• Filter Different in WebPage

    I need that a filter having the seme behavior in Web Page. In Tableau Server its ok but in Web Page no. This problem are in all dashboards in WebPage.  
  • Extract Refresh in Tableau

    Hello Everyone!   I have scheduled an extract refresh in tableau using command line interface. From the task scheduler , it is seen that the extract refresh has been successfully completed. But , I am not able t...
    Priya Balakrishnan
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  • Passing Filters w/ URL Actions containing "&"

    Am trying to add FILTER to a URL Action in Tableau, the filtered value contains "&" which is not being passed through   for example the value would be "APPLES & BANANAS" it will only pass till APPLES .....
    Mike Ann
    created by Mike Ann
  • How to Call Jasper Report From Tableau Server.

    Hi Team,   I am trying to achieve connection between Jaspersoft report to Tableau server but problem is that i am not aware of connectivity between them. So could you please Anyone assist me to how to call or co...
    Dipak Pawar
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  • Percentage difference table calculation

    Please see screenshot below and attached workbook as sample, I have calculated %difference MoM between September and October. The calculation is correct and it shows the MoM % Difference in October, how do I remove th...
    Mrigaya Singh
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  • Deleted

    Can you delete this now I figured it out thanks to the help below ty
    Jesse Dohmeyer
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  • Grand Total has issue with Division

    I have a calculation   The last column(4th column) is Weekly pct of Plan (%) which is derived from 2nd and 3rd column .For Example (35/79.8)*100 = 43% but it shows 40%  .Last week offer(35) is not aggrega...
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  • Conditional counts in tableau

    Hi ,   I am trying to calculate the conditional counts in tableau .     I tried to replicate the above example in tableau.   Here is the result,     Here the Success Rate= Success...
    indy poo
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  • date filters issue

    Hi All,   i have two date dimensions 1st is order date 2nd one is Trans Date   if i select 08/Nov/2019 date from order date it will show 01/Nov/ 2019 to 08/Nov/2019 in Trans Date if i select 28/Jan/2019 dat...
    Ravi V
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  • sharing dashboard on the web without login and password authentification

    Dear Tableau community, So when i share my dashboard on tableau server then i need to share it on my web page (web site) however tableau ask me login and password !! so i need to embed it on my web site without logi...
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  • How To Show Last 6 hours  data based on report start time field

    Hi All,     we have report start time field .It has last 7 days time intervals(5 mins). How to show only last 6 hrs  time in the range of dates filters.     Regards, Pavan
    Pavan P
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  • Rest API Query Workbooks for Site not returning all Workbooks

    We've been using the Rest API to build out a list of workbooks for our internal site for a couple of years now.  Today when I went and added a new workbook I don't see it being returned when I call the api - ...
    Jeff Bryant
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  • Allowing user to Edit/Modify Axis Min/Max for Dashboard Published Online

    We published our Dashboards to an online server... is there a way to allow the user to edit the axis? I have it set to Auto... but would like to allow them to drill in as part of an interactive DashBoard... the double...
    Mark Goldsmith
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  • filtro por pagina web a tableau

    Hola, tengo muchas dudas sobre como filtrar mis datos. lo que yo tengo es un dashboard con información de personas: código de persona, datos de su salud, promedios de actividad, imc, etc. pero es un das...
    Augusto mejia
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  • Multiple SQL Query

    Hi All,   I have used multiple sql query from the same datasource and same tables  and I build the multiple tableau dashboard on different twb. Now i am try to put all dashboard in one story in one twb file...
    Prareek Srivastava
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  • Dynamic Calculated Field

    Hello All   I have created multiple Sets and i am passing those Sets in Parameter . For example i have created  Sets for  let say Region A, Region B, Region C and so on. These sets of regions have diff...
    Larsen Rennie
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  • Enter a code to download Tableau file from Server

    Hi All,   I hope you are doing fine. I have tried to search on my question/topic, but I couldn't find anything.   What I want to have is the following: User will search for a Tableau workbook/ file on my...
    Sabine Honer
    created by Sabine Honer
  • Tableau Access from a Web Page/Requires login.

    Hi Folks,   I have recently enabled SAML for my tableau application. Everything well according to plan we were able to set up a revers proxy mechanism with a load balancer F5 VIP . I can access my tableau server ...
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  • Tableau Report with 50 Columns ?

    Hi Folks,   Is there a way i can create a tableau report i.e 50 -60 Columns. I know we currently have a limitation of 16 in 2019.1 and probably might go to 32 columns in the next versions.   But is there a...
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  • Overall average

    Hi,   I would like to measure using tableau how effective our writers with there overall rating. For example data attached below.  
    AMEN De Guzman
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