• 3 day average

    Hi Community,   First time post!   I would like to find the three day average of my data across a series of 3-day intervals. I'm able to group my days into three day intervals by using: DATEADD('day',3,[Da...
    Antonio DiMarco
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  • 4 metrics together with the blended data source

    I have Actuals, Forecast and Budget coming from one data set and Estimated Revenue coming from another data set. I can't do a cross database join because the level of detail for both the data sets is different and the...
    Eva K
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  • Looking to understand the versions in twb file

    Hi,   I am working on my first project on Tableau and need help to understand the versions displayed in twb file. I am using Tableau Desktop version - 2020.1.3. In the twb file under workbook tag I see 2 differe...
    Monali Mavani
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  • Viz Alert-Test Alert works but schedule doesn't

    Newbie on Viz Alerts. I set up a workbook with 6 sheets (2 data sources not joined) and have each sheet with a date range looking at all of January 2020 (filter is range date: Jan 1-Jan 31, 2020). I have my email act...
    Rachel Dickey
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  • Categorizing Dimensions

    Hi there, See the attachment. I want to categorize the Ship mode as follows   IF a Ship mode cell contains in it both "Same Day" and "Standard Class",THEN 'Commercial' ELSEIF a Ship mode cell contains in it b...
    Terence Mervis
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  • Sort subsequent worksheets based off order of first worksheet

    Hello- I have a report that will compare prescription drug costs across different geographical comparison groups.  In the first worksheet, I have a descending bar chart that shows the top 5 drugs based on cost f...
    Emma Anderson
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  • R+Tableau: Error : Column `C` is unknown

    I am trying to aggregate data for plotting inside an R function, because doing this in Tableau hasn't worked for me.   I've made a calculation to get the yearly proportion of dish types which different establish...
  • Term over Term (like YOY) with fluctuating start dates and statuses

    Hi,   I work in post-secondary and am trying to build a view that shows the count of applications from one term to the next of the same type (so 2019 Fall to 2020 Fall). I currently have a build that uses a para...
    Melinda Horvath
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  • issue with calculated total percentage

    If I clicked on Y1Job filter to obtain % for individual job, the % is correct (see attachment). However, when clicking on 'all' under Y1Job, the % is incorrect. The overall % for Fall80 and Fall81 should be 33% and 67...
    Hsiao Yen
    created by Hsiao Yen
  • Design ideas to show two metrics on the same timeline.

    Hello,   The following viz displays the Total Lifetime Opportunity Value (grey line) and the Service Team Size (multi-colored). Colors indicate the Service Team Role.   Any ideas on how I can improve this ...
    Saqib Ali
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  • Sankey diagram highlighting

    Hi,   I followed the steps made here in the horizontal Sankey workbook from:   https://www.flerlagetwins.com/2018/04/sankey-template.html https://public.tableau.com/profile/ken.flerlage#!/vizhome/Sankey_25/S...
    Mário Moimenta
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  • Subtotals restriction

    Hello everyone,   Please find the attached workbook.   I need to show the subtotals if i have more than one Product Name.   For example: Subtotal should not get displayed for 3-Ring staple pack as it...
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  • Unable to name and save .hyper extract

    Hi everyone,        I'm working on desktop 2019.1.3.  My workbook is connected to a live data source on a Tableau Server.  Previously I would go to the Data Source tab, click on Ext...
    Goran Jankovic
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  • Dynamic tooltip for measure values

    I have a chart with three different measures: Original plan (red line), Current plan (black line), and Actuals (orange bars).   I want to display the mark labels as shown in the screenshot (55K). In my tooltip h...
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  • Overlapping Bars - Stacked on Current Year Only

    Experts -   I need to overlap bars for prior/current year, making only the current year bars stacked.  So for example compare 2016 to 2017 profit, with 2017 only stacked via customer segment.   ...
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  • Facebook data visualization for marketing?

    Hello,   I have fetched Facebook data that has a number of posts, likes, shares, comments for the duration of 3 years and I am not sure how to use filters that I could see which post had the most likes. Also, is...
    Gabriele Daukintyte
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  • Put blanks

    Hi guys good morning, I need to put the spaces that have no data in white and that do not have any color, here I show an image that has some data and there are spaces that do not have data and I do not want to see the...
    Nicolas Pinzon
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  • gantt graph with connected dots(like project plan)

    Hi ,   I am trying to create a gantt chart with connected status along with date and time   start to suspend suspend to closed   attached workbook(v2020.1) and image   Thanks     &...
    rao marapatla
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  • I just installed the latest version of Tableau and immediately started getting an error message stating "Tableau Hyper Database Engine Has Stopped Working". Any idea how to get this resolved?

    I just installed the latest version of Tableau and immediately started getting an error message stating "Tableau Hyper Database Engine Has Stopped Working". Any idea how to get this resolved?
    Keith Richmond
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  • Dynamically Formatting Numbers

    Hi,   I am trying to figure out a way to dynamically format different types of numbers within a parameter control that includes numbers, dollars, and percents.  Now I've already solved for this in tables (U...
    Zachary Fimon
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