• Nested Drill down hierarchy like excel in Tableau

    Hi Community, I have created a hierarchy in Insurance in Tableau like DVP->RVP->Firmname->Broker in Tableau.   I have implemented the drill-down like this in Tableau as per the above screen shot ...
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  • How Can I Automatically Calculate Concurrent/Simultaneous Chat Sessions?

    Hi All,   I am trying to automate the process for calculating simultaneous chat sessions within Tableau. Our chat agents can take up to 4 chats concurrently, but this is not automatically calculated by our syste...
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  • Time stamp

    I have date and time. How do I only extract the time stamp ?   Example:  
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  • Tableau online refresh doesn't work with Snowflake.

    I'm facing a weird challenge. We connect to our Snowflake instance via SAML/IDP (Okta) on Desktop. And when we publish the workbook it works great. Each analyst/Data scientist uses their own SAML login and 2FA to acce...
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  • Week breakdown

    Can we break / display like this ?  
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  • Drill-down Hierachy in the same sheet

    HI Community,     I am referring to Superstore Data set. My Requirement is that I can drill-down from category to Sub-category in the same sheet without clicking the '+' symbol for hierarchy in Category c...
  • Make Date

    As makedate() doesn't work in live connection, what is the work around. I have date in number format. I am trying to convert to 15 April 2018 format. What is the best work around ?   Existing date example:  ...
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  • Sorting

    How do I sort this formula by year and then week number ? Currently it is sorted by week and then year.   When "Weekly" Then "Week " + STR(DATEPART('week', [Communication Dt])) + "," + RIGHT(STR(YEAR([Communicat...
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  • Dude about editing a published data source (extract)

    Hi everybody, how are you?   Usually I do that for edit data sources (extracts): https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/edit-a-published-data-source?signin=00f7d61297a629d04915da8df7e7e4bf https://kb.tableau.com...
    Agustin Leira
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  • Blend Reference tables or combine data outside tableau?

    Suppose I have data that contains 4 fields.   Customer, Account, ID, Amount.   The fields Customer, Account and ID can be joined with reference tables that provide descriptions.   For exa...
    Mike Beckmann
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  • Passing Filters in URL Actions to Export to .csv

    I have spent hours trying to trouble shoot why Tableau makes it so incredibly difficult to export filtered data. Since the download "Full Data" option inundates my users with my dozens of calculations... it is not a v...
  • Refresh Button is Dead?

    Hi Everyone,   I have an issue where the extract refresh button is dead.  I click refresh, nothing happens. I go to data->refresh data source and the viewable field seems to perform some sort of actio...
    Michael Brock
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  • New Folder in Tableau Server after every refresh?

    Hi,   After every extract refresh in Tableau server, is a new file or a new folder created? If it is created, where it is located?   Also, if the new file or new folder of the extract is created after ever...
    Hamza Vohra
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  • Crosstab now changes my sort order in Tableau 2018.3 Help

    Hi Everyone,   My organization just updated to Tableau Server 2018.3, when I use to use the Download - Crosstab option to excel it would keep my formatting just like I had it in my table. Now when I use Crossta...
    Michael Goodnight
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  • Computing view layout. sorting data while publishing workbook on server

    Hi Everyone,   I am having trouble with publishing workbook on server from past 2 days, when i say publish workbook , it's taking more than 60+ minutes to publish and some how I run out of patience and end up cl...
    Bhavana Khairnar
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  • Dynamic Number Format in label

    Hi Community, Please refer the screenshot. Here the numbers will be dynamically display in  units . For example : Beginning of Period Account Value have 1 billion data, so it will represent 1.78B . Similarly, ...
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  • Dashboard Actions advanced scenario : Show pop up value for a particular column selected in pivot table

    Screenshot 1   As per the business requirements, When I click Trans amount , then it will show a pop up like in Screesnhot 2. I have implemented the action in dashboard  as per below "Action Screenshot "for...
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  • Drill down Advanced scenario : Show drill down of the selected one column

    Hi Community,   Please refer the two  below screenshots where I am doing drill down Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2     In the above two screen shots, you can observe First Year and Renewal Pr...
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  • How to make row axis by day and column axis by number in this Work Book?

    Hi All,   Hope all is well. I have set of data that has 3 months data in it.   - I'd break it down by days   - In the same graph, I'd like to show all data in in the same graph (they are the data fo...
    Junwei Chen
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  • Replace Data source-From Excel file to Server Database on Desktop 10.5

    Hi I’m trying to switch an existing workbook from an excel file based data source to a server based data source -Redshift database(RDS) by using the ‘Replace data source’ option in Tableau 10.5. H...
    Sahil Bareja
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