You know, being a relative newbie to the server side of IT can be frustrating because there are so many aspects to it and networking types of issues are my bane.  Firewall, proxy, VIPs, SSL, etc. are so different and have their own teams [at least where I work] but seem like the same thing depending on one's inexperienced viewpoint.


While testing our up-coming 2-node Tableau Server environment I was having an issue with the "pretty" VIP (Virtual IP) that my end users would use that would direct them to the Tableau Server.  Screen results from using the VIP address were very random.  Sometimes the login page would display, sometimes not.  Sometimes it would show the list of Sites, other time just a partial list.  After maybe logging in I would get some workbooks.  Clicking on one would result in a "content not found" or "page could not be accessed" types of errors.  Web page rendering performance was often terrible.  As part of the load-balancer setup I carefully followed the instructions from Add a Load Balancer, several times in fact, but still no joy   I set up a case with Tableau Support and sent them my log files and waited.


Two weeks went by and no reply.  I pinged them -- because normally they are very quick to respond -- and was told an engineer was looking over my case.  Sigh.


My manager, who is much more skilled with networking than I, asked if the F5 was pointing to both the primary server and the worker server.  I said "both".  He suggested that the F5 team point it only to the primary server since there is no need for it to point to the worker server.  So I confirmed with my contact that, yes indeed, the F5 was pointing at both (a load-balancing function) so I asked them to have the "pretty" VIP only point to the primary Tableau Server.  They made the switch within minutes and I tested that.


BOOM!  It worked!


Lesson learned for this newbie:  Make sure load-balancers, proxy redirects, etc. just point to the primary and make sure you emphasize that requirement to whomever your contact is if you aren't doing it yourself.