• Calculating New Sellers Introduced in Current Year

    I'm attempting to build a calculation that counts how many new Sellers a company has introduced in the Current Year. So - If the seller/supplier has been used in 2018 and 2019, it's an old seller. However if they hav...
    Loren Rivers
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  • Conversion Rate Calculation

    Hi community.   I am new here and this is my first question here and I will be very grateful for your advice.   Given: Table on leads Dimesions: Creation Date of leads Source of leads City of leads I...
    Saribek Karapetyan
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  • Question on color formatting

    Hi all,   I have a calculated field called as Mcal and corresponding parameter.   I need to display the Mcal column to a specific color. If the range is 0 to 9.9% it should be Red, 10 to 16.9% should be ...
    Sirisha T
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  • Sankey Diagram

    Hi All,   I have just started learning how to create sankey diagram from Ken Flerlage, Kevin Flerlage, kevin flerlage  samples.   All I have done so far are source and destination. I am stuck with th...
    Patrick Iyor
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  • Order of Stacked Bar with Calculation

    Hi all,   I was following this Alexander's post Vizible Difference: Dynamic Histogram Over Time it worked but i cant manage to order the bars by state,   The example workbook is attached, any suggestion o...
    Emanuel Marinelli
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  • Counting Specific Dates Within Range

    Hello,   I've been working on this calculation for a day and half with no luck so I'm going to reach out to the experts--I really think the answer is probably simple, but every forum and Google search has led me...
    A W
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  • Trimming a value

    Hi,   I have values in the database that are coming back like this:   [ "value" ]   or there may be more than one: [ "value1", "value2", "value3" ]   The main reason why I would like to ...
    Stephen Lanham
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  • Combine two date fields to a master date field

    Hi All, I have a requirement in tableau. I have two date field Date1 and Date2. Date2 is having the values Null and 2019 year dates where as Date1 is having the 2019 dates. Attached the workbook for reference. I ...
    kamal kumar
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  • How to filter on calculated field (2yr sales average)?

    Hi all - I have what I hope is a simple question.   I have a table of approximately 30,000 customers and their 2017 and 2018 sales. In the 4th column, I've used the "Totals" analytics function to calculate the a...
    Zach Mundy
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  • How To Count Number Of Records When We Have Two Dates?

    Hi,   I got struggled to get a result.   Expected Result :   For Active, Jan'19 : 3 Feb'19 : 3 Mar'19 : 5   For In Active, Feb'19 : 2 Mar'19 : 1 Apr'19 : 3   Attached Data & Twbx in Main ...
    Kapil Dks
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  • Calculating Capacity Utilization Metric

    Hi,   I am struggling with this for a while so I thought I would share it here.   I am trying to calculate and visualize the utilization of our network of chargers.   A charge session has a timestam...
    Abdul Ahad
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  • Calculations - Parameters help

    Hi all,   I have a parameter Mrange and calculated field Mcal. But if any option is selected in parameter, the corresponding report is not displayed. Appreciate your help.   Currently only if Parameter is...
    Sirisha T
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  • Slicing data using date

    If I have a table of dates and want to slice another tables data based on those dates and have each row use a different date, how would that be possible?   Each row would use the dates from the file "dates safe"...
    Jeremy Lopez
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  • Conditional colors for cells for 2 Measures in TABLEAU?

    Hi Geeks, User want TABLEAU Conditional colors for cells by monthly like below: However, I got like this: Please find the data & TWBX attached.
    Sandeep Varma
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  • How to Provide Particular date to particular value?

    Hi All, Please provide me solutions for particular date for particular value up to day(Excel Date)  after data sorting in descending order
    Shrikant Chole
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  • Bump charts using rank dense

    Hello, We created a bump chart using rank on the bump chart for magic tab of the main (not supplemental) workbook, but the chart will not take into account tied values. For instance, we would like the ranking to be 1...
    Mark Witmer
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  • Tableau connection to the Excel files Hosted in SharePoint Online.

    Hello Folks,      How to connect to Excel files hosted in sharepoint online, Please help me out with this.           Thanks, Renuka
    Renuka Devi
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  • a table calculation problem about accumulative

    I got a table like: date customer state 2019/9/1 A 1 2019/9/1 B 1 2019/9/2 B 2 2019/9/3 A 2 2019/9/4 B 3   the target is "calculate everyday how many customers retain on each state". That is to say, on 9/1, bec...
    Thomas Dong
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  • LOD, FIXED count distinct?

    Hi,   I'm really having trouble even knowing where to start with this. I have attached a dummy data set.   I'm trying to create a calculation that will count the number of times a Patient is seen (count d...
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  • COUNTD and Condition How?

    Hi All,   im new at all the calculations and feel pretty silly asking this, but ive got a list of data 'MemberIds' and 'Runinstance type'   On RunInstanceType - i have have data of (P,C, B) on member ID...
    Bon Tang
    created by Bon Tang