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Connect with others to learn how to combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis with Tableau Prep.
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Katie Boldensmith
Hi All,   I have a dataset with multiple start/end date episodes per Client ID and the corresponding location. (They don't all fall on the first and last day of the year. I just chose these dates as… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Ashwin Kumar
In a join, if I have removed, say 25 fields from the output, but now want to add just a few fields, say 2 fields, back to the output, how do I do that easily ?  Right now, I see the all the removed… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Paul Damen
Hi,   I have 2 Tableau Prep flows which have a schedule on my Tableau server. This refreshes twice per day. Since last week these task don't work anymore, just nothing happens.   I have tried to… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Nate Swearingen
All these inputs are coming from CSV files. The first file is a data spine, so the other files are really just adding columns to fill in extra data - with one exception. I'm able to build this… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
So I have my data in three columns.   Col1 - AlphaNumeric String  | Col2 - AlphaNumeric String | Col3 Number Int | Col4 Number String   I'm going to group on col1 - and in order to carry through my… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Deepesh Shri
Hi,   Can someone help me to find out YTD and MTD in Tableau Prep.
in Tableau Prep
Ashraf Dahab
Hi,   I am not able to get Prep Builder 2019.2.2 to connect to Tableau Server 2018. I've downloaded the 2019 Prep Builder recently, and I had no problem using Prep 2018 in the past with the same… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Michael Enck
I have a tableau prep file that is pivoting, filtering, and joining multiple pieces of data. When I run the flow it saves as a Tableau Data Extract .hyper file. In my file explorer it shows that this… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Andreas Schultz
Hi,   i have a Problem:   I have 2 Tables: User  & Data. In Table "User" i have one Field "Name". In the Other Tabele i have a Field "Details" where a Part of the field is the "Name" and i want to… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Relatively new Prep user, I have a multi-step flow and I need to easily see the number of records at each step.  I'm trying to identify which joins are eliminating records and by how much.  thanks.
in Tableau Prep
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