• Multilingual dashboard in Tableau using single twb file

    I have created a tableau workbook in English now I@ want headers of the dashboard to be translated into multiple languages. I don't want to make separate workbook for each of the languages and publish them separately...
    SUMIT Goyal
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  • Customising a 'Workbook Locale'

    I would like to have the number formatting system wherein the number 'two thousand point 89' is represented as 2.000,89. I know I can get this by setting the workbook locale to German (Germany) for example but then th...
    Maria Camilleri
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  • How to change the tableau labels form Eng to Arabic?

    Hi All,   I am new to tableau and was searching for a way to change my tableau labels inside my reports into arabic. i have gone through the tableau forums discussions and found that it supports Arabic(Oman in ...
    Mudit Chaturvedi
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  • How can we keep the date and numeric values in English after changing the workbook locale?

    Hi,   I am from India and I have been facing issues with India's map boundaries. To resolve this issue, it was suggested in certain posts to change the Workbook Locale. After changing the workbook locale to Hind...
    rahul saxena
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  • map code

    hello, I want to ask that when I add shp file into tableau, the text show wrong like this, the original language is thai,I am chinese. and I create a .cpg file (cp 874)for it,and it shows normal on qgis like this...
    kuo peichen
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  • Translating Dashboards for multinational customers

    Hello,   my company currently has a fairly diverse set of customers, who would unsurprisingly prefer to have dashboards in their respective languages.   The precise requirement is that all text elements et...
    Andrej Schmelzer
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  • Language selection in tableau

    Hi All,   Please  let me know, Can we provide language selection option to the user as he login to the server as shown below.     Regards Hari
    Harinath Reddy
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  • Multilingual language is gibberish in Tableau

    hello, I created a statistical chart by tableau desktop ,then I embedd it in a map . And then the problem happened. Multilingual language of tooltips is gibberish in Tableau.Could you help me . Very Thanks   T...
    yu lan
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  • Downloaded PDF can't render Chinese with font Arial.

    Hi,All:   I am using Tableau Server Linux, and migrate my windows data to linux. anything is working. but also has a  issue.   can't render Chinese when i donwloaded a PDF.   how ti fix it ? ...
    misko lee
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  • How to change Tableau workbook default  language to English?

    Hello Tableau Team ,   When ever our client opens Tableau report in their system it takes their local language. They use tableau reader. How can we change tableau workbook language to English ?   Thanks ...
    mausami sharma
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  • Language String in Tableau

    Is there way to change the default language for Tableau? If so how do i get the language string in my Desktop and how do i use to determine the language column?
    siva Nageswara Rao
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  • Visual Translations Across Multiple Languages

    Has anyone developed dashboards that require translation across multiple languages (30+)? With the translations affecting chart titles, dimensions, metrics, etc? We currently have a mapping of what the chart titles, e...
    Kimberly Te
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  • Tableau Translation Quality

    Greetings - My name is Danielle Marcos and I am the Product Manager for our Product Internationalization team. So think along the lines of globalization, internationalization, localization and translation of our produ...
    Danielle Marcos
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  • Multi language implementation

    I have Multi language data in Tableau and I want filter the rows based on user language. Is there any option in Tableau for Multi language data.   Thanks and Regards Arijit Mitra
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  • Problems displaying words

    Hi, I've found a bug in the new version (tableau desktop 8.2 64bit) When I change the name of a field in Arabic language (sales-->مبيعات), And then make a calculation field (اختبار) Unfortunately, the formula do...
    A Saeedi
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  • What are the best practices for deploying Tableau for enterprise wide adoption at global companies?

    Do you have any advise for people in charge of deploying Tableau at global companies? I was asked this question at TC18 and thought it would be better to ask the community than to try to answer myself.   For e...
    Karla Wagner
    created by Karla Wagner
  • Localization

    Hi   i have one dashboard which is created with language English and publish on server but the problem is we have users different places and they want dashboard see his own language like (Japanese,french,urdu...
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  • Localization

    Hi   i have one dashboard which is created with language English and publish on server but the problem is we have users different places and they want dashboard see his own language like (Japanese,french,urdu.......
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  • Dynamically changing Story Title and Navigation Bar Title in a Story on Language Selection Parameter

    Hi,   I have created a workbook that needs to be internationalized. For this purpose, I created a Parameter for Language Selection. If a user chooses "French" all the Dashboards are getting translated to French ...
    Rachel Chacko
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  • International characters (chinese, japanese, arabic) creates null rows and miss-mapping of columns when creating Tableau Extract.

    We are creating Tableau extracts from Hive 13 and one of the columns have English, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic characters.  This is causing our extracts to have extra null rows and also miss-mapping of data in d...
    Henry Ching
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