A useful URI Schemes is the mailto scheme.  It allows you to give the viewer the option to send an email using their default email application on their computer.  The nice thing about this is that there is no Tableau Server setup, just that it needs the ability to send email.  If you've set up your Server for Alerts and Subscriptions then you're good:


Here's a report that displays a list of Projects on our Tableau Server.  If the user clicks on any Project part of the tooltip menu has an action that allows them to request a new Project:


The Action is made up of two parts:  1) The TO email address and 2) The SUBJECT line:


Notice that the two items are separated by a question mark (?).  This is necessary.  The nice thing about this is that Tableau allows you to put actual spaces in the text area, you don't have to use %20.


1) and 2) below:  More than one email can be sent, simply separate the additional email addresses with a semicolon if you use Microsoft Outlook:


Other email applications may have you use a comma or other separator so be sure to check.

3) Shows that you can use a Tableau field to fill in text for an email.


If you wish you can use the body encoding.  If adding it to existing encoding then prefix it with the ampersand (&) as shown below in 4):


I noticed in Outlook that if you include body then the default signature will not automatically populate inside the email body.


Why Isn't It Working?

You may notice that sometimes you include a field but you get the following error message:


and when you try out your Action you don't see the Action link:


This is an easy fix, simply drag and drop the field into the Detail shelf:



The attached workbook has examples of the discussed topics for Parts one and two.