• Running Total on Stacked Color Mark Graph

    Hey guys,   Trying to get my "RFM_Combined" to segment my stacked bar graphs, all while having a running total. This is how it looks right now, which I'd like the segments to apply to:     However, ...
    Zain Sheraz
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  • How to calculate the AVG temperature from last 5 minutes?

    I need to show in a dashboard a sensor temperature and the requirements are: - show the last temperature of a current sensor - show the average of the temperature for the last 5 minutes   In my table, I have ...
    Adriano Daronco
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  • Dynamic Reference Line that Changes by Quarter

    Hello All,   I have a dashboard that will update for each quarter. As it moves from one quarter to the next, I want the dynamic reference line I have created using a CALC to change, also.   MY reference ca...
    Darren Toal
    created by Darren Toal
  • Show current and last positions based on ID & Month

    Hello everyone,   I am trying to create a dashboard that shows new job codes and the last job code an employee had.  If you look at the first table of my attachment, you will see two highlighted rows, and t...
    Jerome Walker
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  • Likert Scale, Calculated Field Not Correctly Subtotaling

    I am following the instructions in this video (LIKERT SCALE TABLEAU TUTORIAL - YouTube ) to create a divergent stacked bar chart visualization of some survey data.  I've successfully done this before, following t...
    Rebecca Schley
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  • Rank based on two measures

    Based on the other forum posts and blogs I've read, I'm pretty sure that this isn't possible, but just wanted to check just in case.   I'm working with some sports match data. I want to create a calculated field...
    Penelope Reilly
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  • Working out conversion dates

    Hi, I am trying to work out two things 1. the Days between each stage and 2. the conversion % for an application. An example of the dates would be:   Days between stages: 1. Enquiry Date:   ...
    Mike Lavelle
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  • Identify missing Customer Payments

    Hello! I am trying to solve the following problem involving customer Referene id,Contract Start date, Contract End Date, Payment date    Created a separate source to create charts for expected and Actul ...
    Radh Gowda
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  • Sort by calculated field returned by TabPy

    I am using TabPy to create a calculated field and I am receiving the values from it. I want to sort my table based on the values returned by the the calculated field in descending order. But if I use the sort by field...
    Tasheer Hussain
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  • How do I limit the number of regions selected on a map?

    Hello Tableau Community,   Hope all is well. The attached workbook has a dashboard of five worksheets.   My objective is to limit the user to select at most two regions. Otherwise, the dashboard is too bu...
    Luis Martinez
    created by Luis Martinez
  • Viz Tool tip change on click vs hover

    Hi i am trying to display two tool tips one on hover and another on selection. following this TC 2019 video (2 Diff VIT for Hover & click)  but i cant get the tooltip to change based on selection   Nex...
    anuj handa
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  • Highlighting Values Within a Crosstab

    Hello,   I haven't been able to figure out how to highlight values that are not consistent within the data in a cross-tab. I will try to explain what I am trying to do. Here is an example of the cross-tab i crea...
    Mantas Juresius
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  • YoY Day Alignment

    Hi,   I'm trying to create a year on year graph but that is day aligned, by that i mean it should compare the same day this year to the same day last year. I'm particularly facing issues when we enter new years...
    Vinay Seeruthun
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  • level of detail expressions cannot contain table calculations or the attr function

    Hi All,   I have to sum production by current month and Name should be fixed.   I am using below:-   RUNNING_SUM({ FIXED ATTR([ Name]): IF ATTR([Month])= ATTR(MONTH([ACTION_DATE])) THEN ATTR([produ...
    Sumit Kumar
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  • Time series/total time someone was present at the counter

    I want to calculate total time when a employee was present at the counter on 11/20/2019 from 9am-10am. There can be 2 employees during the same time, so we cannot sum the time difference. How do I plot the percentage ...
    Lipi Soni
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  • Total per dimension

    Hi,   I assume this is a easy one, but I'm not sure I can find a solution right now. Thus, I was thinking to find help on forum.   I would like to show the total for each and every "Serie" (Total IH and To...
    Alin-Iustinian Toderita
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  • Budget vs Actual and Variance

    Dear Tableau Community,   I tried to reach the visualization in the attached picture, but I'm stuck with the variance functionalities in Tableau, which I completely understand in Excel.   I have prepared...
    Ozalee Francis
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  • How to get the SUM of running last 3 period when filtering only 1 specific period? (URGENT)

    Hi all,   Does anybody know how to get the last 3 months when I filter 1 specific period? For example below:     Let us say I want to get the sum of last 3 months from FY20 P02, objective is to get ...
    Patrick Dela Cruz
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  • Actions are not working in dashboard

    HI All,   Could you please help me with the below issue.   I have top 10 customers based on the sales.   now i would like to get top 10 customers based on the BU in the same sheet.     W...
    Veera Veeru
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  • Sorting in the table with a hierarchy

    Hello I have a table which has - dimensions: hierarchy where I can drill into: Channel - Sub Customer - Customer. - various measures in the table e.g. Units, Value, Weight etc. - the table is by years: 2017, 2018, 201...
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