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    How to Work with Variables

    Martin Estey

      We are a non-profit organization that uses a dashboard to allow people to see all the programs in area colleges that lead to good paying careers. One sheet shows in overlapping bar graphs the cost of the program against the entry level salary for the job the program is preparing you for; and another is a simple table showing the same data for each job that we track. We have been using the sticker price of the college program to represent the cost; but this is deceptive since -- due to Pell Grants, other open grants and standard discounts -- the program's true cash cost depends on family income.  So now I am trying to replace the fixed cost in our graph and table with a variable cost. I have divided the likely costs into 5 income categories that I have added in columns to the excel data source; but I am stuck on how to get that data reflected in the Tableau graph and table in any kind of elegant way. The best solution would be to somehow be able to select an income category and then have the table and graph change accordingly. Any ideas on how to approach that? Thanks!