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Tableau External Services

Connect with others to learn how to utilize External Services such as R, Python and Matlab with Tableau.
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Nathan Brower
Hi, is there a way to copy a Tableau worksheet image from a Python script?  I am trying to automate a report that I create and email weekly.  The steps are:   1) update data source connection in… (Show more)
in Tableau External Services
Karthik uppalapati
Could anyone please suggest me how to integrate tableau with python using by Jupyter notebook?   Thank you in advance.
in Tableau External Services
Heinrich van den Heever
Hi   We are currently stuck with the Metadata API. We would like to query the Metadata API from a Python script but can't find any examples of how to do that. Unfortunately we can't implement… (Show more)
in Tableau External Services
Chris Tan
First of all, sorry for not being able to share the workbook as it's company data   So now, I have a list of email, and they can be any (or multiple) roles (aff, ib , pa, app). May i know is there… (Show more)
in Tableau External Services
koushik reddy
unable to complete action with external services Error in ts(Train$Quantity, frequency = 7) : 'ts' object must have one or more observations SCRIPT_INT(' rm(list=ls()); library(forecast); result… (Show more)
in Tableau External Services
Pawan Kumar
[UPDATE PLEASE READ --- TabPy has recently been updated and the install instructions below are now only for legacy purposes. Please find more information on TabPy here (GitHub - tableau/TabPy:… (Show more)
in Tableau External Services
Dave Uhle
Does Tableau offer any training on how to create Web Data Connectors? I work in Information Security and have never done any scripting. I've watched YouTube videos on creating WDCs but I'm lost. Many… (Show more)
in Tableau External Services
Thirusenthilkumar Pandiyan
The idea is to provide more/automated insights to user irrespective of what they are looking on the Report/single KPI. For ex: i have a report which shows Product, sales, discount by monthly let say… (Show more)
in Tableau External Services
Edward Purcell
I have exported an .rda file from R version 3.6.0 and am trying to import it as a "Statistical file" in Tableau Server 2019.3.0.  Tableau replies with an error message the ".rda file was not created… (Show more)
in Tableau External Services
Jonathan Sinkin
Hi,   I am working on building a tool that dynamically calculates drive time (in minutes) by using TabPy. To build this workbook, I referenced this amazing How-To website (Isochrones with Tableau… (Show more)
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