• Moving Columns

    Hi Tableau experts,   As the picture below shows, I am going to move the last 2 columns (Green dots) which are calculated fields next to "Execution Name" column that I highlighted in yellow color .   I des...
    Ali Meisami
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  • Calculating quarters between two dates

    Hi,   I am pretty new to Tableau. I have used Qlik extensively and I can do this in Qlik easily but I'm struggling to achieve this in Tableau. I have the below data set   Study     ...
    Annamalai Muthappan
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  • Create side by side bar chart

    Hi friends, Iam working on a side by side bar chart. I have 1 dimension and 4 measures. I want to create a side by side bar chart with 3 measures are Tổng doanh thu, Tổng TS and VCSH, and i want to add the final meas...
    Dat Tran Minh
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  • Create a selection criteria

    I'm building a real estate dashboard for my local area.  I have data on about 15,000 houses including square footage, bed/bath, lot size, age, last sale price, etc.  I am wondering if it's possible to create...
    JD Fred
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  • Adding dimensions dynamically in graphs

    Our client uses BIRST for their dashboard. Right now, they are evaluating to convert those dashboards to Tableau(2018.01). One of the feature they want to keep it is the ability to add dimension dynamically by end use...
    sreenivas talla
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  • Tableau Server Backup Information v2018.1

    I've been trying to find ANYTHING out here on what SHOULD be included in a backup script.  I know we need to do the normal tabadmin commands (ziplogs, cleanup, backup, verify_database, config -o).  But what ...
    John Krieg
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  • How to set default value when the dashboard is opened?

    Hello,   Can someone help me with a problem?   I would like to set a default date value in a dashboard. When opened, all values must be filtered for the last 6 months of the date. After the date filter is ...
    Bruno Vitti
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  • Commands to apply to older version of Tableau server that doesn't use TSM.

    I could not find the commands to apply to the older version of Tableau (2018.3), only 2019.1+. Apparently the older version didn't use TSM. What commands would I use?
    Jacob Holm
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  • How to show prompted data source interactive filter to User

    Hi Team,   I have huge amount of data, which is bucked by month and revision no. I want to give prompted filter on data source to user to select the particular month or revision. ''It has to fetch the data acco...
    kusa Adigarla
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  • Distance between 2 points

    Hello,   I am trying to calculate distance between 2 points using the formula below: ACOS( ( SIN(RADIANS(LOOKUP(AVG([Store Latitude]), First()))) * SIN(RADIANS(AVG([Customer Latitude]))) + COS(RADIANS(LOOKUP...
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  • Filtering based on a "Use Value" but showing a "Display Value"?

    Is it possible to filter a workbook based on dimension 1 (i.e. the "use value") but show the corresponding value from dimension 2 (i.e. the "display value")?   For example, we have a date table that has a month ...
    Dominic Gohari
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  • Value from one column row based on query from another column

    Hi I am looking to print the value from one column row based on query from another column   For example Say I have data with 10 columns and 100 rows. My first query would be Min value of column 1. Say this minim...
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  • Difference between fixed and exclude LOD calculations

    Hi,   I have one question about the difference of fixed table-scoped LOD and exclude LOD expressions. In the No13 ( User login frequency) of the article: Top 15 Tableau LOD Expressions (Practical Examples) Th...
    Linda Dawson
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  • Circle size based on value (advanced)

    hi i know how to use size option for circles Etc.   i have slightly different question   in my data I have list of clients in column A and values in column b   i want to Set up 2 boxes:   1) ...
    ADD UK
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  • Use a pie chart based on a set as a filter in a dashboard

    I’m working on a viz related to reporting security updates available for computers.  I have a table listing hosts, a table listing updates, and a table that links the two.  I’m only really concer...
    Gordon Messmer
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  • Building Days Supply calculation from 2 Different Tables

    Hi all,   I am currently facing a challenge with creating a Days Supply calculation from 2 different tables (Stock and Sales). My calculation is Current Stock/ 3 Months of historical Sale.   The challenge ...
    Simran C
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  • Background Image not working using filter

    Hi guys,   Its a shot in the dark considering I cannot attach a workbook due to the sensitivity of the data but I was wondering if anyone can tell me why the image isn't showing when the correct filter is applie...
    Oliver Shingfield
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  • Remove n rows based on parameter from each pane across table

    Hi all,   I have a table like this which has been calculated using Sum of cost for nhours vs previous nhours. Additional to this I created a growth formula, which uses the formula,   % growth = ([cost fo...
    indhu nachad
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  • Find the most frequent value from the list

    Hi, I'm trying to display most frequent value from this list which is 94 & 93. I need to display only 94,93. Mode of LOS = 94,93. Would you please guide. Thanks. - Priti   LOS 99 99 98 98 98 97 96 94 94 94 ...
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  • MySQL Connection issue..[MySQL][ODBC 8.0(w) Driver]Can't connect to MySQL server on 'aaa.bb.net' (10060)

    HI   I am trying to connect MySQL cconnect but I being getting these message below [MySQL][ODBC 8.0(w) Driver]Can't connect to MySQL server on 'aaa.bbbbb.net' (10060). Any inputs highly appreciated. How to reso...
    Chandra Sekhar
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