• Geocoding and Filled Maps with US Census TIGER files

    Hello,   I have used US Census TIGER files to create custom geocoding. I'm using geoid to create maps but they always end up being symbol maps.   Is it not possible to create filled maps when using geocodi...
    Sharanya Marapadi
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  • Download only one worksheet from dashboard

    Hi, I have a dashboard published on the server that has about 8 sheets. One of the sheets is a map. I want to know if there is a way to only download the map from the dashboard using the download option available in ...
    Megha Bhatnagar
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  • Colored Map based on dimension related to measure

    Hello, experts.   So i have the following dataset with dummy data I need to show a map which is colored based on the category level 2 with highest number of mentions, what will be the calculaton for this? ...
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  • Map Background Images - where store them?

    When using background images on maps, where should they be stored? Unlike data or shapes, it doesn't seem that Tableau expects map background images to be stored in a specific folder. I'm working on a workbook that ha...
    Gabriel Baird
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  • Using Tableau Public with a Joined Data Source (live Google sheet and spatial file)

    Hello,   I am trying to embed a dashboard on a website using tableau public, but I am having some trouble configuring my data source. I want to use a google sheet as my data source so that the visualization can ...
    Andrew Hoyt
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  • Use Custom Map Coordinates from One Workbook in Another Workbook

    Hi all,   I entered custom coordinates for locations in one workbook and would like to use the same coordinates for locations in another workbook. Instead of manually entering hundreds of coordinates again in th...
    Nicole T
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  • black.and.yellow

    Hello, i make subscription from tablau to me and to my collegs, but when email from tableau is comming, email contain links for tableau. how can i remove it ?
  • Calculation help needed, query

    Hi everyone,   This might be simple, but for me its causing issues in my worksheet creation. I have a field which contains string and my table is like this column    Metric AB-01234  ...
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  • Multi series line graph with a Tableau filled map

    I wonder if it is possible to display data on a filled map that displays x data for each countries but also includes multiple series on a line graph to show sales evolution (per days, or months..)   eg   &...
    frederic fery
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  • Slider for Single Date for Maps

    I'm creating a Map for which I would like to select a single date within the range of all dates present in the data set.  The idea is for the map to change over time.   How do I do that?   I understan...
    William Salomon
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  • date difference with parameter selection - working fine but not able to do %

    Hi All,   I have a paremetr selection with date range which is working fine - and i have created a date diff with date diff and median function which is also working - since i used median and i am not able to ...
    rao marapatla
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  • worksheet graphs not showing

    hello everyone, I would be grateful if someone would help me to solve this issue. my tableau desktop not showing graph regardless of any source file I insert
    fa da
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  • Maps. Do I need to create another Table in order to show all names behind a city?

    Tableau Public   Hi,   One more question about the map.   For example, behind the city of São Gabriel there are two people, César Oliveira and Rogério Melo, BUT when i click on...
    Alejandro Martins
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  • By Default Filters

    Hey Folks,   I need your help I have two filters inter related Filters are       City Type And City Name   In city Type we have   emerging city Top8 city rest of India   S...
    Nikunj Sharma
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  • Max Date of every month

    Hey Friends, Here is my concern is I  have to pick the maximum date of every month when data gets generated  including current month.   My major concern is suppose on 26th April data is generated and ...
    Nikunj Sharma
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  • Text Filters

    how can i give actin filters to these text tiles on tableau version 10.5
    Nikunj Sharma
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  • Restrict the future date Selection from User

    Hey Friends,   I have a date parameter,  and my dashboard is controlled by the date Parameter.   My issue is if user select date grater than  Order Date(Server date) then dashboard becomes blank,...
    Nikunj Sharma
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  • Sankey Chart Filter

    HI All,   I have created the Sankey chart but when I am applying the quick filter it doesnt seems to be working properly.   For  example, When I select  Nutrition_type= A then Sankey chart appea...
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  • rolling 12 months from selected month and year

    Hi,   I am trying to add a functionality to the the for the rolling 12 months from selected month and year.   I used the below formula for the using the year and month fields and it was working.   DA...
    indy poo
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  • Last 12 months based on Month and Year ( not based on date field)

    Hi ,   I have a direct fields like Month and Year and i need to filter the data based last 12 months data.Meaning for last 12 months means from May 2019 to May 2020 filter criteria..     the data need...
    indy poo
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