• Two workbooks one data source but only one refreshes

    We are trying to set up a self serve using Tableau. The idea is to have 3 workbooks as templates which business users can then edit on the server and save a copy to another folder on the server without over writing th...
    Lawrence Smith
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  • Change Status

    Hi All,   How to find out count of customers from one status to another status.   above image A,B,1,2 is status and 100,50,120,80 is no of customers, some of the customers has to change the status in ja...
    Ravi V
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  • Using AskData remotely

    Is there a way for utilization of AskData remotely? Some API maybe?   Also, how do I show changes to my Tableau dashboard remotely, like people can do with extensions, with just using API's and not extensions? ...
    Soumyajyoti Bhattacharya
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  • Merge two boolean rows

    Hello,   I am relatively new to Tableau and am having trouble with some of its function.   I have 2 rows of boolean values, under the same name, and would like to combine them, per column, based on these r...
    Aaron Teo
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  • Wire Error: BinaryTupleReader. How to solve it?

    Hi friends,   I try to create an Extract from a PostgreSQL Conection. Tableau 9.0.0 gives me the following error:   Wire Error: BinaryTupleReader::NextWireValueAligned:1182 Not enough data at start The ex...
    Teresa Obis
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  • Python vs R in the real world

    I'm looking for real world experience and guidance on which path to choose, Python vs R.  My ignorance is creating too many concerns in my head, which is making my drag my feet. Paralysis by analysis, per se....
    corey neilson
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  • Refresh Extract Error

    Hi,   I am using tableau 2018.2.3 version on Linux. There is an extract that runs every hour.   Irregularly, It runs over 7200 and the following error occurs: com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.TableauCancelE...
    mj jang
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  • What happened so that my data source looks like this?

    Hi Everyone,   Right now I've been running into problems editing Tableau workbooks. This is because somehow the data is on Tableau server instead of anything else.   It can only be described as what I see ...
  • data refresh using rest api in version 10.3

    Hi,   I'm working on tableau version 10.3. I wanted to refresh my data manually using rest api's.   first I just wanted to confirm whether it's possible in 10.3 ,if yes then what I'm doing mentioned below ...
    Mohit Aggarwal
    created by Mohit Aggarwal
  • Tableau Data Extract Encryption issues with HA installation setup, Vormetric vs Windows BitLocker drive encryption

    Hi Tableau Gurus -   We have a Tableau Server High Availability environment setup. We use Vormetric to encrypt .tde files at rest. Unfortunately, with this Vormetric encryption software our extract are failing t...
    Shaan Nazir
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  • How do i return a number

    I am dividing YTD Mileage/ Ytd RC's which equals MDBF YTD. but in a case where there is no YTD RC's I want to return the YTD Mileage as The MDBF YTD how can I do this?  
    Shaquelle Jacobs
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  • unable to create extract

    Hello Tableau community, I've built a dashboard using data connection from postgresql and created an extract from it and a refresh schedule on Tableau server, at first everything was going fine and the data was refre...
    Mohamed Hussen
    created by Mohamed Hussen
  • How to open dashboard URL action in same tab of a browser?

    Hi All,   I am facing a technical challenge. I am using URL action in the dashboard where when we click on any of the sheets it should open in the same tab of a browser. We have provided the tableau server detai...
    Ajith Suresh
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  • Split stringified JSON Object in .csv file while import

    Hello, Can anyone guide me me how you split the data from stringified JSON Object? For example, a dimension or a column in .csv file contains data  as [{'id': 16, 'name': 'Animation'}, {'id': 35, 'name': 'Come...
    Priya Vin
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  • Custom Query Data

    When I run the query in our BI (Metabase/Postgres) environment it returns the right data. SELECT   v2_businesses.id,   COUNT(v2_teams.id) AS Count_of_Teams FROM   v2_businesses   LEFT OUTER ...
    Greg Barnes
    created by Greg Barnes
  • pie chart with categories (superstore data) which includes 4 slices- technology, office supplies , furniture and technology+ furniture.

    Hi I want to create a pie chart with categories (superstore data) which includes 4 slices- technology, office supplies , furniture and technology+ furniture. Can you please guide me how i can achieve it. Tried sets b...
    Aakanksha Pandey
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  • How to find out hors vs days

    Hi All,   how to calculate no of days below screen shot Client A doing 1 activity in jan month 2 times and spending hours are 6 hours and Client B doing 1 activity in jan month 2 times and spending hours are 2...
    Ravi V
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  • Orders / Day of the week

      I have the above dataset. I was able to find the  Average Orders/ Hour. But I am unable to find the Avg Orders / Day of the Week (Monday, Tuesday ..) I am using the below formulae but it isn't working as...
    sam john
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  • How to automate extract datasource refresh after placing a file in a particular path?

    Hi All,   We are using an extract data source in our report. so we have to refresh the data source daily. what we are looking forward is, we have an excel file which is uploaded in a particular folder. Here the ...
    Ajith Suresh
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  • Aggregation error

    Why is this working for the YTD but not the MTD. can someone please help me with this ? the calculations are MTD Mileage if DATEDIFF('month', DATETRUNC('month',[Date Reported]), {MAX(DATETRUNC('month',[End Date ...
    Shaquelle Jacobs
    created by Shaquelle Jacobs