• Problems displaying words

    Hi, I've found a bug in the new version (tableau desktop 8.2 64bit) When I change the name of a field in Arabic language (sales-->مبيعات), And then make a calculation field (اختبار) Unfortunately, the formula do...
    A Saeedi
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  • What are the best practices for deploying Tableau for enterprise wide adoption at global companies?

    Do you have any advise for people in charge of deploying Tableau at global companies? I was asked this question at TC18 and thought it would be better to ask the community than to try to answer myself.   For e...
    Karla Wagner
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  • Localization

    Hi   i have one dashboard which is created with language English and publish on server but the problem is we have users different places and they want dashboard see his own language like (Japanese,french,urdu...
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  • Localization

    Hi   i have one dashboard which is created with language English and publish on server but the problem is we have users different places and they want dashboard see his own language like (Japanese,french,urdu.......
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  • Dynamically changing Story Title and Navigation Bar Title in a Story on Language Selection Parameter

    Hi,   I have created a workbook that needs to be internationalized. For this purpose, I created a Parameter for Language Selection. If a user chooses "French" all the Dashboards are getting translated to French ...
    Rachel Chacko
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  • International characters (chinese, japanese, arabic) creates null rows and miss-mapping of columns when creating Tableau Extract.

    We are creating Tableau extracts from Hive 13 and one of the columns have English, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic characters.  This is causing our extracts to have extra null rows and also miss-mapping of data in d...
    Henry Ching
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  • Tableau in Different Language

    Hi Tableau Experts,   I need to run an analytic using key words against some data. The data will be in Chinese, is there a way to use a Chinese language in tableau?   Thank you-
    Nina Royce
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  • Displaying Arabic Numeric data in Tableau

    Hi All,   I am working with strings and numbers in arabic. But when i pull in the excel table into Tableau the strings are read in arabic but the numbers are read in english.     I am attaching a samp...
    Oscar Sequeira
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  • How to change language of tableau based on my locale

    Hello guys.   Can anyone tell me how we can change language based on locale. I tried changing the locale from file->workbook locale but nothing happens.   pls help
    alex william
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  • Is there any way to convert data from English to Arabic in Tableau?

    Hi All, I have a case, I have a Sample superstore data which is in English. I want to convert that data in Arabic language. Is there any way to do this directly inside in Tableau or I have to edit this in data so...
    Vishal Saxena
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  • data from google analytics (chinese) not displaying correctly in tableau online

    We are making a dashboard but we have some product names which are in Chinese. Our data source is google analytics. For some reason, product names are just non-readable characters. I tried changing the workbook locale...
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  • how can we display arabic data fields in tableau?

    do any body know how to display arabic datafiels in tableau.
    Mohammed Irshad
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  • Arabization of tableau

    Hi there,   I am currently in saudi arabia. can we arabizied the tableau from engish to arabic. I know tableau supports Arabic language but i need to change all the fonts and all the other which was in English. ...
    Mohammed Irshad
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  • Change default for locale and import csv settings

    I am working on a german desktop machine, but only with english file formats.   I'd like to change the default settings for "Text file properties" when i connect to a csv. (Otherwise, for each file i'd have to...
    Jonas Sperling
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  • Internationalized data retrieval

    I am trying to retrieve data from oracle db which can hold Japanese data. The data (with Japanese strings) being inserted is being retrieved properly using SQLPlus. I have installed Tableau Desktop on a Japanese OS ma...
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  • Labels internationalization

    Hi, I've had just started using Tableau and I'll appreciate if you could help me out with this. I'd like to change my dashboard labels into different languages according to a user selection. For example: If the user...
    Rodrigo Genes
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  • Tableau localization

    - How to dynamically translate English to Other languages in Tableau?
    Sri Kumaran Thirupathy
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