2020.1.1 - Google Drive connection issue

    Hi there, I have a created a data flow that requires to be updated every day and one of the data source I am using is a Google Spreadsheet. Therefore, I use the Google Drive connection of Tableau Prep. The issue I ha...
    Kiril Yunakov
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  • command line tableau prep using cloudera odbc driver

    Hi,   I have been successful  running tableau prep CLI connecting to teradata and publishing to tableau server.  I'm running into issues trying to connect to hadoop using the Cloudera ODBC driver....
    erik lundberg
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  • Why is the Prep Conductor available only to companies with more than 100 users?

    Why is the prep conductor available only to companies with more than 100 users? The Prep Conductor is very helpful for the control of the data flow. This tool is very useful and can improve our work efficiency. Howev...
    maura Jo
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  • [Help] Need Desktop Download of Tableau

    Hi there, I'm new here   Thanks for clicking. I have an awesome professor who got a bunch of students tableau learning for free. I will have to take a certification exam, so I may as well ask for help early. I a...
    Aveen Patel
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  • Update data with new records with Old in Tableau Prep ?

    Hi Folks ,   Can you please help me if tableau prep can update old records with new data ?  Is prep that robust to handle DML operations on the fly ?   Thank you !   Regards Satish
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  • Character Set in tableau Prep

    I face an issue while using tableau prep,   I have input data from excel.   In excel we have data as below Training Title 制冷基础知识 I/Fundamentals of Cooling I (Chinese) 制冷市场前景 I/Cooling Market Landsca...
    sabarish yanduru
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  • Tableau Prep Usage Reporting

    Hello   Does Tableau Prep support (or will support) usage reporting ? I'm thinking something similar to: Manage Tableau Desktop License Usage for Desktop, but any ideas on how to achieve of usage monitoring wou...
    Rainer Mesi
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  • How to get student license for the Tableau Prep?

    I already have an academic license key for the Tableau Desktop, but it does not work on Tableau Prep. How can I get a student license for the Tableau Prep?
    Yunqi Sun
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  • Tableau Prep Licence

    Hi, I have been getting this from lots of websites that If we already have a full licence of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server then we can avail Tableau prep for free. Is this true?   I currently have a full Ta...
    Rahul Sharma
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