• TabPy - Unable to connect

    Hi,   I am unable to connect Tableau Desktop to TabPy (after a server restart, though I haven't used TabPy for at least a few weeks so the issue may not be related to the restart), and I'm at a loss to identify ...
    Russell Love
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  • How to generate significance tests on combinations of groups?

    Hi   For concepts comparison, I have data sample from a survey, for only 1 scaled question in this case, answers could be 1 to 5, question is being asked for each concept (A-E). I would like to create significa...
    Dror Katz
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  • Unable to execute python code from calculated field using TabPy

    Hi All,   I have a question regarding the use of the TabPy connector: https://github.com/tableau/TabPy   For installation I followed the steps in the github: https://github.com/tableau/TabPy/blob/master/se...
    Tim van Elteren
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  • Tableau Server Integration with Tabpy

      HI, Please help me to resolve this, I have my Tableau Server Installed on AWS EC2 Instance - Window Server 2012 - R2 Base & My Tabpy Server on Anaconda in my Local Machine Windows 7 , Please see , I am get...
    dana litic
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  • Image Populating  for View using TSC

      I am passing the id in commented code but image is not populating for an view. Please let me understand if , I can create custom view how to populate image for same.   Please help I am Straight away pass...
    dana litic
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  • tableauexception: An error occurred while communicating with the external service

    Issue: Dashboard using Python code and Tabpy server to process is generating error on the Tableau Server. Please Note:  The same workbook works without an error locally on Tableau Desktop. But throws the error b...
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  • underlying data

    Hi,   Trying to get full (underlying ) data from view using Python API, Just would like to know if any one tried. I am able to get summary data and not full data. Your help much appreciated.   Thanks, K...
    Kiran K
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  • Tableau Integration with Python - Step by Step

    [UPDATE PLEASE READ --- TabPy has recently been updated and the install instructions below are now only for legacy purposes. Please find more information on TabPy here (GitHub - tableau/TabPy: Execute Python code on t...
    Pawan Kumar
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  • Need Help | Tableau Data Source as R data frame

    I have a R script file which basically performing some web scrapping and changing XML node values to data frame. Now I want to use that data frame into Tableau as source.   Is there any way, I can embed my entir...
    Pawan Srivastav
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  • Can the Worksheet View and data being sent to R be different?

    Hi, Apologies for the vague question. I have a scenario where in I have a set of columns and data which look something like this.   Category Product Flag Category1 P1 Yes Category1 P1 No Category2 P1 Yes Cate...
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  • Help with running Prophet R Package in Tableau

    I'm hoping someone can help with an error I receive when trying to run a forecast via the prophet package in Tableau.   I keep getting the following error: "Unexpected number of results returned by SCRIPT functio...
    Jonathan Whiters
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  • I get this error when connecting Tableau to R: Unable to open file 'Services\ExtSvcConfig.xml': The system cannot find the path specified

    I am running Tableau Desktop 10.4. I have downloaded R and Rserve. I am able to test connection successfully. When I select OK, it fails with error "Unable to open file 'Services\ExtSvcConfig.xml': The system cannot f...
    Angela Baltes
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  • Error running R in tableau

    Hey forums   I recently downloaded r onto my machine (macbook pro running macOS high sierra 10.13.3).  I am able to start Rserve successfully.  I am also able to connect R to tableau successfully. ...
    Hunter Maxfield
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  • Tabpy Script : Bad Character when using quotation marks in script

    Hello guys,   I'm having trouble using a python script when there are quotation marks all other the place in my script. I keep getting Bad Character error.   SCRIPT_STR(" from bs4 import BeautifulSoup page ...
    Roger Pouly
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  • R Integration With Tableau - R Script to Calculated Field

    I’ve been using the R script below and I was thinking whether there’s a way to implement it in Tableau:   Build a Simple Cosine Similarity Search Engine in R   I’ve seen a lot of r integ...
    Erika Pan
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  • Problem while doing Linear Regression, integrating R and Tableau

    After having calculated the calculated field and adding it to the table, every time the message shows: error message "IPC_SocketConnection::Read(len=16, connection=> The connection w...
    Nicolò Franchini
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  • Multiple values selection in parameter/ multiselect parameter

    You can only select a single value from a list parameter and Multi-select Parameters has been on the Tableau wishlist for a long time. You can do this by using the tableau extension. Russell Goldin has created a sin...
    Aashish Bhetuwal
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  • Mann Kendall R Script in Tableau

    Hi Experts   I have the following Mann Kendall R Script code in a Tableau file. Which i want to use in Power BI. do i need to make any modification to he R Script of is the code transferable directly into BI. S...
    Parminder Keilah
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  • forecasting changes selection option of Year filter

    Hi all,   i would like to request you,i face a challenge in tableau forecasting.below image showing one year trend,but the line is constant.i want to trending while i filtering the Year it showing the 5 years of...
    sravani adapa
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  • Using Python in tableau

    Hi Community,   I have created a code in python to predict the probability of the product being sold or not, I want to integrate it in tableau. I have followed the same steps as : Leverage Tableau and Python to ...
    ishani chheda
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