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Connect with others to learn how to combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis with Tableau Prep.
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Tuan Nguyen
I created a flow that works fine, but when i tried to replace old connection with a new one to reuse the flow, because new sheets from new connection need data interpreter to clean the data but the… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Margaux Troiano
I'm having similar issues with a calculated date field.   My formula is: IF ISNULL([StartDate]) THEN [EstStartDate] ELSE [StartDate] END   When I look in the Prep Viewer it looks like it all… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
subhadarsini prusty
Hi! I have started using tableau prep a few days ago but getting super slow processing even for very small data sets. So even for a simple cleaning step its taking more than 15 mins and mostly… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Sandeep Varma
Hi, We have excels coming from various users, in a Rows format (See files: Source-NOV, Source-JAN, Source-DEC) and there are more files for each month for several years. And need to combine all… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Caroline Yam
REGISTER HERE   Join us for our first ever Virtual Tableau Prep User Group lead by Jack Parry, The Information Lab. It's going to be a great session with speakers from both UK and USA. Hear… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Sergii Lykov
Hello everyone,   I'm trying to figure out how to connect existing .twbx to Prep flow without losing existing dashboards or at least find a replacement solution.   Why?   Before I started working… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
erik lundberg
Hi,   I have been successful  running tableau prep CLI connecting to teradata and publishing to tableau server.  I'm running into issues trying to connect to hadoop using the Cloudera ODBC driver. … (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Hi experts,   Here is a question about tableau prep and python.   My datasources is about monthly activities For example, for market A activity1 starts from Jan 2nd to Jan 3rd. So in my original… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
James Logan
I'm using Tableau extracts as inputs for a flow. In a workbook I created the extracts, the sources are postgres and amazon athena, if that matters. After I create the extract, as per usual, I save a… (Show more)
in Tableau Prep
Clara Gonzalez Ginestet
Hi,   I am using Tableau prep  and I need to connect to Linux Server in order to read a limit tab file from HDFS.   Your help is so appreciated!   Clara    
in Tableau Prep
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