• tableauexception: An error occurred while communicating with the external service

    Issue: Dashboard using Python code and Tabpy server to process is generating error on the Tableau Server. Please Note:  The same workbook works without an error locally on Tableau Desktop. But throws the error b...
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  • Unable to execute python code from calculated field using TabPy

    Hi All,   I have a question regarding the use of the TabPy connector: https://github.com/tableau/TabPy   For installation I followed the steps in the github: https://github.com/tableau/TabPy/blob/master/se...
    Tim van Elteren
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  • Using Python in tableau

    Hi Community,   I have created a code in python to predict the probability of the product being sold or not, I want to integrate it in tableau. I have followed the same steps as : Leverage Tableau and Python to ...
    ishani chheda
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  • forecasting changes selection option of Year filter

    Hi all,   i would like to request you,i face a challenge in tableau forecasting.below image showing one year trend,but the line is constant.i want to trending while i filtering the Year it showing the 5 years of...
    sravani adapa
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  • Mann Kendall R Script in Tableau

    Hi Experts   I have the following Mann Kendall R Script code in a Tableau file. Which i want to use in Power BI. do i need to make any modification to he R Script of is the code transferable directly into BI. S...
    Parminder Keilah
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  • Help with running Prophet R Package in Tableau

    I'm hoping someone can help with an error I receive when trying to run a forecast via the prophet package in Tableau.   I keep getting the following error: "Unexpected number of results returned by SCRIPT functio...
    Jonathan Whiters
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  • Can the Worksheet View and data being sent to R be different?

    Hi, Apologies for the vague question. I have a scenario where in I have a set of columns and data which look something like this.   Category Product Flag Category1 P1 Yes Category1 P1 No Category2 P1 Yes Cate...
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  • R Integration With Tableau - R Script to Calculated Field

    I’ve been using the R script below and I was thinking whether there’s a way to implement it in Tableau:   Build a Simple Cosine Similarity Search Engine in R   I’ve seen a lot of r integ...
    Erika Pan
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  • TabPy Issues in Tableau Server 2018.1+

    Hi All, There is currently an active issue with TabPy Server connecting to Tableau Server versions 2018.1 and up. An error is occurring in the default timeout value for communications with TabPy. We now have a workaro...
    Nathan Mannheimer
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  • Tabpy and Anaconda

    Hello,   I would like to "import networkx as nx" using calculated field.      However, I received this error message:     I've looked at this article: How to import a python file ...
    Kazumi Nozawa
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  • Tableau Integration with Python - Step by Step

    [UPDATE PLEASE READ --- TabPy has recently been updated and the install instructions below are now only for legacy purposes. Please find more information on TabPy here (GitHub - tableau/TabPy: Execute Python code on t...
    Pawan Kumar
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  • Does tableau server client work on Tableau Public?

    Hello All, I am new to Tableau. Currently working on a requirement where it is required to query a Tableau dashboard from my application.   The query may simple business questions like what is Total Revenue or ...
    Mukund Kumar
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  • I get this error when connecting Tableau to R: Unable to open file 'Services\ExtSvcConfig.xml': The system cannot find the path specified

    I am running Tableau Desktop 10.4. I have downloaded R and Rserve. I am able to test connection successfully. When I select OK, it fails with error "Unable to open file 'Services\ExtSvcConfig.xml': The system cannot f...
    Angela Baltes
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  • Wordsmith for Tableau

    From where I can get working extension of Wordsmith for tableau which will work like below mentioned link   https://demos.automatedinsights.com/shipping-kpis/   https://demos.automatedinsights.com/role-bas...
    Prashant Utture
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  • Cannot interpret json value of type 'array' as scalar value

    Hi Community,   Please help to resolve this issue. I am new to python, trying to add the 2 numbers which are passing from the two parameters as shown in below i.e First Number and Second Number.To split the numb...
    RAHUL Puri
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  • TabPy Python: Function returning more than one value.

    Is there a way to consume response from TabPy in Jason into Tableau. I have a function that I deployed using TabPy. I am calling client.query function and getting a response. But I need that response back into Tableau...
    prv chat
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  • [Tabpy] How can put the whole datasets as a single arg input in Tabpy?

    In python, I have a function that return the regression coefficents after I put a datasets with X variables and y variable as input parameter.   Something looks like below:   def myFun(data):   ...
    Yunlong Wei
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  • Tableau integration with Python

    Hi, I am trying to integrate tableau with python.I installed pip and downloaded tabpy server.when i use startup.bat file from tabpy server folder to run tabpy server, The cmd window just pops up and closes immediatel...
    omkarvamsi pechetti
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  • Problem while doing Linear Regression, integrating R and Tableau

    After having calculated the calculated field and adding it to the table, every time the message shows: error message "IPC_SocketConnection::Read(len=16, connection=> The connection w...
    Nicolò Franchini
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  • TabPy error at startup

    Hi All, After downloading the TabPy from GitHUb, I unpack in a directory and try to run the startup.cmd from the \TabPy-master> directory. This is the reults: Environment: Windows 10 Version 1803. I have administ...
    Gérard Garreau
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