The next step is to create a Site on the destination Server.  I simply went through the Admin panel on my PROD server and created "8.3 QA" with the ID of "tempqa":


It's availability is "Suspended" as I don't want anyone to get into it at this time.


The import was much quicker.  My command was:

tabadmin importsite tempqa --file D:\temp\ --tempdir D:\temp\temp_working


It finished within 10 minutes:

(Ignore the first attempt, I forgot to add the name of the zip file).


Now don't do what I did and EXIT the cmd window!  Luckily I took this screen shot and posted it above otherwise I would've lost the mappings directory -- doh!  Don't worry, even if you do close the cmd window too quickly the place to look is in the "mappings" folder:


Now I check the .csv files for three question marks (???).  My Servers don't have Microsoft products on them so I can't use Excel.  I could open the file from my laptop if I wanted.  I already have Notepad++ installed on the Servers so I'll just use that since the file sizes are small.


My "mappingScheduleMapper.csv" has some question marks:


Hourly Schedule,Refresh Extracts,???,???
Saturday night 11PM,Refresh Extracts,???,???
Admin reporting only - 3AM,Refresh Extracts,???,???
Weekdays 4AM,Refresh Extracts,???,???
WeekDays - 5 AM Pacific,Refresh Extracts,???,???


Fixing it is pretty easy.  First, these are all extracts so I fix that part:

Hourly Schedule,Refresh Extracts,???,Extract
Saturday night 11PM,Refresh Extracts,???,Extract
Admin reporting only - 3AM,Refresh Extracts,???,Extract
Weekdays 4AM,Refresh Extracts,???,Extract
WeekDays - 5 AM Pacific,Refresh Extracts,???,Extract


The next part I have to do is match the source_name of the import Site to one of the source_names on the target Site:

Hourly Schedule,Refresh Extracts,Every 60 Minutes,Extract
Saturday night 11PM,Refresh Extracts,???,Extract
Admin reporting only - 3AM,Refresh Extracts,Admin test reporting only - 3 AM,Extract
Weekdays 4AM,Refresh Extracts,Weekdays - 4:30 AM Pacific,Extract
WeekDays - 5 AM Pacific,Refresh Extracts,Weekdays - 5 AM Pacific,Extract

I don't have a "Saturday night 11PM" schedule so I'm going to leave that as-is and see what happens.


My "mappingsSystemUserNameMapper.csv" had 18 out of 2128 Users that had question marks so I simply deleted them.  They weren't licensed Desktop users so I wasn't concerned.


Okay, now I'm ready to perform the actual/final import!