• Contains

    I am trying to translate a BI report of another platform into Tableau.   This is what I was given:  (UpperCase(COMMENT_TEXT) LIKE 'PENDED LETTER%TO DOCTOR%')   And this is what I have done in Tableau...
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  • Logshark not working with Tableau 2018.3 version

    Hi Everyone,   We have just upgraded server to 2018.3 version and our logshark version is 3. Now since the moment we upgraded we noticed logshark script has stopped working, so we did some changes to script usin...
    Bhavana Khairnar
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  • Question about pie chart

    Hi Guys,   I have a requirement on pie chart. My customer wants to see the all regions of sales percentage in pie chart  and he wants the quick filter on region . when i interact with the quick filter if i ...
    RAO Miriyala
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  • Different Output of the Same Workbook

    Hello All   I am facing issue where we have created one tableau workbook. We have saved the tableau file in a common folder in RDP  . Now the issue is that  when user A opens the tableau file he is see...
    Larsen Rennie
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  • Nested Drill down hierarchy like excel in Tableau

    Hi Community, I have created a hierarchy in Insurance in Tableau like DVP->RVP->Firmname->Broker in Tableau.   I have implemented the drill-down like this in Tableau as per the above screen shot ...
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  • Week breakdown

    Can we break / display like this ?  
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  • Time stamp

    I have date and time. How do I only extract the time stamp ?   Example:  
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  • what are the new additional features with latest tableau desktop and server?

    Hi Team,   what are the new features with latest tableau desktop and server?   Thank you
    Naryb sarah
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  • Update connection string to database via Tableau API

    Hi, Update workbook connection method allows changing server name, port name, users and password. What can I do when I want to connect to another db instance which exists on the same server (to sum up I would like to...
    Martyna Borowiecka
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  • Make Date

    As makedate() doesn't work in live connection, what is the work around. I have date in number format. I am trying to convert to 15 April 2018 format. What is the best work around ?   Existing date example:  ...
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  • Snakey diagram with drill down ?

    Any idea how to make snakey diagram using hierarchy?   In hierarchy i have: City -> Street -> House number ->Apartments   First i like to have just City and Streets. When i click to Street i lik...
    Domagoj Culinovic
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  • Sorting

    How do I sort this formula by year and then week number ? Currently it is sorted by week and then year.   When "Weekly" Then "Week " + STR(DATEPART('week', [Communication Dt])) + "," + RIGHT(STR(YEAR([Communicat...
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  • connect Tableau to SAP HCI

    I'm facing an odd problem here.   We are trying to get data into Tableau via odata connection. Our source is SAP Succesfactors. I have no problems connecting Tableau to one of the API's of Succesfactors. Howeve...
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  • Dynamic Number Format in label

    Hi Community, Please refer the screenshot. Here the numbers will be dynamically display in  units . For example : Beginning of Period Account Value have 1 billion data, so it will represent 1.78B . Similarly, ...
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  • Dashboard Actions advanced scenario : Show pop up value for a particular column selected in pivot table

    Screenshot 1   As per the business requirements, When I click Trans amount , then it will show a pop up like in Screesnhot 2. I have implemented the action in dashboard  as per below "Action Screenshot "for...
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  • Replace Data source-From Excel file to Server Database on Desktop 10.5

    Hi I’m trying to switch an existing workbook from an excel file based data source to a server based data source -Redshift database(RDS) by using the ‘Replace data source’ option in Tableau 10.5. H...
    Sahil Bareja
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  • How to set values to several calculated fields in IF - THEN - ELSE

    I have create two parameters. Now i like to use it for additional functionality at the same time, here is what i like to have:   type Parameters: Profil Network type T/F: Theme Calculate fields: Var1 Var2...
    Domagoj Culinovic
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  • Tableau Integration with Survey Monkey

    Hi Guys,              My Tableau data integration with survey monkey and the extraction is not getting refreshed even though after providing embed all passw...
    Calvin Pinto
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  • Not able to get the storage quota in the site table connecting through postgresql

    Hi All,   I am able to view the storage quota in the site page of the Tableau server. I attached the screenshot name as site page.   But while connecting the log file through postgresql not able to get the...
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  • Two User filter at once

    Hello Folks,   In my project, my requirement is I have to create user filter which is splitting on the basis of two dimensions.   I want to create user filter for a candidate by sales and another for Manag...
    Rohit Andhale
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