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Learn how to see and understand data in different languages and locales.
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Abitha Ramanan
Hi All,   I have created a Dashboard which converts the dashboard into chinese or english based on the parameter selected. In this dashboard, Only filter titles,dashboard titles,graph titles,graph… (Show more)
in Internationalization
Stephan Winter
When users export data/crosstab from Tableau Server, certain characters gets garbled in the process. First of all the thousand separator which is a bit of a problem for anyone who wants to do some… (Show more)
in Internationalization
Frank Brenner
Hello everybody,     I need some help with the following task: I want to connect two csv (Daten.csv and Income.csv) files which contain data on country level. Both files are held very basic - one… (Show more)
in Internationalization
Dustin lee
We have a tableau workbook under tableau version 2018.3.2 and is displaying chinese properly. We published the file onto our tableau server 2018.3.2 on redhat linux 7.5, with chinese fonts installed… (Show more)
in Internationalization
Gayatri Asopa
Hello, Does anyone know how to change the decimal separator for the round funtion to german format (comma). As per Tableau, for round function the decimal separator is dot (.). I have changed… (Show more)
in Internationalization
Jordy ten Broeke
I hope this is simple to solve, but when I make a graph based on a date, the quarters are shown as "K1-K4". My language settings are English (when I click date it says Q1-Q4), but it shows the dates… (Show more)
in Internationalization
Hi Tableau Lovers,   I have a question for you! I would like to add a new language to Tableau 10.5 Server! When I tried to follow a couple of steps to solve this problem by checking out some blog… (Show more)
in Internationalization
Alexandre Papagiannidis-Rivet
Hello,   Am trying to extract 2 datasets from SAP HANA with Tableau: 1 in English and 1 in French to publish to server for the same dashboard. After a lot of searches, over multiple forums, I… (Show more)
in Internationalization
Need some help on, is it simple, easy or complex to re-purpose a Tableau visualization into a French Language compliant format for any descriptive or labeling info on our dashboards?   found… (Show more)
in Internationalization
Cosimo Mercuro
Hi! I've this set of dates in an Excel file:   I'd like to create a tableau workbook that join "Year" and "Payment date" in a single calculated field that will be have a date format. The problem… (Show more)
in Internationalization
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