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Connect with others to learn how to combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis with Tableau Prep.
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Ed Scarberry
I have an excel spreadsheet that I use to create my data source and upload to server.  Every day the spreadsheet is updated.  There is no new spreadsheet.  I setup the schedule and it worked but I am… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Randy Demaree
    Any reason Prep can't find the Access files here?
in Tableau Prep
I met a strange problem while reading data from text file with Tableau Prep. And I thought this problem should not happen.   It is a very common situation: (1) a text file with 16205 rows… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Andrée Roos
Hi.   I just tested Tableau Prep and published a datasource to my Tableau 2015 server. I couldn't however refresh or schedule the published extract. Is Tableau Server 2018.1 needed for this to work?
in Tableau Prep
Tongchai Santimongkon
I'm quite new here and just start to learn tableau prep. I'm following with training video on this website and the option to add more column on pivot function is gone (no any pop-up to be click) as… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Karel Bofill
Hi there! I wonder if there's a way to automate a Prep flow and publish the output as a data source to Tableau Online instead of Tableau Server. I've used the command line automation for .hyper… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
seif saleh
Hi,   I am trying to add a layer of Tableau Prep between my Tableau Dashboard (on a Tableau server) and an Oracle live connection.   Is it possible to use Tableau prep and maintain a live… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Neethu Sreekumar
Hi All, I have to  create a report like below :   All aggregate fields available in datasource  but for the Rate it should be a calculation where Rate -> Failed - > Volume = Aggregate ->(Failed… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Maraki Ketema
New in Tableau Prep 2018.3.3: Copy, paste, and drag-and-drop to reuse changes and cleaning operations Highlight flows for better troubleshooting Input unions will now automatically refresh  when… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Fabio Bacellar
Hello, everyone!   I am having serious performance problems with Prep 2018.2, and tried to install its latest version.   After starting the installer, I get the following error message:     I… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
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