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    Tableau Conference 2012

    Ciara Brennan

      Note: information copied from an old post related to TC 2012


      Tableau Customer Conference 2012

      Thanks for joining us! We packed the 2012 schedule with so many great sessions and learning opportunities that it was practically impossible to get to everything that looked interesting. That's why we're also providing session materials for download as well as video recordings when available.


      Opening Keynote by Christian Chabot and Introduction of Tableau 8.0 by Developers


      Select the track you're interested in:

      Big Ideas

      Led by visionaries and scholars, these sessions will examine both the history and future of information design and data visualization. How did it start, where has it been, what works, what doesn't, and perhaps most importantly, where is it headed next?

      Analytics Guru

      Led by Tableau, these sessions will focus on exploring and analyzing your data. Get ready to sharpen your critical thinking skills so you can slice, dice and entice your data to tell you everything you ever wanted to know and more!

      Amazing Authoring

      Led by data storytellers, these sessions will focus on how to present your analysis in an effective and meaningful way. Whether you're presenting a financial decision to your boss, negotiating with a vendor, or pitching a big sale to a major customer, there's nothing more powerful than visually representing the right facts in the right way at the right time.

      Working with Data

      Flat files, databases, warehouses, or cubes: Access your data wherever it lives. Whether you are looking to connect to one data source, or multiple data sources, this track will discuss troubleshooting and optimizing in your environment, as well as tactics for combining multiple data sources together.

      Managing Server

      These sessions will focus on how to efficiently and effectively empower your colleagues to distribute, share and collaborate on analytical results, reports and dashboards – securely while leveraging your existing infrastructure and data governance policies.

      Tableau Jedi

      This track will focus on advanced features of Tableau, and was designed with experienced users in mind. Attend these sessions to not only make sure you are maximizing Tableau's latest product features and functionality, but also executing on them in an soft-spoken, yet effective, Jedi mind trick like way.

      Hands on Training

      Doing exercises in the product is a great way to solidify learning and understanding on new concepts.

      Customers: Wow Stories

      Organizations of all sizes turn to Tableau because it makes business intelligence fast, easy, visual and – as a result – impactful. These sessions feature in-depth looks at how Tableau is used as a Business Intelligence solution and the effect it's had on individuals, teams, and companies.

      Customers: Deploy & Grow

      Converting the potential of Tableau into reality is the focus of this track. From selecting Tableau right down to driving adoption by business users, these sessions cover a range of topics that explore how to help your company accelerate a successful Tableau implementation.

      Customers: Cool Uses of Tableau

      These sessions showcase how customers use Tableau to re-define data conversations. From exploiting social data and tapping Hadoop to engaging new audiences and transforming the way business is done. Tableau is opening doors for our customers to think about new ways to make data the centerpiece of their success.