• Security access to dashboard based on multiple users in data

    Hi All, Need you help here to resolve below issue.   I have a table in which same rows of data assign to two or three different people in the below format. So now I want that if any user login to tableau server...
    Gaurav balyan
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  • Date comparison

    Hello,     I hope you will be able to help me with my request.     On the "New account Created" sheet on the attached Tableau file I'm presenting a monthly report of how many accounts were create...
    Baptiste Orsoni
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  • Filter actions doubling up

    I am trying to build a last 6 months of data viz.   I've created this multiple times. It keeps adding in a second filter when it should only have 1 filter and doubles my dependencies which then gives me a blank ...
    David Whelton
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  • My pie is blank

    I have a pie chart in my workbook and it shows the data but it is just a dot with no slices with labels for the data. Can anyone tell me how to actually show the slices? I attached a screenshot.
    Angel Durr
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  • Sales of Customer since last 6 months

    Hi, I wanna find out the Sales of Customers in last 6 months to know that whether these customer back to our business in recent 6 months. And I found out a tutorial video about this in Power BI, not in Tableau, so...
    Thoa Nguyen
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  • Create a selection criteria

    I'm building a real estate dashboard for my local area.  I have data on about 15,000 houses including square footage, bed/bath, lot size, age, last sale price, etc.  I am wondering if it's possible to create...
    JD Fred
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  • Window(Max) and Grand Totals

    Hi all,   I have seen a lot of the discussions regarding WINDOW(MAX) and Grand Totals not totaling correctly, however, I'm getting more confused as each method I try is unsuccessful so I apologize for creating a...
    Vanessa Ly
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  • Fetch Json Data From Mysql Database

    Hi Folks,   Currently I am facing few challenges while fetching data from MySql Database table in which a field having json data in it. So , I am supposed to fetch a particular field from it.   I am trying...
    Aashish Gupta
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  • calculation in tableau

    Hi tableau community,   Below is my sample data.                            ...
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  • Last month lookup with quick filter

    Hi folks,   I have a struggle with rather simple case. I need to show information about Sales in current and previous month on two separate columns. Easy. The problem which I have is, I need also be able to fil...
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  • How to calculate, for each discount level, %  (Sales with Profit >= 0) / (Total Sales)

    Hi, I have been trying to figure out how to calculate this and not making much progress. I have read the docs for Sets and LODs but unable to find the answer. Consider the following Viz: At each discount level 40...
    Amod Singhal
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  • Selecting Keep only option based on datetime field hiding grand total values

    Hi all,   I'm using Tableau desktop 2018.3.1 and data connection is oracle. I have created a simple list report with certain columns. When i selected Keep only option based on a datetime field, the grand total v...
    Ramesh Ramamoorthy
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  • Creating new field from the content and count each content

    Syaeful Bahri
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  • Top N Months using LAST/INDEX and sort by manual dragging ("show missing values" enabled)

    I'm working on a monthly trend grid chart, filtered to show only top N months via last/index as the calculations uses LAGGED & WINDOW_SUM table calculation.   The problem is that the trend totally gets distu...
    Micheal Nadar
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  • How could I specify Highest/lowest point on sparklines

    Hi fans of Tableau:   I'm learning Tableau sparklines. I watched Andy's video How to Add Min/Max Indicators to Sparklines - YouTube and use superstores to practice. My column: year month(Order date), like Jan, 2...
    Honglin Du
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  • Getting Member List of Not in Set items

    Hi there,   Long time reader, first time questioner.   I have a list of articles that are sold in various locations. What I'm trying to determine is the locations where each specific article is not being s...
    Sean Jeffery
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  • Time Formatting

    Hello,   Can someone tell me why there are random blank spaces when I add color to check-in time based on a calculation?
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  • Identifying outliers and creating a summary by dimension

    Hi,   I have the attached workbook, wherein I am looking to identify outliers (which I have defined as observations lying outside 1.5x the IQR from the median).   In the attached, I have visualized the dat...
    Michael Franzidis
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  • Budget vs Actual and Variance

    Dear Tableau Community,   I tried to reach the visualization in the attached picture, but I'm stuck with the variance functionalities in Tableau, which I completely understand in Excel.   I have prepared...
    Ozalee Francis
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  • Time Range Calculation Help

    Hi there - I have four fields:   Salesperson ID Lead ID Salesperson Hire Date Lead Submission Date   I would like to count the distinct lead IDs per salesperson submitted over the course of their first ...
    Logan Lloyd
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