• Tabpy connection is timeout after 30 seconds, even after changing the config file

    I am using tabpy to run a Machine learning model and send the results back to Tableau. The following message pops up in Tableau " Unable to complete action An error occurred while communicating with the External S...
    Divya Choudhary
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  • Cannot get TabPy to run...following github directions.

    I am following instructions at     https://github.com/tableau/TabPy for installing TabPy, and I cannot get it to run. I installed Python 3.8 (64-bit) from Python.org. I tried installing tornado 5.1....
    will Spicher
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  • Tableau Integration with Python - Step by Step

    [UPDATE PLEASE READ --- TabPy has recently been updated and the install instructions below are now only for legacy purposes. Please find more information on TabPy here (GitHub - tableau/TabPy: Execute Python code on t...
    Pawan Kumar
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  • Not able to run tabpy from startup.bat

    Hello All, Can anyone let me know how from startup.bat? When I hit the starup.bat, it closed quickly without running. Not sure what is the problem? But i can run tabpy manually from command prompt just by hitting "tab...
    Santhosh Sekar
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  • What is best way to process Image Files ( if possible ) in tableau desktop

    Hi All   This is my first post in tableau community and I am looking out for opinion on how to process image files ( .tiff ,.jpeg) and create visualization on the output files . Let me briefly explain the use ca...
    Gourab Chanda
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  • How to leverage Tabpy results across multiple sheets to avoid multiple runs of the python ML code?

    Dear community members,   I have been having a blast at using Tabpy to run python functions that would extend Tableau's feature as far as your imaginations would go, absolutely loving it.   However I ran i...
    Paul Lu
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  • Tabpy Linux Machine EndPoint error

    I have deployed the below model in my linux machine. After I deployed successfully, I tried to access the model from the Tableau desktop and this is the error Im receiving.       Model which was depl...
    Santhosh Sekar
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  • Automating data extracts from Hotjar

    Hello, I wonder if anyone has some experience with automating data extract uploads from Hotjar into Tableau Desktop? - So anytime we get additional survey data from a particular poll, it would be available as an i.e....
    Joerg Blank
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  • Can I use the URL action to reach the TabPy Server?

    I am trying to reach the TabPy server to process a single point using worksheet->actions, which offers a hyperlink to the popup menu. I can reach the tabpy server using     localhost:9004 and it r...
    will Spicher
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  • Function deployment in TabPy server not working with Python 3.7 version

    Hi,   I am using Tableau 2019.1 version. I am using anaconda3 to install tabpy and related packages. While trying to deploy a function from Jupyter notebook using below statements, i am getting the error as give...
    Anesh Paul
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  • How to export the outcome of TabPy calculation as one list

    I am still beginner in using TabPy external connection with Tableau, so I am not quite sure if what I am asking for is doable or not. I have this excel table, which I am using TabPy to do some external calculations o...
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  • Installing Tabpy Server: tornado-json 1.3.4 has requirement jsonschema<3.0

    Hi,   I'm using Jupyter notebook and I wanted to deploy a python function to the tabpy server and got the below error while installing tabpy server "pip install tabpy-server"   ERROR: tornado-json 1.3.4 ha...
    pari p
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  • Tableau connection with Vimeo Analytics

    Good Day Everyone,   I am new to Vimeo analytics and trying to connect Vimeo analytics to Tableau as we do in case of Google Analytics. For Google analytics there is direct connection with Tableau but I don't se...
    Nitish kumar
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  • Tableau Facebook Prophet Python "date not in index'

    Hi Everyone   I've successfully installed TabPy, have a connection to the server and am using Facebook Prophet (Facebook's time-series forecasting algorithm) to forecast future values. My script runs fine outsid...
    Anthony Philpott
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  • Chi Square with Tableau + R

    I have some aggregate fields [TL] [TR] [BR] [BL] they all do a distinct count.     When I try to run this code in Tableau     SCRIPT_str( " first<-c(.arg2,.arg3); second<-c(.arg1,.arg4);...
    Karim Amjad
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  • RServe & Packages on Tableau Server

    So I currently am installing packages and have the external connection for Rserve connected to my localport and have all the packages and scripts I use on my local machine. My company is looking to implement Rserve on...
    Joseph Sullivan
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  • TabPy service suddenly not working (need help ASAP)

    Hi All,   We have successfully configured TabPy last July. We can connect and use the service with no issues in our Tableau Desktop and Server during this time. Now, we suddenly get an error when viewing dashbo...
  • Problem while doing Linear Regression, integrating R and Tableau

    After having calculated the calculated field and adding it to the table, every time the message shows: error message "IPC_SocketConnection::Read(len=16, connection=> The connection w...
    Nicolò Franchini
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  • Tabpy installation issues in linux machine

    Hi All,   This is my first time trying to install tabpy in linux machine. When i try to execute the tabpy, getting the below error. Please help to fix it.   Error: Address is already in use.   Than...
    Santhosh Sekar
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  • google colaboratory

    hi   i know tabpy server with which anyone uses python in tableau. but would you tell me how google colaboratory is able to be connected to tableau? if not found in this community, i'm gonna take a constructiv...
    ryota tominaga
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