• Transfer Time

    Hello,   For my use case, I need to calculate the transfer time from one appointment to another for each member. For example- Rownum= # of appointment Difference in time Check out of appointment on min rown...
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  • Showing top n people with highest category A and their lowest category in one sheet

    I want to show the top n(5/10) people with highest category (lets say A) and also show their lowest and lowest only (but not 0) category amount as well. And this should be filtered by category name.   I attache...
    Jiaqi Zhang
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  • How to show share percentage  for specific platform for everyone usingLOD

    I am trying to show share percentage, in this case, Jante's sales / department sales on platform level with platform C and D. In my real data set there will be more people and everyone might have different highest and...
    Jiaqi Zhang
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  • How can I remove a data extract from the Tableau Server filestore?

    Since going to Tableau Server version 2018 (currently 2018.3.3) we are regularly running into out of space warnings on our nodes where Tableau Server is installed. This is happening because the same data sources that ...
    Katherine Woods
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  • How to Create Dual Axis Graph with 3 Measures (Single vs Group Dimension)

    Hello all,   I have an internal request to create a line graph that shows 3 things:  Target Rate %, Single Rate %, and Group Rate %.   This is how far I got with the screenshot below, but I'm running ...
    Ashton Baran
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  • Calc diff in Time bt 2 events (HH:MM:SS) then Avg the time per month

    Hi,   I'm trying to find the difference in time between two events for a large data set.  I want the difference in time to be formatted as HH:MM:SS but then I need to be able to average it by month(numerous...
    Logan Wilt
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  • How to make filters from secondary data source change wrt primary data source filters

    Hi Everyone, I have a dashboard which has 2 different data sources. Currently the views have filters and all of them are based from the primary data source and works perfectly. With a new requirement i have to add fe...
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  • Best Practices for Massive Detail Row Performance

    Howdy all!   Have a data set about 100M+ rows and in some circumstances want the user to see a dimension that has 50k distincts.   For performance sake I want to default limit the output to maybe 10 rows a...
    Jonathan Hodge
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  • Display selected values of a set in title (without filtering)

    I've been playing with set actions and one thing I would like to do is have a display of what item has been selected - perhaps in the title.   When you have a parameter, you can put that into the title that para...
    Christina Hampton
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  • Calculated Field for Closest Future Date & Then Sorting Accordingly

    In the attached workbook, there are five different projects (Asics, Florsheim, New Balance, Nike & Puma).  Each project is made up of periods (e.g. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon).  The number of per...
    Marc Levy
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  • Calculated field with pivoted measures [2019.2]

    I am trying to create a calculated field based off measures that I have pivoted but am having trouble creating the calculated field. [Policy] is the pivot field names and [Earned Prem.] is the pivoted field values....
    Keith Moon
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  • Finding a matched pair in a process from a different data source - calculate how close they are

    Hi, this will really help me if someone can advise on this!   In the attached work book i have a list of samples from the source data stages.csv, with the ID "Name", each sample is at various stages in a process...
    Kevin Ward
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  • Error Message: Can't Save Workbook

    Hi, I just upgraded to Tableau Desktop 2019.2. And this error message showing up most of the time when I refresh and save the workbook "Can't Save Workbook. The workbook you are trying to save uses an extract file tha...
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  • Switching Data Sources from another server

    I have several tableau reports where the data sources will be migrated to a new server/database. Do I just create a new data source pointing to the new server and switch data sources?  or is there another way of ...
    Randy Colanta
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  • Tree map combination chart

    I want a line graph to appear when one moves its cursor on the particular bloc of tree map , same as one is able to see text variables. Line graph is decade trend. How to do it?
    Preeti TPCI
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  • Tau Server - Extract Locations

    We are about to go live for the first time with our Tableau Server. I have been back and forth on allowing reports to use extracts. I fear that the extracts can get rather large. I want to be able to put the extracts ...
    Abby Palcer
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  • Make filter affect only one column. version 2018.1

    Hello; I have a couple of worksheets in the attached workbook. Worksheet named DAY has the values I need for day, 'Prior Month' and YTD columns. What I need to do is add a filter to the worksheet so users can select ...
    Byron Orellana
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  • Measure Name change higher or lower based on separate Measure Names

    This is basic format of my Data   Measure Name        Goal           Pct BMI        ...
    Jere Hill
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  • Data blending issue

    Hello,   I am new to tableau and having an issue when I try to blend 2 data sets.   I am trying to blend sales data with quota data.   We have multiple points that link the 2 data sets (account ty...
    Frank Brand
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  • Set Time Block to Compare date times to?

    Hi All,   Hopefully I can make this make sense.   I am attempting to create some kind of "time block" or an interval of time where time wouldn't be calculated. I am trying to track the amount of time agent...
    Alexandros Aliferis
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