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    Workout Wednesday 2020 Week 11: Can you create smart ranked lists?

    Ann Jackson

      Introduction - Ann Jackson


      I’ve heard rumblings that the past few weeks have been a little difficult – so this week I’ve decided to keep it simple.

      The final visualization comes from something I encountered recently.  I have a client that works with data that is very volume specific per day, so they wanted a way to quickly compare a given day of week to recent peers.  Seasonality is also a factor, so it didn’t make sense to go back too far in time.

      The genesis of what we built was a bar chart, showing the amount for each of the given Wednesdays, but I felt something was missing.  In the world of quick insights, it was hard to see at a glance “where” the current date fell among its peers.  Sure you could compare the lengths of the bars, and could add an average line for even more insight, but a quick verbal utterance of performance still took some time.

      This led me to create a super simplified and synthesized version and this week’s challenge.  The end user can select a date and compare to the prior 11 peers (for a total of 12 days).  All the dates are then displayed in rank order by the metric, colored as to whether they are good/bad, the current date is marked differently, and the title synthesizes what you’re seeing.

      I also wanted to bring in a few design elements that you may not be familiar with (specifically the shadowing on the boxes).  This way, even if the technical part of the challenge isn’t difficult, you’ll be flexing your design skills.





      Find the requirements on the website - Week 11: Can you build smart ranked lists?