• Microsoft SQL Server Connectivity issue

    Hi, I'm getting the following error while connecting to Microsoft SQL Server 2014.     Unable to connect to the server. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested...
    Vinay R
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  • Tableau Sharepoint

    Hi, I'm trying to gather information on Sharepoint access to Tableau. I would be creating a Tableau dashboard similar to Sharepoint Calendar. What access i need to have before starting developing a dashboard using ...
    Vinay R
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  • Importing a data frame from R into Tableau

    I am saving a data frame (named B) in R using save(B, file = "data.RData") and then trying to open this data in Tableau using Data> New Data Source> choosing the saved .RData file. But the data only comes in one...
    Hossein Hosseini
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  • Limiting User access

    Is it possible to limit a users access to a workbook, in that they can only view one specific published workbook and nothing else? any help would be appreciated. 
    Oscar  Uyamadu
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  • Published Data source in tableau server best practice scenario question

    Need help with "published data source in tableau server scenario" best practices to be followed in terms of below scenarios happening (for each case of live and extract event ):   a) if a database table column n...
    saurav chaudhury
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  • Making the Radial Pie Gauge Go All the Way Around

    I have a Radial Pie Gauge chart, and it ends three quarters of the way to the top. I'm wanting to make it look like the Apple Watch activity measures where 100% would be a full circle, 75% would be three quarters, 50%...
    Emma Craig
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  • We are on Tableau 2018.1.3 and planning to upgrade to 2019.1.2 or may be 2019.1.3 . Any open issues?

    Hi All, We are planning to upgrade to 2019.1.2 or 2019.1.3 ( No easy way to compare what are the updates done to 2019.1.3 compared to 2019.1.2) . Please advice.   Few things I've already noticed was Design chan...
    Amar Amar
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  • What does this Server log means ?

    Hi guys, I have been facing an issue while using tableau server : I go to log folder and see the log. here i got these below lines :  Log Path :   C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\logs...
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  • Back Button need double click in Tableau Server 10.2

    Hi Guys, I have been using 10.2 Desktop and server. When i published my dashboard to tableau server. Back button already looks pressed like below :     It look okay at Tableau desktop.   What i ne...
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  • Problems Making A Radial Pie Graph

    So I have my own data set, and have been following along to a Radial Pie Graph tutorial that has been cited in a number of these forums to make the graph. In their version, the graph comes out with a nice arrow-type e...
    Emma Craig
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  • Tableau "Auto-Documentation" for Data Sources (extracts) - We've been working for months to share this with you

    tl;dr - You want to document your Tableau content automatically? Here you go!  Backstory  My data science / analytics team has been using Tableau Server for about 1.5 years as a self-service data warehouse ...
    SJ Porter
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  • slow to load the login page in Tableau Server

    Hi,   I used Tableau Server 10.3, but the other day I updated version to 2018.1. The login page is displayed so slowly after updating the version. #about 3 minutes to 5 minutes   Is there a countermeasu...
    Yu Ishizaki
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  • Data Level security in Tableau

    Dear All,   I have a data source having two dimensions on which I would like to apply security at row level.   After searching a lot on internet we tried one solution which seemed to be the only option for...
    Raj Trivedi
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  • ODBC driver for KDB+ that is capable of Live Connection?

    Hello,   I am working with Tableau Server and KDB+ database. I am aware that Tableau at the moment does not have a native driver for KDB+, but there are ODBC and ODBC3 drivers out there both mentioned on Kx's ne...
    Jasen Choi
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  • How to calculate an average for a number of resources assigned to a team

    How to calculate an average for number of resources assigned to a team. Below is the screenshot for your reference:   If you see in below image. Team 1 has worked on multiple issues in some issues they had 8 res...
    Rahul Arora
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  • Disable  'NEXT' in the Relative Date for the Non Prediction Report

    Hi Geeks, User don't want to see ' NEXT' in the Relative Date. Is there any way to Disabling the NEXT as we are not showing any Prediction/Forecasting in the Report.
    Sandeep Varma
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  • How to create user filter set in TDSX and leverage the created user filter set in the consuming workbooks?

    - User Filter set in TDSX - Reuse in workbooks
    Sri Kumaran Thirupathy
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    I have a general question but not sure where to post it, hopefully someone her can direct me. I have installed and configured Tabjolt in a different server than my Tableau.  I have ran the built-in report  ...
    Seb Bec
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  • Issues with Extensions in Tableau Server 2018.2

    Morning,   I'm going to post this one here in case anyone has had the same issue. I do have an open case with Tableau support, but I'm guessing they are snowed under with upgrade issues still as they seem to hav...
    Rob Palmer
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  • How to update datasource using XML of  .twb file

    I need to update datasource where i have a story including approx. 100 dashboards, tried doing it using XML file of .twb file but no luck. Any idea what all should be updated to achieve that as i won't want to do it m...
    sweta gupta
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