• Is TabPy with Tableau can replace matplotlib

    Hi,   I am writing a simple python routine that creates a data set for a use defined number randomly for a set of 5 variable (with a given distribution). I am exploring options if I can use TabPy to do the same,...
    Sachin Sharma
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  • Filtering Data and NaN values in column

    Hey all,   I'm trying to incorporate forecasting (using the fbprophet package) into a Tableau dashboard, but am coming across several errors. To do this, I mostly followed the presentation by Nathan Mannheimer (...
    Brandon Thomson
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  • Error while using forecast package from R

    Hi, I am trying to forecast using auto.arima from forecast package in R. I am running both R and tableau on my local windows m/c. Have configured Rserve and tested the connection Here is my code snippet : SCRIPT_IN...
    Nellie Rajarova
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  • External Service with Tableau Server | Rserve

    HI Everyone,   Does Rserve needs to be run manually for Tableau Server as well i.e. when user is interacting at Tableau server then in order to run R codes does user need to run Rserve library by manually going ...
    Gaurav Arora
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  • google colaboratory

    hi   i know tabpy server with which anyone uses python in tableau. but would you tell me how google colaboratory is able to be connected to tableau? if not found in this community, i'm gonna take a constructiv...
    ryota tominaga
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  • WMS Server for deployment with air-gapped Tableau Server

    I'm looking for WMS map server options that can install in customers' air-gapped (no Internet access) Tableau Server deployments. These would be installed in independent, internal customer data centers which are not i...
    Bob Wacker
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  • Creating a data source from an API call to https://rapidapi.com/

    Hello All,   I have access to some API calls from https://rapidapi.com/   I am comfortable with tableau and sql but I have not worked with API calls. How would I use the API call (credentials below) to co...
    Patrick Henry Carrera
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  • Tableau Integration with Python - Step by Step

    [UPDATE PLEASE READ --- TabPy has recently been updated and the install instructions below are now only for legacy purposes. Please find more information on TabPy here (GitHub - tableau/TabPy: Execute Python code on t...
    Pawan Kumar
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  • Different Values Returned from R Script in Console vs. Calculated Field

    Hi all,   I'm trying to implement a random forest model in a calculated field using the randomForest package. The following R code returns a usable set of predictions when run in the console:   library("ra...
    Curtis Frye
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  • Need help with implementing a decision tree or Random forest

    Hello Community,   I am trying to explore the possibility of integrating Tableau with R and implementing a decision tree (to begin with, would like to extend it to a random forest later). I have attached my wor...
    Amit Das
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  • Use SCRIPT_REAL Occurred an Error

    Hi Everybody,      It is my first time to use Script_real in Tableau,so I have an problem need your help!      I used Script_real to make a new field named "corrcoef",but when...
    Xulong Guo
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  • TabPy - Unable to connect

    Hi,   I am unable to connect Tableau Desktop to TabPy (after a server restart, though I haven't used TabPy for at least a few weeks so the issue may not be related to the restart), and I'm at a loss to identify ...
    Russell Love
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  • TabPy Error: Cannot interpret json value of type 'object' as scalar value

    Hey There --   I just managed to successfully get my TabPy connection working, and I'm testing out really simple functions to familiarize myself with creating scripted calculated functions.   I created a r...
    david huang
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  • Concurrent Integration of R and TabPy with Tableau

    Dear Forum Members, Need your valuable input on "concurrent integration of R and Python with Tableau".   Though I find reference to this topic in the community and the same is pitched as an Idea, has there been...
    Ayaskanta Das
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  • How to generate significance tests on combinations of groups?

    Hi   For concepts comparison, I have data sample from a survey, for only 1 scaled question in this case, answers could be 1 to 5, question is being asked for each concept (A-E). I would like to create significa...
    Dror Katz
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  • Unable to execute python code from calculated field using TabPy

    Hi All,   I have a question regarding the use of the TabPy connector: https://github.com/tableau/TabPy   For installation I followed the steps in the github: https://github.com/tableau/TabPy/blob/master/se...
    Tim van Elteren
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  • Tableau Server Integration with Tabpy

      HI, Please help me to resolve this, I have my Tableau Server Installed on AWS EC2 Instance - Window Server 2012 - R2 Base & My Tabpy Server on Anaconda in my Local Machine Windows 7 , Please see , I am get...
    dana litic
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  • Image Populating  for View using TSC

      I am passing the id in commented code but image is not populating for an view. Please let me understand if , I can create custom view how to populate image for same.   Please help I am Straight away pass...
    dana litic
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  • tableauexception: An error occurred while communicating with the external service

    Issue: Dashboard using Python code and Tabpy server to process is generating error on the Tableau Server. Please Note:  The same workbook works without an error locally on Tableau Desktop. But throws the error b...
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  • underlying data

    Hi,   Trying to get full (underlying ) data from view using Python API, Just would like to know if any one tried. I am able to get summary data and not full data. Your help much appreciated.   Thanks, K...
    Kiran K
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