• Rolling daily average

    hello friends .   I need to know how i can find out rolling daily average for last 6 months   months   may april march feb     suppose i i select the date from my date parameter of m...
    Nikunj Sharma
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  • Real time Dataset of any Product

    Hi All, I am looking for the original sales data for any product publicly available. I wanted to build a dashboard for that data as per a recruiter's assignment. Product could be any kind for e.g. Automobile, Electro...
    Mayur Aushikar
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  • Daily Average

    friends I need your Quick help   I want to show the last 6 months daily Average   so the scenerio should be   May = sales/(number of days till today date, and it will keep on changing with my select...
    Nikunj Sharma
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  • URL action to send Email does not work

    I need to send an email using "Go to URL" action.   Note: I use a real email address in the field above.   When the action is run (e.g. on Select) what happens is just it opens a new empty Browser tab, b...
    Sergey Kochetkov
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  • Embedded Dashboard Automatically Resizes

    Hi there,   I created a dashboard (Size 1000*2000) in tableau public. When I embed on webpage, it automatically resizes. How can I keep the same size (1000*2000) on embedded view?   Best regards Mayank
    Mayank Jain
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  • Bar chart values are not matching with the Grand Total

    Hi ,   I am plotting a graph , for the count distnct of  MemberID .   Here the grand total is 4802 but when we add the total of all the bar data points , its different, not 4802, i added a filter for ...
    indy poo
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  • black.and.yellow

    Hello, i make subscription from tablau to me and to my collegs, but when email from tableau is comming, email contain links for tableau. how can i remove it ?
  • By Default Filters

    Hey Folks,   I need your help I have two filters inter related Filters are       City Type And City Name   In city Type we have   emerging city Top8 city rest of India   S...
    Nikunj Sharma
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  • Max Date of every month

    Hey Friends, Here is my concern is I  have to pick the maximum date of every month when data gets generated  including current month.   My major concern is suppose on 26th April data is generated and ...
    Nikunj Sharma
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  • Text Filters

    how can i give actin filters to these text tiles on tableau version 10.5
    Nikunj Sharma
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  • Restrict the future date Selection from User

    Hey Friends,   I have a date parameter,  and my dashboard is controlled by the date Parameter.   My issue is if user select date grater than  Order Date(Server date) then dashboard becomes blank,...
    Nikunj Sharma
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  • Sankey Chart Filter

    HI All,   I have created the Sankey chart but when I am applying the quick filter it doesnt seems to be working properly.   For  example, When I select  Nutrition_type= A then Sankey chart appea...
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  • rolling 12 months from selected month and year

    Hi,   I am trying to add a functionality to the the for the rolling 12 months from selected month and year.   I used the below formula for the using the year and month fields and it was working.   DA...
    indy poo
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  • Last 12 months based on Month and Year ( not based on date field)

    Hi ,   I have a direct fields like Month and Year and i need to filter the data based last 12 months data.Meaning for last 12 months means from May 2019 to May 2020 filter criteria..     the data need...
    indy poo
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  • best approach for adhoc reporting and your suggestions

    Hi All,   We are planning to migrate reports from legacy systems such as pentaho,crystal reports ,reports are more than 1000 , we dont want to recreate all of the reports into tableau now.instead we wanted to p...
    rao marapatla
    created by rao marapatla
  • Can i Pop up this message

    hey   If my       I have data till 24th may and if someone selected any data beyond today  then he must have this message populated Data not available    
    Nikunj Sharma
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  • Different Graph(views) for Different segments

    Hi everyone, I am looking for help to design a sheet where (attached sample workbook, sheet2) I wanted to create 3 different graph for 3 segments in the same sheet In segment , I want Consumer - Area graph,  &...
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  • Help! User Visibility function not working!

    Some of my creators on our server want to see other users and groups. But the full user visibility doesn't seem to be working at all. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
    Tom Xiao
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  • Trigger batch script/powershell script on extract refresh completed

    Hi Tableau forum,   I wold like to know the possibilities on how can we trigger a batch script/powershell script on extract refresh completed.   Background of this request is we have recently migrated out ...
    Manikanta Anumolu
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  • Trusted web server, many people have access to it. Is it against the license policy?

    reference for trusted authentication: Trusted Authentication - Tableau   Let's say I have a creator-server license which allows maximum 5 accounts. However, unlimited(hypothetically) number of people can have a...
    mac ayres
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