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Connect with others to learn how to combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis with Tableau Prep.
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Dimitri Kourouniotis
Good Morning!   My output from this aggregation produces 0 rows (Figure 1 and 2). The aggregation inspection is showing 283 rows as expected (Figure 3) Preview in Tableau Desktop produces the… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Rose Lawhorne
I have two xlsx files - exact same columns in each with rows of customer data - the only difference is the time period of the data.  I did a Union in Prep.  The only changes I made were to convert… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Jithin James
I'm trying to move all calculations from tableau to tableau prep, but when I tried to create the below calculated field, it shows and error i.e the sum function cannot be used in tableau prep   IF… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Arpit Vijay
I am a new tableau prep user and I am trying to join two tables but I am getting repeated field names   Field Name, Field Name-1, Field Name-2 and so on with different number of rows.   I have… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Penelope Reilly
I have some AFL match data. I have separate columns for the home team, home score, home goals, home behinds, away team, away score, away goals, away behinds. I'd like to change it so that there is… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Paul Albert
Hi,   I have a table with two columns I'd like to pivot to collapse the number of rows and aid in analysis.   My key column is ObjectID.   The first column to pivot is something like attribute… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
James Alaly
Is it possible when grouping data to aggregate a string field by appending the strings from grouped data together?  I do not see this option in the aggregate parameters.  Example below.   ID Code… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Can Cinar
Hi,   I am trying to get 10 Excel files together into one table. I can add them one by one and union them, without a problem. What wont work is making a wildcard union. I am using Tableau Prep… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Kate Brown
I upgraded to 2019.2 and am getting an Oracle ORA-00972: identifier is too long error. The flows have run fine in all the other versions of Prep I've used. Anyone else using Oracle in their Prep… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Good afternoon,   I would like to know if there is someway to export the Tableau Prep summary view only, either in an Excel or a flow. All I need is to show the mismatched values in an automated… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
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