• We will have Year & Month Filters in dashboard along with Period. When user selects Year & Month & Period. It should behave in the below way.

    1. Requirement:                                 ...
    vamsi reddy
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  • a table calculation problem about accumulative

    I got a table like: date customer state 2019/9/1 A 1 2019/9/1 B 1 2019/9/2 B 2 2019/9/3 A 2 2019/9/4 B 3   the target is "calculate everyday how many customers retain on each state". That is to say, on 9/1, bec...
    Thomas Dong
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  • How do I get a filter action on a dashboard to work on 2 sheets using different data sources, but having some common columns on which the filter is based?

    The 3 common columns in the 2 data sources are: "Lvl0" (which is a unique ID), "Year", and "Month-Str".   I applied the filter to one worksheet, made the other worksheet, then I right clicked on the filter actio...
    Prashant Saikia
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  • Multiple Calculations

    Hi There,   i need help again!   1. attached my TWB file for your reference - refer the executive summary page. 2. Previously i asked help for a calculation - to show zero when there is no data  ...
    Shakeela  devi
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  • Migrate from Single-node to Distributed installation

    Hi, we are planning to setup new Tableau environment on GCP(Linux) using  Single-node, How easy is it to expand from single node to cluster/multi node tableau environment in the future? Would it be easy or it's c...
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  • Issue with Top 10 calculation

    Hi All,   I am creating a chart to find TOP N values of a dimension, by placing another dimension in the color shelf. I am not getting the expected result using Index or rank. Can somebody help me with this calc...
    Ravikiran Sarala
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  • How to use the extensions api

    Hello All,   I am new to working with tableau extensions api, I want to identofy if the user has interacted with a filter or if "All" is selected. I see that recently tableau extension api added support for this...
  • Trade flows map from origin to destination, with flow intensity

    Hi everyone, I have just joined Tableau Community and I would need your help. I need to create a map similar to the one you find attached below. My dataset has the following structure (EUR million is fictitious, I...
    Sofia Gori
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  • Multiple Measures on Row Shelf / Multiple Condition for each Measures show as per color coding

    Shekhar Hazari Hi Shekhar,     Question 1 I have a crosstab where I am showing Few KPI's (Attachment) something like below attaching example sheet   Now problem with this kind chart I am comparing C...
    Nitin Soni
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  • How can I get a map of other countries that are filled the way that US map is from the Tableau training Superstore dataset is

    Hi All,   I am trying to get a filled map, similar to the one seen below (from the superstore data set), using my own data. However whenever I select the "Filled Map" option it remains showing individual data po...
    Luke Hanrahan
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  • Merging different columns data into a single column

    Hi   We have a data source, which contains similar data in different columns (Sub-Assignee1, Start1, Finish1, Forecast Hours1, Sub-Assignee2, Start2, Finish2, Forecast Hours2, etc.), we need to combine these da...
    Ashwici Chirania
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  • Pushdown filters on Impala views

    I am facing a problem whilst querying a view on Cloudera Impala, using Tableau, that it generates unwanted queries for filtering which result in OoM.   Originally, there is a table with the following schema with...
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  • Date and percentage completion showing as NULL in Tableau Prep

    Hi all,   I have a csv file that contains columns on dates, percentage completion, and many others. When I connect this to Tableau Prep, all values return as "NULL", but the columns should not be empty.   ...
    Seng Yap Lau
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  • Scenario : How to compare current month MTD Sales data with previous month MTD Sales data

    Hi Community,   I have been asked a scenario in one of my interviews   In my dataset table, For August we have data till 14th August which is current month MTD. I have to write  a calculated field lo...
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  • Drill down of measure and show its corresponding details

    Hi Community,     Please refer the mock dataset       As per the above screenshot , if you click Country="US" and #CustomerPhone , then it will show  2 customer ID , as per the bel...
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  • Download workbook from server without data

    Hi All,   Is there an option to download the workbook from Tableau server without the data? With data the file is 1GB and takes a lot of time   Thank you
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  • Public Tableau access from within an Organization.

    Hello All,   New guy here. I have a question about access to Public Tableau from Tableau Desktop. Is it possible to disable it? Hypothetically, someone could easily publish your organization data to Tableau Pub...
    dcurban man
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  • Top 5 in Stacked Bar Chart

    Hi Tableau Community,   I am looking to display the Top 5 parts install by Month in a stacked bar chart format. I've attached a tableau workbook that has been cleansed as an example workbook. The colors are for ...
    Amy Hernandez
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  • Nested Loops

    Hello Tableau Community,   I try to build a accuracy dashboard, which indicates how good our data quality is at the moment. The dashboard use the data from a tool, which do several checks on our material data. T...
    Madara Uchiha
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  • Set Top 2-4 | Selecting of Weeks

    Hi all,   I am currently creating a dashboard for which I also require a Set which only includes the 3 weeks excluding the last week.   So currently I have the Weeks 38 until 41 within my database - but I ...
    Alexander Maier
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