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Connect with others to learn how to combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis with Tableau Prep.
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Debbie  Chua
Hi, I'm having a problem with grouping in Tableau Prep. When I performed the grouping in Prep, it looks ok as shown below: However in Tableau Desktop, my latest grouping isn't picked up as shown… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Olivia Shen
Hi All,   I know Prep is quite new and not sure if anyone has ever had this same issue as I have.   I have several outputs of a Prep flow, all with values but one. This output shows values as… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Damien Mollard
Hello, I have an issue when I run the following command line on my Macbook: /Applications/Tableau\ Prep\ -c credentials.json -t Flux_snapp.tfl  … (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
A field fails to appear in the workflow Steps but is in the Source view.   This field was added, with others, after the Tableau Prep workflow was first set up.   The other fields, added after the… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Andrzej Kostewicz
Ahoj   I need to calculate time differences between the moment of user registration (X) and the moment of service first usage (Y) when each user has a unique ID (Z). My problem is that the… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Jeff Holland
I am trying to figure out how to run multiple tableau flows through a .bat file.   I have three flows I need to run regularly and I tried to create a .bat file that I can run that just runs one after… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Teodor Doroftei
Hello,   I've written a small batch-script to automate the refresh of prep-flows, and the idea was to make windows task scheduler run this script every morning on the server. The problem now is… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Artem Popov
Hello there!   I've got input data looks like that: All dimensions are in rows (include FACT NAME), measure (Fact Value) is in last column. I need to aggregate data by months (weeks is not… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
victoria lines
I selected all data in the first step (despite what the orange sampled says at the top of the pane), and was hoping that would fix this, but it did not. I also followed the whole process to the end,… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
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