• Display First Time Purchases for the Prior Year

    Hello, I've created a calculated field that will display the number of first-time purchases by over a 12-month period.  What I'd like to now do is to have a second line graph on a dual axis that will show the fi...
    Trey Grimes
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  • How To Create a Calculation Field that Ignores Filters in Filter Card (Not in View)?

    Hi All,   I have a problem to create a calculation without Filter in filter card (NOT in view).   I use superstore data as an example. I create a calculation filed based on [Sales] using LOD function. &#...
    Deep Kid
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  • Please help me with this graph

    Hi Team,   Please help me with the graph, how to create this type of graphs in tableau. Please check the below screenshot.     Thanks, Bharti Devikar
    Bharti Devikar
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  • Creating one plot with data from multiple sources (and a visual question)

    Good Morning Community - I have been reading throughout the forums and online in regards to a problem that I unexpectedly ran into and perhaps my searching ability needs some work or the problem is simple enough th...
    Julian Babel
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  • Joining Multiple Datasets

    Hi,   I have three different data sets in excel  i am trying to to build a tableau dashboard. Two of them have an ID i can join on however the third one doesn't have any common id i can join on. I was look...
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  • How do I create a bump chart?

    Hello,   I am trying to create a bump chart with this data:     Company 1H2017 1H2016 1H2018 1H2019 PwC 1 2 2 2 Rothschild & Co 2 4 4 3 KPMG 3 1 5 4 Deloitte 4 3 1 1 EY 5 5 3 6 Lazard 6 6 8 7  ...
    Jon Ugarte
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  • Join vs Blend vs ???

    2019.2 + AWS redshift   Hi Ya'll,   PROBLEM - I two dashboards - Each dashboard uses its own table table (500M rows) - I want to drive each dashboard using a single filter selection. (thus i apply the q...
    Benjamin Cole
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  • how to connect to facebook ad manager and facebook business manager

    Hello I try to find method connect to facebook ad manager and facebook business but not found, Please everyone can help me if you know that method to connect   thanks & regards Piraya
    piraya siripalangkanont
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  • Displaying most recent value for each KPI

    Hi all -   I am trying to build a filter using a calculated field for the following data. I have the following data similar to the table below with most recent dates varying and want the end result to display th...
    Hunter Zarybnicky
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  • Read data through the extract API?

    Hi,   I am trying to  create a subset of an existing, complex (aka it takes a while top build it) extract in tableau. I would like to use the Extract API 2.0 to accomplish this.   The idea is: Read O...
    Rupert Huelsey
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  • Incorrect TOP N Set after N=3

    Dear All,   I am currently creating a donut chart with TOP N sets and parameters.   The problems is  TOP N works well when N=1,2,3 BUT NOT AFTER 3   for example, when N=4, the 5th member shows u...
    Cedar Liu
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  • Re-pointing excel to tableau workbook data type of columns getting changed.

    I've been working on a dashboard using Tableau Desktop 2018.3.5 without issues. Today, when i am doing data refresh for the dashboard using the data from excel 365. There was no change to field names and order of fiel...
    S D
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  • Joining two time varying series and computing relation after a given date

    Hi !   For my project, I have two data sets/series. One is my customers by registration date and another is the billing per month for each customer. The first series starts off in 2012 and the second starts off...
    Saoud Moco
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  • Worksheet layout messes up with the filter change, tried Entire View/Fixed Width/Fixed Height options

    I have a dashboard similar to the image below,     When I change the Order Date to show last 4 years then with Entire View or Fixed Width layout, I don't get a scrollbar and it tries to fit in all the 24 ...
    Eva K
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  • Bold certain words in calculated field (string) - for Allergens highlight

    Hi,   I have a calculated field that has an output like this and I want to 'bold' the allergens. For example, I would like to 'bold' all words like these: lapte, faina, unt, oua, ou, amidon, gluten.   Ingre...
    Andrei Dragan Radulet
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  • Can I query the HyperDBMS?

    Is there a way to compose a query (e.g. SQL) that joins two hyper extracts?  I.E. Is there a way to directly query the HyperDBMS?  I need to join them using a BETWEEN predicate.    If I try to pr...
    Steve Wright
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  • Sum of distinct values on the denominator – calculating PMPM

    Hi all,   I’m trying to calculate PMPM (paid costs per member per month) and comparing two time frames: year to date of the current year (calculated fields with CY prefix), against the same time frame for ...
    Alex Braga
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  • Incremental Refresh

    Hi All,   We are doing a legacy report for which we need to report last 90 days metrics. We thought of doing an incremental refresh.   Thought of implementing it via incremental refresh and keeping a data ...
    Bhattiprolu Srinivas
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  • Salesforce field labels vs API names

    I'm a new Tableau user. I have replicated my salesforce data into postgresql, and connected Tableau to the database. Now what I see in Tableau is the field and object API names, not the labels.   What's the best...
    bo laurent
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  • Ajuda - Filtro não funciona

    Fala galera, beleza?   Estou com uma situação aqui e preciso da ajuda de vocês.  Tenho um dash montado com duas planilhas. Na de cima tenho o filtro para o mês de julho, um filtro qu...
    Data Cubo
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