• Issue, Pages Shelf, Show Trails is greyed out.

    I want to record a progression by year, when i use the page shelf, it goes through the years and values, but it does not create a trail, or a line to see the progress.   It looks like below.   any ideas ho...
    Carlos Flores
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  • Adding Values from Different Sheets

    Hello Everyone,   I have 3 different sheets whose sum is 9   A.)The count of 'Sheet 1' is 6 B.)The count of 'Sheet 2' is 0 C.)The count of 'Sheet 3' is 3     I am seeking a solution for my 2 q...
    Ritu Raj
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  • Cannibalization Analysis &  Growth Modeling help !!

    Hello I have a work trial soon and I have been sent the tasks I have to complete as part of my work trial, i am comfortable with 95% of the tasks i just need help with two points:   1 - Cannibalization Analysis P...
    yussuf yussuf
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  • How to connect servicenow custom tables to Tabeau

    Can anyone help , is there a way to connect to service now custom tables? Using Rest API? or any other way. Please.
    Gayathri Gummaraju
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  • TDC File Creator

    Hi Tableau Users,   A TDC file is a great way to modify how your data connections behave without pouring hours into customisations. For example;   Does your database have a low limit on active queries? A T...
    John James
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  • Need help to add the Subtotals in seperate row for a Report.

    Hi all,   I have a requirement in my project. I have designed the report and calculated the Subtotals on the basis of Field but the problem is that I am facing issue in calculating the Subtotals as per the requi...
    Soumya Nair
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  • Worksheet Hiding Parameter not Working

    Hi,   I have a Windows 10 and am using Tableau Version 2019.3.3. I recently tried creating a parameter as a string variable, clicked on List and listed 4 different names for 4 different values(Ex. 1 , 2, 3, 4) a...
    Kyle Yates
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  • How can tableau include a userid in submitted queries?

    How can Tableau include a Tableau UserId inside of a query?  Can Tableau do this with a Table and/or Custom SQL?   Consider a situation where Tableau is submitting a query to a database.  I'd like the ...
    Blaine Elliott
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  • Copy a code and paste inside a calculated field.

    Hello,   I need some help with an issue.   On the attached example, I have an excel with the following fields: DUMMY, STORE, YEAR, MONTH, VALUE AND CODE.   The persons who are going to mantain the da...
    Bruno Battaglia Vitti
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  • Network Graph in Tableau

    Hi   i am new to network graph and i came to know that,  its possible in Tableau, can some one please help me how to prepare data for network graph and how plot the graph in Tableau??   What is the I...
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  • How to achieve: multiple fact tables with different granularity and shared dimension tables

    Hi, I am currently on a social listening project. I have encountered an issue explained (in a simplified way) as the following.   Data input We have 1 number tables with the count of the posts (i.e. buzz) and 1...
    Nico Zhu
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  • Subscription Always sending when view is empty and "Don't send if view is empty" is checked

    I am hoping I am not thinking of this right and the "Don't Send if View is Empty" option is broken on Server.   I am running into an issue when I subscribe people to a Dashboard and View based on a filters.I am ...
    Derrick Lang
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  • How to Replicate the fetch count issue in postgre database

    Hi All,   I want to replicate the fetch count issue in tableau for postgre database. Below is the thread i found in community but not able to replicate the same in tableau. Kindly guide me how to replicate the s...
    Tulu Sahoo
    created by Tulu Sahoo
  • Connecting all the recent time files from the all subfolder

    Dear Exports,   Am New User for Tableau Community, i received one requirement my management for Error Log Report Dashboard. my scenario is, I receive error log report is scheduled to get auto generated into th...
    Gunasekaran S
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  • Calculate QTD, YTD based on Months(Jan to Dec) filter for current year and previous year

    Hi All,   I am trying to calculate QTD and YTD based on month filter selection. I.e. If user selects for example May from the month filter, then QTD is April and May(both full months) and YTD is Jan to May. Assu...
    Lolakshi Gour
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  • How to display both Source and Destination icons and its routes on map, when click on either source or destination point

    Problem Statement: Display both Source and Destination icons and its routes on map, when click on either source or destination point. In the below given screenshot only source icon is highlighted. Is it also possible ...
    Rajeshwari Guddeti
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  • Return only one maximum subcategory which has maximum sales among all subcategory under category

    Hi   I am trying to return one subcategory which has maximum sales value under each category.   How can I do it. I tried LOD but still not getting.       I want to return only highlighted v...
    suman kumar
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  • Totals are not matching in my waterfall pillars

    Hello All,   I am facing strange problem. The totals are not matching as shown in below image. I am using IF MIN([Month])=MAX([Month]) THEN (Value) ELSE RUNNING_SUM((Value)) END   1st Total should be 1...
    Butchi Reddy
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  • Month to Date  in Tableau

    Hi ,       I am trying to test my WTD MTD formulas , the MTD  data is not displaying the data .. In this workbook the data is availbale until december 03 2019   Suppose if i want to test t...
    indy poo
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  • Best Practice: Custom SQL vs Joins

    I have a question regarding custom SQL vs manual joins so in the future my tableau workbooks are optimized and extracts do not fail.   My tableau workbook is connected to Teradata (5 tables) and Hadoop (7 tables...
    Dana Smith
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