• Tableau Integration with Python - Step by Step

    [UPDATE PLEASE READ --- TabPy has recently been updated and the install instructions below are now only for legacy purposes. Please find more information on TabPy here (GitHub - tableau/TabPy: Execute Python code on t...
    Pawan Kumar
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  • Python Table Input Error with scipy Fishers Exact Test

    I am trying to use scipy.stats.fisher_exact scipy.stats.fisher_exact — SciPy v1.4.1 Reference Guide in a Tableau workbook but I am getting an odd error (only when I try to pass in arguments that are calculations...
    Kate Bulger
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  • Automating data extracts from Hotjar

    Hello, I wonder if anyone has some experience with automating data extract uploads from Hotjar into Tableau Desktop? - So anytime we get additional survey data from a particular poll, it would be available as an i.e....
    Joerg Blank
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  • How to generate significance tests on combinations of groups?

    Hi   For concepts comparison, I have data sample from a survey, for only 1 scaled question in this case, answers could be 1 to 5, question is being asked for each concept (A-E). I would like to create significa...
    Dror Katz
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  • Introducing AltTabPy - a Simple Alternative to TabPy

    What is it? If you've searched on how to harness the collective powers of Tableau and Python, chances are you've already come across TabPy. So what does AltTabPy do differently?   It provides a dead simple insta...
    William Ayd
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  • Cannot interpret json value of type 'array' as scalar value

    Hi Community,   Please help to resolve this issue. I am new to python, trying to add the 2 numbers which are passing from the two parameters as shown in below i.e First Number and Second Number.To split the numb...
    RAHUL Puri
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  • R error (IPC_SocketConnection:: The semaphore timeout period has expired)

    Hi guys, i'm facing a very disappointing issue with the machine where Tableau server is installed. I've developed a script in R that run perfectly in my computer (with Rserve in localhost). That script also run perf...
    Luca Ganugi
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  • Getting Started with TabPy -- Python Integration Resources

    TabPy 101 - Using Python script calculations in Tableau. How to pass data and what to expect for results!   Bora Beran's TabPy Wiki - Everything you need to know to get up and running with TabPy as well as under...
    Nathan Mannheimer
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  • Python table calculation

    Hello all,   I have a bit tricky business requirement, let me try to explain it. In this picture attached I have Python created fields. My requirement is to created these stats fields that will be calculated bas...
    Neha Tharani
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  • Calculations with Tableau and Python

    Dear all,   I am looking for a way to do an iterative calculation based on a Tableau table. The table is roughly a time serie and made of 2 columns: Timestamp Flow or Volume between 2 consecutive timestamp &#...
    Vincent PAREZ
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  • Tableau server Linux Ubuntu install at AWS.

    Hi, are there any video show how to installl tableau server linux ubuntu at AWS service?   Jon
    ameisina Lee
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  • Python has stopped working...

    I've published a Python function to the Tableau server. But when I call it from a calculated field python stops working and the server shuts down, with this error from Tableau: An error occurred while communicating w...
    Boris Branson
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  • Using Tableau Parameters in MDX and Connecting to SQL through Linked Server in Tableau Desktop

    Hi All I used Custom SQL in Tableau Desktop to connect to Cube in this Custom SQL I define Linked Server and my MDX Query as like as below: Select * from openrowset ('***',Data source=localhost;initial catalog=*...
    Samane Ramezani
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