The staff of the Tableau Community Forums will ask for input from the Tableau Ambassadors about who we think would make a good Ambassador.  There are some basic things we look for on the Community Forums side -- that info can be found by searching the forums -- however there’s one aspect about the Ambassador that I try to be aware of:  The Supernova.


The Supernova

In astrology a supernova is the dying event of a star that results in a phenomenal and spectacular release of energy, making it one of the brightest objects around for a short period of time.  So in the forums I view someone as a supernova if they come in strong, help a lot of people and do it in a great way, and then once they get to a certain point level/title they drop off, either suddenly or fairly quickly. Typically they last only a few months but never more than a year.  It’s great to have such people but disappointing as well because they were such a great resource and now they spend little, if any, time helping out in the forums.


While we try to notice who has the potential to be an Ambassador for when selection time comes we must be wary because it is the supernova that catches our attention and thus can be deceiving – will they stay around?  Those who have kept a fairly steady pace tend to be better contenders because of their very nature of being consistent and reliable.  Think of those type of folks as the red dwarfs in the Tableau galaxy



This is why the decision-making process for Ambassadors isn’t as cut-n-dry as some think.  It's not just based upon points gained or the number of posts marked with Correct Answer.  We do not have the final decision, that belongs to the Tableau Community staff, but we help and this is a consideration among other criteria.