• London Post Codes to Boroughs

    Dear All   I hope you are safe and going through a bearable confinement.   Some time ago I created a London map showing where our domiciliary teachers were based. I had their post codes and also downloade...
    Ivan Casana-Gallen
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  • Top 3 Time Wasters Tableau

    Tableau is an amazing tool, but sometimes I experience that a lot of my time is wasted, because I am forced to do tasks that I shouldn't if Tableau would work better.   I am sure I am not the only one, and ther...
    Bart Jutte
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  • Map zoom with radial distance

    I'm trying to recreate Jeff Shaffer's "Map Zoom with Radial Distance...": . Data + Science   I've tried a few times but I'm missing something.   Attached is my v2020.1 twbx file.   Can anyone help ...
    Sue Grist
    created by Sue Grist
  • Performance for WMS Map Connection

    Hi everyone!   This is my first post to Tableau community so please bear with any lack of knowledge/etiquette.   I am trying to pull in map data from my organization's ArcGIS server into Tableau as a Backg...
    Jay Einhorn
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  • London boroughs with mapping

    Hi   I've seen a few posts around maps of London boroughs (and outlines of the boroughs). However, nothing that quite meets what I need. I want to map specific locations within borough outlines. I need to be abl...
    Qandeel Warrich
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  • Distance among the Stores

    Hi All,     I  want to calculate the nearest two outlets within a User specified range. For example, I should have a distance filter, when I type in 0-20miles, i should get the outlets which are at a ...
  • How to aggregate data in Tableau based on predefined squares?

    Hi, guys, I have the issue and need your help. I have a file, where specified latitude and longitude and ID each value. It looks like this:   Table_1 I want to display the sum of IDs per each square - it's ...
    Ivan Bulka
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  • How to apply a filter only on one dual axis map?

    Hi, I am going to repost the question as did not receive an answer and I had some issues in uploading the sample workbook.   The link for the workbook: https://community.tableau.com/docs/DOC-24262   I h...
    Marco Fernando
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  • Help with creating an incident map that correlates wind direction on a given day to odour complaints at various addresses

    Hello,   To start, I am quite the novice when it comes to Tableau and do not have a background as an analyst but I am slowly starting to understand the platform.   I work in Municipal Enforcement and I ha...
    Tyler Knister
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  • Sorting descending  on Tool tip dimension

    Hi ,   I am trying to sort the tool tip,dimension in this case, its Item name, the marks section , i need to sort descending .   How is this can be achievable in tableau     Indy
    indy poo
    created by indy poo
  • Tableau MAPS(Satellite) /Connection Error

    Hi Folks   As you can see below on the left is a report with satellite map which works fine , then on the right is the same map keeps scrolling.  I have white listed all the below urls on node1 and node2 ta...
  • Tableau map - size/coloring not working

    Hello guys,   I created a map sheet to mark all the employees nationality on the map. The aim was display circles with the given size based on the count of a specific nationality. It worked but not correclty. Th...
    Hadi Chami
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  • KPI Guage Chart

    Hi Tableau community,   I am here with a question. I googled but couldn't get satisfactory answer. I want to create a guage chart to show Actual and Forecast Spend in my dashboard. But I couldn't find any way o...
    Hira Waris
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  • Showing names in a map detail

    Hi and thank you in advance. I have a short list of doctors living in certain cities of Turkey. I managed to construct a map but I want names of doctors in tool tips of each city on the map and I could not do that.
    Alp Börcek
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  • (Map) A State In Multiple Groups

    I'm trying to make a map of our distributors where users can click on a filter to see their territories, but some states are being covered by multiple distributors so when I try to group a state for a distributor then...
    Jun Lian
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  • How to show detailed fields in the aggregated Table chart

    Hi   I have a table chart, all the fields i am showing from aggregated table but i want to 2 of the fields from a different table(which is the detailed table of the same tip data)   Here Fields like ICD_C...
    indy poo
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  • Plotting Netherlands Zip codes on map - Tableau 10.2

    Hi everyone,   I'm unable to plot sales data on a map for Netherlands, with a zip code granularity. Tableau seems not to be reading the zip codes, which in Netherlands' case are made of 4 figures, a space, 2 le...
    michele morelli
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  • Server Issues

    Hey Folks I got stuck somewhere   I have made the dashboard on desktop having resolution 1360x720 and when i am publishing it on server it is showing big gap at the bottom of the dashboard   i am using ...
    Nikunj Sharma
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  • State Names based on Latitude on Longitude in Tableau ?

    Hi Folks   Is there to get state names based on latitude and longitude ? Any inputs would be really helpful     Thank you!
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  • Data Points Map

    Greetings,   I m creating a US map and the challenge is  that i was unable to create a data point on the map for the states where measures exists..         Thanks for your help in advan...
    kumar Su
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