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    Tableau 2020.2 |    Coming Soon

    Ciara Brennan

      Lots of new features coming soon with Tableau version 2020.2


      Coming Soon: New features in Tableau


      Relationships ( Feature 128566 )

      Combining data just got easier and more powerful. By visually creating logical relationships between tables, Tableau will only query the data relevant to your analysis at the right level of detail. Analyze complex data faster and with more confidence.


      Metrics ( Feature 128743 )

      Metrics (128743).JPG


      Set Control ( Feature 128701)

      The set control allows users to dynamically change the members of a set using a familiar, quick filter-like interface. End users can change set membership with both a single and multi-select dropdown, and the set control automatically refreshes its domain so that the data stays fresh.


      Esri web data connector ( Feature 128704 )

      Esri web data connector.JPG

      Oracle spatial support ( Feature 128703 )

      We're expanding Tableau's spatial database connections to make solving location-based questions easier than ever, You can now connect to tables in Oracle that contain spatial data, and instantly visualize that data in Tableau.


      Set actions improvements ( Feature 128702 )

      Set actions improvements (128702).JPG


      Explain Data improvements ( Feature 128748 )

      Dashboard authors now control which columns are modeled in Explain Data. With the ability to select which columns are included and excluded from explanations, authors can better curate their analytical experience. Explain Data will also now surface multiple extreme values, allowing you to explore more than one outlier at a time.


      Ask Data improvements ( Feature 128741 )

      Ask Data improvements (128741).JPG


      Reorder favorites ( Feature 128742 )

      You can now manually sort your favorited content on Tableau Server and Tableau Online. From the grid view, simply drag and drop your Favorites in the order you want to see them, bringing your most important content front and center.


      Upload workbooks on the web ( Feature 128705 )

      Open or upload workbooks on the web (128705).JPG

      Activity feed improvements ( Feature 128641 )

      See a viz in your activity feed you like? You can now add vizzes to your favorites directly from your Tableau Public activity feed.


      View recommendations on Tableau Mobile ( Feature 128749 )

      View recommendations are now on Tableau Mobile. Get personalized suggestions that instantly connect you to relevant vizzes on the go. Powered by machine learning, these recommendations leverage users' preferences and surface vizzes that others with similar viewing habits found interesting, and that are popular on your site. With the home tab, you can find recommendations in a dedicated channel on your Tableau Mobile app.


      New authentication options for Tableau Mobile ( Feature 128747 )

      New authentication methods_Tableau Mobile.JPG


      Tableau Mobile for Intune (iOS)  ( Feature 130894 )

      Tableau Mobile for Intune is a new app that provides a quick and secure way to view, analyze and leverage the data that's in your organization on Microsoft's Intune Enterprise management platform. The app, compatible with iOS13, includes a design that is fast and intuitive, an improved search and browsing experience that is consistent with Tableau Server and Tableau Online as well as enhanced offline capabilities that are quick to load and offer richness and interactivity for visualizations.


      Mobile deep linking improvements ( Feature 131368 )

      You can now open links to your dashboards and metrics in Tableau Mobile, whether you use Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Get to your content quickly for further exploration while using your mobile device.


      New Tableau Server admin views ( Feature 128765 )

      Tableau Server admin views (128765).JPG

      New Tableau Server Management capabilities ( Feature 128766 )

      Tableau Server management capabilities.JPG


      Resource Monitoring Tool for Linux ( Feature 128763 )

      You can now install the Resource Monitoring Tool (RMT) agents on top of your Linux based Tableau Server deployment, giving you enhanced visibility in the performance of your Tableau Server processes and underlying hardware. We're also working on a Linux based RMT host for an upcoming release.


      Multiple External Services Connections for Tableau Server ( Feature 128745 )

      Server administrators can now configure multiple Analytics Extension (formerly External Service) connections in Tableau Server. Administrators can set one per site through the Settings UI and turn connections on or off at the Site level. Now teams using different R, Python, and other external data science environments can share their work with consumers across the same Server. Settings are easier than ever to configure with UI controls or via the Server REST API.


      API Updates ( Feature 128777 )

      API Update (128777).JPG


      Filter External Assets ( Feature 128565 )

      From the External Assets page, filter by connections type, certifications, or Data Quality Warnings. Get a better understanding of all the assets on your server or site.


      High Visibility Data Quality Warnings ( Feature 128564 )

      High Visibility Data Quality Warnings.JPG


      Dashboards in lineage ( Feature 128553 )

      The lineage tool is powerful to understanding the relationships between all of the different data assets on your deployment. Now, you can see not only down to the sheet level, but also see dashboards.


      Filter data assets by warnings ( Feature 128552 )

      Filter data assets by warnings (128552).JPG


      Salesforce connector for Tableau Prep Builder ( Feature 128550 )

      Salesforce connector for Tableau Prep (128550).JPG


      Incremental data refresh for Tableau Prep ( Feature 128551 )

      Incremental data refresh for Tableau Prep (128551).JPG