• How to extract information from attributes of a dimension in .kml data?

    I have a spatial data from https://geo.data.gov.sg/ura-mp19-subzone-no-sea-pl/2019/12/23/kml/ura-mp19-subzone-no-sea-pl.kml. There is dimension called 'Description'. When I hover over each row of the column, it seems...
    Nabilah Rahman
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  • Mapbox with datasets does not show up in Tableau

    So i was introduced to Mapbox to create custom styles. Also i hear you can upload your own datasets into mapbox. I've successfully uploaded my datasets onto mapbox, and saved as a tileset too. Using the studio edit...
    Gavin Wong
    created by Gavin Wong
  • Lat/Long plot changes for one of my series when I change the filter value for the other series on a dual axis map.  How do I resolve?

    Hi, looking for some help here.   I have 2 sets of data -- each on a separate worksheet in the same workbook connected to my TWB file. (1)  Data set 1 contains approx 3,000 records which include lat/long (...
    Mike Spriggs
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  • Fill in missing city names on map

    I am trying to do some data cleanup and was hoping to figure out how to use Tableau's mapping to fill in missing city names. I'm operating off a less-than-perfect data set of customers, their postal codes, and the met...
    Mitch Haus
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  • Spatial file KML

    Hey Everyone,   I am new to the tableau and using spatial files to create maps.   I imported a kml file to tableau to create a map. However, instead of creating one worksheet. I found a couple of workshee...
    Meng Yuan
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  • How many layers can a map be visualised

    I have several long and lats and postal codes. How can i put all of them into several layers in the viz .
    Gavin Wong
    created by Gavin Wong
  • How to pass a value to another chart as a parameter

    Hi Team, I have a scenario.   I have main report , form there if i click any region it as to go as a parameter to child report and filter the values . I am attaching exel sheets here.   But my case is on...
    thirupalu ch
    created by thirupalu ch
  • Spatial file with multiple Geometry columns

    Hi, I am new to Tableau GIS work.   Is it possible to use Spatial file for example ESRI Shapefile that has two Geometry columns. How would Tableau treat that file. I would like to be able to switch between Geom...
    A Limon
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  • Sum of selected items on map

    Hi,   when I select some points on the map an automated tooltip appears. By default there is a Number of items selected and SUM of AVG(Longitude). These fields can not be changed in a tooltip section. Is there a...
    Dmitry Foshin
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  • Plotting Netherlands Zip codes on map - Tableau 10.2

    Hi everyone,   I'm unable to plot sales data on a map for Netherlands, with a zip code granularity. Tableau seems not to be reading the zip codes, which in Netherlands' case are made of 4 figures, a space, 2 le...
    michele morelli
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  • Asymmetric drill down geographic map

    Hi all,   I'm trying to create an asymmetric drill down on a map. The result I have in mind is when you click on a municipality on a map, a lower level of detail will appear, just like the video of Advances mapp...
    Marielle van 't Oever
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  • 地図へのマッピングについて

    日本 及び 海外の住所を集めて地図上へマッピングしようとしています。   ①国>都道府県・州>市区町村村 でマッピングする場合  ・特に海外がうまく区分けして記入できません。各リストはどこかで入手できるかご存知ですか?   ②郵便番号でマッピングする場合  郵便番号がある場合は郵便番号でマッピングして、郵便番号がない国やうまく認識できない場合、①の国・都道府県・州の情報でマッピングしたいのですが、  ...
    Ayako Tsuzuki
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  • DISTANCE function no longer recognized when extract created

    I created a calculated field that utilizes the DISTANCE function to calculate the distance between two lat/long combinations. This works fine in Desktop when I am connected to a CSV data source. As soon as I extract t...
    Karl Ericson
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  • Min and Max Issue

    Hi All,   I want to show Max and min values for each category and each customer name. here I attached the workbook and screenshot. above screenshot, aaron bergman having 2 office supplies and 2 furniture and...
    Ravi V
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  • ArcGIS Server Connection in Tableau - Now in Beta!

    The Tableau Maps Team would like to share a new feature, now in beta: the ability to connect to publicly available ArcGIS Server/Online data via REST endpoint.   Disclaimer: Please do not use this connector in...
    Ashwin Kumar
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  • Having Tableau Derive Lat/Long

    Howdy all!   Had a quick question on creating something like a hexbin map when you have geographic fields, but not the actual lat/long. So for hexbin calcs it should look something like this:   Now in S...
    Jonathan Hodge
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  • Spatial data (non) overlap with background image

    Hi all,   This is an issue that I've had as a "blocker" for quite a few months and I've been unable to make any progress despite the various resources about background images for a map view (like this one). Ma...
    Greg Maya
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  • Spatial data from Redshift Database

    Amazon has recently added a Geometry data type to Redshift. I'm working with a simple "Hello World" Redshift dataset example that has a simple POINT geometric object called Location.   Is there a way to have the...
    Christopher Poss
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  • How To Remove Border On Map Worksheets

    I'm working on a map view and I just noticed that if a worksheet is a map, a light gray border appears around the object when you add it to a dashboard. Is there a way to remove this border? Below is a screenshot to ...
    Jason Feuring
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  • Subway Stations and Venues on the same map

    Hi community   not very good with maps, but how do i show the subway stations of singapore and the list of venues on a single map ? i have attached the long and lats of the venues and subway stations and the w...
    Gavin Wong
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