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    Hide Worksheet when Blank in Dashboard

    . Berrett.Rice

      I have a dashboard with eight worksheets in it. When users click on a filter there are some worksheets that are empty. I would like those worksheets to disappear from the dashboard when the filter is in place (as opposed to just showing blank). The workbook is full of protected student data so I can't share it. I'm hoping you can get an idea for what I'm talking about with the attached screenshot. See the two blank worksheets that appear when I select the Grade 5 Filter? I would like those to disappear and have the surrounding worksheets resize to fill the space. Is that possible?

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          Rohit Yeruva

          Hey Berrett,


          Everything is possible on Tableau. If you want a blank sheet to disappear, you should hide the sheet title as well. Try using horizontal contains (one per row) and then place a vertical container one for each sheet. Now inside these vertical containers place your sheet and hide the title. This should do the trick.


          However, I assume you want the titles as well - that's why I asked you to use vertical containers!! What you need to do is have these titles as separate sheets and just have the title displayed as a label for that corresponding sheet. So, you will have nine additional sheets and place then on the top of your original sheets within the vertical containers. For the title sheets, you will have to use all the filters that you've used for that corresponding sheet. Now, you finally have what you want.


          Hope this helps!