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Learn how to see and understand data in different languages and locales.
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I have created a tableau workbook in English now I@ want headers of the dashboard to be translated into multiple languages. I don't want to make separate workbook for each of the languages and… (Show more)
in Internationalization
Tariq Khokhar
Using this as an example:!/vizhome/DoingBusiness2016/Startingabusinessisgettingeasieraroundtheworld   I'm trying to come up with an efficient way of… (Show more)
in Internationalization
Tricia Jagt
We have a client who would like the support of several languages.  We noticed that Italian and Dutch are currently not supported.  Are there any plans to support them in the near future?
in Internationalization
Abitha Ramanan
Hi All,   I have created a Dashboard which converts the dashboard into chinese or english based on the parameter selected. In this dashboard, Only filter titles,dashboard titles,graph titles,graph… (Show more)
in Internationalization
Maria Camilleri
I would like to have the number formatting system wherein the number 'two thousand point 89' is represented as 2.000,89. I know I can get this by setting the workbook locale to German (Germany) for… (Show more)
in Internationalization
Mudit Chaturvedi
Hi All,   I am new to tableau and was searching for a way to change my tableau labels inside my reports into arabic. i have gone through the tableau forums discussions and found that it supports… (Show more)
in Internationalization
rahul saxena
Hi,   I am from India and I have been facing issues with India's map boundaries. To resolve this issue, it was suggested in certain posts to change the Workbook Locale. After changing the workbook… (Show more)
in Internationalization
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