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    Workout Wednesday 2020 Week 9: What is the 90 day reorder rate?

    Ann Jackson

      Introduction  - Luke Stanke


      I’m not going to hide it: this week will be hard. But this challenge is inspired by real events. In the four months I’ve helped solve various versions of this same problem: how do you do nest a table calculation inside of a level-of-detail calculation? You don’t. But you can nest table calculations–which is your challenge this week.

      This week requires you to think through a challenge with 3 different levels of detail. First you must calculate if a customer re-orders within 90 days of the previous order. Next you need to figure out the percentage of reorders by customer. Finally you’ll need to figure out the overall reorder rate.

      Difficulty: 10/10






      For the requirements please go to Week 9: What is the 90 day reorder rate?



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