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    Tableau 2019.16 - connecting to SQL Server using ODBC (ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server) -error

    Raj T

      Hi All,

      I did some google search on the issue and it looks like the ODBC mismatch issue with the Tableau 2019.1.6. I have ODBC driver 13 For SQL Server


      1).Created the ODBC on my desktop - system DSN, selected ODBC driver 13 for SQL Server

      2)Test connection in ODBC window was successful.

      3).When I go to my tableau desktop 2019.16. i am able to connect to the ODBC


      what is the issue? I do not see the schema, tables - just for testing i used the new custom sql - select * from sometable - i see some data in view results


      why i do not see the schema, tables? I am not sure


      on my desktop/pc i have SQL server Mgmt studio installed V17.8.1


      Do i need to get the ODBC driver version like 17? - any help is really appreciated