• Top N for each category when # of category items < N

    Hi,   I want to show Top N products in each category by sum of sales (see table below) - based on Top N for each category   Top N - parameter   e.g. show me Top 10 Products for each category and the...
    Agnieszka Ludzik
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  • Percentile function

    Did Tableau eliminate the Percentile function? I see rank_percentile and window_percentile, but I no longer see percentile as an option. Has this been replaced by something else?
    Zach Linder
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  • Sales last days of the month

    I am analyzing the dates in which sales occur by agent.   I am attempting to count the number of records which occur in the last days of the month (from the 24th - 31st by agent- Fixed LOD please).   Addit...
    A Je
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  • Post Operative ReAdmission in Hospital. Logic Please

    Hello Guys,   Percentage of patients who experienced a postoperative complication within 30 days following a bariatric surgery   This was the question i got it.In Simple way if I explained we need to find ...
    Jithin Babu
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  • Need A Hero: Help Badly Needed With Aggregating Rates During Specific Date Intervals!

    Hello everyone,   It's been a while since I reached out on the forums for help, but the last time I did was incredibly helpful to me and I am still grateful.  I've passed the knowledge on and learned a lot ...
    John Danahy
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  • How To Create a Calculation Field that Ignores Filters in Filter Card (Not in View)?

    Hi All,   I have a problem to create a calculation without Filter in filter card (NOT in view).   I use superstore data as an example. I create a calculation filed based on [Sales] using LOD function. &#...
    Deep Kid
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  • How do I calculate the average total current value of a metric using two time conditions?

    I have a MySQL database with the columns: - User ID - Quantity - Timestamp 1 - Time stamp 2 (calculated from time stamp 1)   I want to calculate the running average total value (Y-axis) over time (X-axis) in...
    Marco Herrmannsdoerfer
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  • Display First Time Purchases for the Prior Year

    Hello, I've created a calculated field that will display the number of first-time purchases by over a 12-month period.  What I'd like to now do is to have a second line graph on a dual axis that will show the fi...
    Trey Grimes
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  • Basic AB Testing with Tableau

    Hi, suppose there is an email campaign for customers.   There are two equally divided groups A and B. B received an email with "Offer ends this Saturday. Use code B!". A did not receive the email. Please find t...
    Kadir Senkaya
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  • Difference field

    Name of Sheet: M - Financial Performance KPIs Properties Issue Faced: I would like the cross tabulation in the above sheet to also show the percentage difference between Property Type performances in each of the meas...
    Yusra Bagosher
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  • Percent of total

    I am analyzing sales by salesman.   Cancelled contracts are represented by any date other than the 12/31/9999 date in the move-out date column.   i need a calculation to determine the cancellation rate by ...
    A Je
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  • Calculated Fields Return NULL or Unexpected Results After Extract Refresh

    I have no idea why am I getting this error. The moment I switch to extract, My calculated field is returning me "0".   I read a blog from Tableau itself but I couldn't understand what the want me to do exactly....
    Akshath Dhar
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  • How to generate significance-tests on multiple groups?

    Hi   For concepts comparison, I have data sample from a survey, for only 1 scaled question in this case, answers could be 1 to 5, question is being asked for each concept (A-E). I would like to create significa...
    Dror Katz
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  • Count of Records

    Hello Everyone,   Here's my scenario:   I wanted to get the ageing of records which are greater 320 Days.   The records are calculated like:   Extract Date(is the date when the report was extra...
    Ritu Raj
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  • Graph - local maximum/minimum

    Hello, I have been trying to find a way to find local maximum / minimum of line chart with set boundary. As is shown on this picture.   Is there any way I could set up changeable range in which I can calculat...
    Miroslav Smid
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  • Calculate Difference Between Two Rows Within Same Group

    As shown in the image, I am trying to show gaps in file number for every fond using   LOOKUP(SUM([File]),0)-LOOKUP(SUM([File]),-1)  How do I limit the calculation to a specific fond? For example, the resul...
    Yi Lu
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  • Displaying most recent value for each KPI

    Hi all -   I am trying to build a filter using a calculated field for the following data. I have the following data similar to the table below with most recent dates varying and want the end result to display th...
    Hunter Zarybnicky
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  • Incorrect TOP N Set after N=3

    Dear All,   I am currently creating a donut chart with TOP N sets and parameters.   The problems is  TOP N works well when N=1,2,3 BUT NOT AFTER 3   for example, when N=4, the 5th member shows u...
    Cedar Liu
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  • Re-pointing excel to tableau workbook data type of columns getting changed.

    I've been working on a dashboard using Tableau Desktop 2018.3.5 without issues. Today, when i am doing data refresh for the dashboard using the data from excel 365. There was no change to field names and order of fiel...
    S D
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  • Bold certain words in calculated field (string) - for Allergens highlight

    Hi,   I have a calculated field that has an output like this and I want to 'bold' the allergens. For example, I would like to 'bold' all words like these: lapte, faina, unt, oua, ou, amidon, gluten.   Ingre...
    Andrei Dragan Radulet
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